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It is better to give children the correct values ​​than to give them gold and silver!

At 4:45 on February 7, 2018, Beijing time, the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle of Elon Musk\’s SpaceX company successfully launched for the first time from the Kennedy Space Center in the United States, and successfully completed the completion of the two first-stage booster rockets. Recycle. To be honest, I know Musk as a person from this news. Then I searched online and found out that this is really a very powerful person. After another search, I found that it seemed destined that this very powerful person would be where he is today. Because he has an extraordinary mother. At the age of 60, she appeared naked on the cover of the health section of Time Magazine. You can choose between marrying into a wealthy family or marrying for love. After having three children, she chose to divorce in order not to be hindered from her beloved career. She continued her modeling career while raising her children, and completed all the courses for a master\’s degree in nutrition while giving birth to her children. At the age of 63, she appeared on the cover of New York Magazine, taking maternity photos to discuss the issue of maternal growth in advanced age. A single mother raised three children. Not only were the children excellent, she was also successful in her career. …not to mention her \”deviant\” behavior. Shan said that he would not hesitate to let his marriage dissolve for the sake of his own career development. How many mothers dare? Well, I don\’t dare. Elon Musk\’s mother, Meyer Musk, used her actions to tell her children: Be brave enough to pursue your dreams and be a truly free person. In an interview, Meyer said: \”Let children grow up in an environment where their parents work hard, and know that if they work harder, they will get better results and get greater luck.\” This is what Meyer passed on to his children. Values: Work hard, be loyal to your dreams, the harder you work, the luckier you will be! I called home a few days ago and my mother said that my cousin\’s son Yangyang had lost hundreds of thousands in gambling, and my uncle and aunt were both worried to death. She sighed: A family that was so wealthy back then fell into decline within a few years. It\’s a pity for your uncle and your aunt. I sighed with her for a while, then I thought about it, wasn\’t it the way my uncle and aunt opened the way for Yangyang today? When I was very young, my uncle co-operated with others to open a plate factory in the town. Back then, the business of the sheet metal factory was very booming, and everyone who opened the factory made a lot of money. My uncle bought a big car very early, which attracted a group of us children to watch from a distance, fearing that he would walk in. Out of curiosity, he accidentally touched it and broke it. Later, he opened a hotel, just opposite the hospital where I used to work. Usually, dinner parties held by schools and hospitals are held in their hotels. Business is booming. At that time, I admired him very much. I thought he was smart and daring, much better than my honest and humble father. My father would only say, as long as you two sisters can study hard, I will support you in your studies no matter how hard it is. Although scrap metal is worthless, my father\’s support at least gave us the belief that \”if we want to change the status quo, we can only rely on ourselves.\” But Yangyang is different. Uncle Tang’s sheet metal factory and hotel are both assets and do not need to be operated personally. As long as you understand financial knowledge, understand the laws of the market, and be good at employing people, money will make money. My cousin once said that my children will not be able to use up the wealth I earn in my lifetime. So, when Yangyang dropped out of high school before graduating,, my cousin didn’t think there was any problem. Just because you don\’t study well doesn\’t mean you can\’t do business, just like studying well doesn\’t mean you can make money in the future. It\’s a pity that my cousin was busy with his own business and lacked supervision and companionship for Yangyang since he was a child. His business acumen and knowledge were not well passed on to his son. As a result, Yangyang has learned nothing except spending money lavishly. Now in his twenties, he married a wife and had a baby. Instead of increasing his wealth, he became addicted to gambling. If you continue like this, you can enjoy a lifetime of wealth, and I am afraid that even one year will not be enough to defeat you. At this time, other than being ruthless and cutting off all his financial resources, what other options are there? Lin Zexu once said a thought-provoking saying: If my descendants are like me, they will do nothing with their money. If they are wise and rich, they will harm their ambitions; This passage means that if my descendants are as good as me, then I don’t need to leave money to them. If a virtuous person has too much money, it will kill his fighting spirit; if his descendants are mediocre, then I don’t need to leave him money. Leave money to him, and having too much money while being stupid will increase his faults. How many people can understand such a detached and wise vision? If my cousin could understand, he would not let his children take care of themselves when they were young, nor would he give away his wealth when the children become adults. There would be no such \”sad to death\” situation today. And the reason why Yangyang is where he is today, isn\’t it because his uncle and aunt opened the way? As we all know, as one of the world\’s richest men, Buffett has so much wealth that most people can\’t even envy him. Buffett has three children. When his three children were still young, Buffett installed a ten-cent slot machine on the third floor of his home. The purpose is to make children aware of the dangers of gambling, but also to keep a firm grip on the children\’s pocket money. He said, \”I will fully meet all their pocket money requirements, as long as the denomination is ten cent coins, anyway, at the end of the night, all the money will go back to my pocket.\” Therefore, the three children knew from a very young age that money was needed. Earn it yourself. Because their father always told them: \”I earned all my money through hard work, so I won\’t give it to you in vain. You should also work hard to earn money, at least within your ability.\” So in order to earn a little pocket money, the three children Always rushing to do work: sweeping the floor, cleaning windows, fertilizing and watering flowers and plants… Buffett\’s youngest son Peter loves music. Before he moved to Milwaukee, he asked his father to borrow money (this was the only time Peter borrowed money from his father) ), but was rejected. Peter angrily went to the bank and took out a loan. He said: \”In the process of repaying the loan, I learned much more than accepting an interest-free loan from my father. Thinking about it now, my father\’s point of view is absolutely right.\” Whether it is Meyer Musk or The stock god Buffett is passing on this value to his children: work hard and strive for what you want. The harder you work, the luckier you will be! Really, it is better to give children the correct values ​​than to give them gold and silver!

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