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Is there any way to educate children to bring harmony to the family?


Oct 1, 2023

Young couples naturally love their children very much, but they often suffer from not knowing how to educate them. The disadvantage of Chinese-style education is that the management of children is often too detailed and ignores the overall situation. The results of such education are often: parents are tired, children have poor self-care ability, and poor psychological quality. In fact, when it comes to educating children, it is better to focus on the big and let go of the small. That is to say, we must follow the big principle and let go of the trivial matters so that the children can have free space to develop. This is more conducive to the growth of children. Many couples often sigh like this: Is there any secret recipe for educating children? It would be great if they could prepare a medicine to make their children obedient. There is no easy way to educate children. When a child is born, parents have an extra burden and cannot be lazy. If you are lazy in the early stage, I am afraid that the child will cause all kinds of troubles for you to worry about later. Moreover, the problem of educating children is often not how parents deal with their children, but how couples treat their families. How to overcome social phobia? How to cultivate your children\’s social intelligence. The electronic version of the secret recipe for educating children is actually the secret recipe for maintaining family harmony. It is a principle that couples should understand when they start a family: a home is a warm home, not a house. No matter how big a house is, there is no There is no warmth in people who love each other, so the mutual respect and love between husband and wife and the sense of responsibility between husband and wife for the family are the fire that makes the home warm. When a child sees the closeness and love between his parents from an early age, he will have a sense of belonging in his heart. Home is a harbor, not a cradle where you can lie down and be stable. It needs to be cleaned, repaired and decorated so that it can shelter you from the wind and rain at critical times. When you decide to enter the palace of marriage, when you feel that you will give birth to a lovely baby, you must do your best to care for your family and make it warm. Listen to your voice The most important thing in a family is communication. Husband and wife are united by love, but they are still two separate individuals. Therefore, husband and wife need to work together and communicate, and they need to understand each other\’s thoughts at all times, so that they can maintain a good relationship and grow old together. Likewise, communication with children is also important. After a child is born, he is an independent individual. He has his own thoughts and thinks in his own way. Don\’t think that if a child is young, all his thoughts will be childish and wrong. The world a child sees may be purer and more imaginative. Listening to children\’s voices is the best way for parents to respect their children, and in this way, parents can clearly understand their children\’s thoughts and possibly provide better guidance. We are family, not enemies. It is normal for couples to have disagreements, and quarrels are inevitable. But remember: all our quarrels are a more thorough exchange, not a showdown. So after you quarrel and fully express your point of view, please stop your anger in time. Allow yourself to calmly consider the other person’s opinion. We can change, we can compromise, we can compromise, because we are family members, not enemies. The same goes for getting along with children. Don\’t compete with them. What parents need is to let their children understand the truth. Parents are also human beings and will not always be correct in everything. If you are wrong, say \”I\’m sorry\” to your children in time. There are no rules. When children are young, there are no restrictions in their minds.They express their demands very directly and feel that their own needs are the most important. As children grow up, parents must instill in their children a sense of right and wrong, and teach them \”what to do and what not to do.\” Say hello to people, learn to respect the elderly and care for the young, understand the rules in public places, etc. This is the most basic quality of a child, and it is also the passport for future children to enter society. Ask your children to first teach by words rather than by example. No matter how many truths you tell your children, it is better to lead by example yourself. Ask your children to go to bed early and get up early, and don\’t stay up late playing games. Ask your children to be polite, and you can\’t curse or use foul language. If you ask your children to be hygienic, you can\’t brush your teeth or wash your face every day. Children are the mirror of their parents. If you see any problems in your children, check yourself first. The power of role models is endless. Only with distance can there be intimacy, allowing children to have their own world, their own secrets, and their own ideas. Children will have to face everything on their own one day. Interfering too much with children is called worrying about the children, but in fact it is distrust of the children. If parents do not trust their children, children will naturally not trust their parents. Therefore, children and parents often play a cat and mouse game. However, if parents give their children independent space, the children will feel trusted and will be willing to take the initiative to share their concerns with their parents. This is a relationship of mutual trust. Rewards and punishment are the general principles in the world. No matter who in the family achieves results, they should encourage each other and even reward each other. Don\’t be stingy with compliments between husband and wife. Those closest to you are definitely the most inspiring. This is especially true for children. Good children are praised. But children must be punished if they make mistakes. Let your children know from an early age that there will be a price to pay for their wrong behavior, so that they can have self-restraint when dealing with people and things. People are not saints, we must allow them to make mistakes. People themselves are flawed animals. The pursuit of perfection is human beings\’ yearning for beauty, but there are often regrets in life, so we must allow our family members to make mistakes. Although there is a punishment for doing something wrong, it does not mean that you will be guilty for life. Don\’t always focus on your mistakes. This is true between husband and wife, and even more so between parents and children. You must never hold on to your mistakes and not let them go, but forgive and be tolerant. We are so different, but we respect each other. Due to the different development speeds, there may be distance between husband and wife, but no matter what happens to both parties, they must respect each other. We can seek common ground while reserving differences in our views on the world, but we will never denigrate each other. The same goes for getting along with children. Because the growth environment and the background of the times are different, no matter how well parents and children communicate, there will still be a deep or shallow generation gap; we should respect the children\’s world view and can have different views, but As long as it is not harmful to society or contrary to morality or law, parents should not blame or suppress it, but understand and appreciate it. The family grows up together, and the world is full of hope. Every member of the family should have requirements for self-improvement. They should not blindly ask the husband to make money, the children to study hard, but themselves to stagnate.

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