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Is your child a lion or a donkey? This story should serve as a warning to millions of parents

This story sounds a bit absurd at first. But don’t jump to conclusions first, let’s discuss it together after you’ve read it: One morning, the lion woke up. Today is different from the past, it is very angry, spinning in anger. It began to roar, and the roar broke the tranquility of the wilderness, fierce and majestic. It turned out that a little beast made a joke with it: when the lion was sleeping, the little beast hung a label on its tail that said \”Donkey\”. It has a number, a date, a red seal, and a signature next to it… The Collection of Children\’s Story Club online reading series 1-6, all 60 volumes pdf+epub The lion is very angry. Is this okay? what to do? Where to start? This number and this seal must have some origins. Remove the label? No, if you tear it off recklessly, you will inevitably be held responsible. The lion decided to legally take off the tag, and he came to the beast full of anger. \”Am I a lion?\” it asked excitedly. \”You are a lion,\” the jackal replied slowly, \”but according to the law, I think you are a donkey!\” \”How can you be a donkey? I never eat hay! Just ask the kangaroo if I am a lion.\” Your appearance undoubtedly has the characteristics of a lion,\” said the kangaroo, \”but I can\’t tell whether you are a lion or not!\” \”Stupid donkey! Why don\’t you say anything?\” The lion was flustered and began to roar at a donkey, \”Did I Will you be like you? Beast! I never sleep in the barn!\” The donkey thought for a moment and expressed his opinion: \”You may not be a donkey, but you are no longer a lion!\” The lion asked everywhere in vain. As a result, everyone They no longer think it is a lion, some even say it looks a bit like a long-haired dog. The lion began to become cowardly. He asked the squirrel to testify, and then explained to the fox, but in the end he only gained a little sympathy. The haggard lion changed its appearance, making way for one and another, and its former majesty was gone. Within a few days, the beasts heard the donkey\’s braying sounds of \”Uh-huh\” and \”Uh-huh\” coming from the lion\’s den. I wonder if you understand the meaning of this? After children are born to a certain age, they will evaluate and position themselves on their appearance. The concept of beauty and ugliness will begin to enter children\’s consciousness through the guidance of parents or people around them. The first voice: Your skin is so dark, your nose is so ugly, you are an ugly duckling; the second voice: Your eyes are so big, your fingers are so beautiful, you are like an angel; so, children Slowly began to position myself: I am an ugly child, I am a beautiful child… Slowly, the children who are regarded as beautiful by their parents have radiant faces and full of vitality every day; the children who are described as ugly by their parents always look low wherever they go. Nodding his head, he spoke softly. What is this called? This is called the child\’s \”self-concept.\” Parents help their children establish an impression of themselves—that is, their own evaluation of themselves. This evaluation often lasts for a lifetime, and gradually turns from a concept into a real fact! In family education, self-concept is very important. Letting children have a good self-concept or a bad self-concept will form a very important foundation for their growth. For example, if a child is incapable of climbing to the top of a mountain, you cannot say: He has no future, thatBrothers younger than you have climbed up, but you are so bad. This emphasizes ability and failure. You have to change the perspective of failure and say to your children: It doesn\’t matter. You have worked very hard and climbed higher than last time. This is progress. Then you will definitely be able to climb to the top of the mountain next time! In this way, we have positive reinforcement from the aspect of will. The same is true in terms of grades. If their children fail in the exam, their parents will say, \”Why are you so stupid?\” Can such a simple question be wrong? Are you a pig brain? To adults, it may be just a casual sentence, but to children, they have absorbed this evaluation: It turns out that I am a fool. Over time, children form their own concept of themselves from their parents’ evaluations: I am stupid and I can’t learn anything. Gradually I lost interest in learning and my grades got worse. If you must criticize your child, you might as well put it another way. When your child goes to bed late, you say: Babies who go to bed early will grow taller, and your mother tells you a bedtime story. Don\’t say: I don\’t care about you! Whether you like to sleep or not, be careful and the teacher will punish you if you are late tomorrow! If your child\’s hair is not neat, just say: comb your hair properly, that will make you look more handsome. Don\’t say: Why are you always unkempt? Super ugly! You ask your child to hang the clothes and he forgets, so you ask: Did you forget to hang the clothes? If you have free time now, go and dry it. Don\’t say: You are always so irresponsible, and I feel uneasy about anything I entrust to you! You see, although they are all talking about the same thing, but with different tones and different attitudes, one shows negative energy and the other shows positive energy. Think about it if your children are scolded by their parents every day and receive negative energy every day, will their children be happy? Can he be healthy physically and mentally? To put it mildly, this is a curse for children. Your children are originally lions. If one day they slowly turn into donkeys, don\’t say it\’s because they are bad or because they have no future. In fact, you have been slowly shaping them into this way with your words, your eyes, and your body movements since the day they were born! Parents are the closest people to children. Children evaluate themselves based on our attitudes every day and form their \”self-concept.\” Hi Fly Guy super fly boy English picture book story 15 volumes pdf+mp3+mp4+click reading+Chinese translation Our responsibility is to carefully help children improve their self-concept and let them firmly believe that they are excellent children and lovely children. , is a brave and strong child, an honest and trustworthy child, and a wise child

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