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Keeping a child well-dressed from an early age will determine his future height in life

We were shopping with Weiwei and passed by a children\’s clothing store. We all fell in love with a set of boys\’ clothes. I bought a set of 150 for Zaizai, and Weiwei bought a set of 140 for her baby. I looked at her in surprise and said: \”Your child is only 5 years old and is not even 120cm tall. Are you sure you want to buy 140cm?? My child is 8 years old and only wears 150cm when he is 140cm tall!! You buy it for your baby?\” It will take another two years to wear such big clothes!\” Weiwei said: Children grow up quickly. If you buy something that fits too well, you will outgrow it after wearing it for a few times. It is too wasteful and you have to buy a larger size. Can be worn for two more years. I glanced at her speechlessly: \”I always thought that this idea was only for grandmas. I didn\’t expect that you, so young, would also have this idea!\” Are you sure that the clothes you buy will be worn this year and next year? Can you wear them again after next year? Weiwei looked at me and said uncertainly, \”Really?\” ! \”You have been wearing it back and forth like this for several years. You must have finally waited until the clothes fit you, but they have already been washed and changed color. Zou Baba, they are old and ugly. You won\’t wear them again, right?\” \”Weiwei thought for a while, lowered her head in embarrassment, smiled, and said, \”Now that I think about it, it seems to be true! But the child should be dressed loosely and comfortably. If the child is wrapped too tightly, the child will move around and it will be inconvenient to move! I sighed deeply: \”Why do you only buy clothes that fit you when you buy them for yourself?\” Why not buy a size larger? \”Weiwei said: \”One size larger will not look good, and it will make movement inconvenient! Suddenly, she realized it and said, \”Hey, I\’ve always wanted to wear a larger size to be more comfortable.\” In fact, going one size larger will actually affect your activities. This is all because my mother always made me wear big clothes when I was a child. She thought it would be more economical to wear them for a few more years, so I have become accustomed to this pattern in my bones. \”In an era of material shortages, you only have the opportunity to buy new clothes during the holidays. It is necessary to buy bigger ones and wear them for a longer period of time. But times have changed, and today\’s material conditions are no longer what they used to be. If you still hold on to the old clothes, Some people believe that children’s clothes should be bought one size larger. The final result is that the child has never worn clothes that fit him throughout his childhood. Maybe some mothers say: What’s the big deal? As long as the child has clothes to wear when he is young, it will fit. Does it matter if it doesn’t fit? Children don’t understand anyway. Do children really not understand? Does the child have no feeling about dressing? If you carefully observe the child’s growth process, you will find that the child is born with aesthetic ability. A little baby has already developed a sense of aesthetics. A certain color has its own preference. When a child grows up, he will have his own favorite style of clothes. When a girl is three or four years old, she will be interested in her mother\’s high heels, beautiful skirts, etc. Boys\’ pursuit of beauty It will be later, but when they are three or four years old, they will like mothers who are well-groomed and well-dressed. When they enter the senior class, the most beautiful girl in the class must be popular with all the little boys. When Zaizai was in the middle class of kindergarten, every day After school, they would play in the small garden with a group of boys. One day, a mother casually asked them which mother they thought was the prettiest. The little guys unanimously answered the same mother. That mother always dressed well and carried son and themPlay together, even if it\’s just a walk around the small garden, dress up. The rest of us moms were shocked to hear this answer. We have always thought that boys would not care about these things. In order to run around with them and climb up and down easily, we wear loose clothes and shoes most of the time. After hearing their answers, we realized that even ignorant boys are born with the pursuit of beauty. In this case, as parents, we need to respect the development patterns of our children and cultivate their children\’s aesthetic awareness in a timely manner. The pursuit of beauty in early childhood is related to the child’s lifelong temperament and aesthetics. Because \”adult temperament is caused by the aesthetics of childhood, and the aesthetics of childhood establishes a person\’s lifelong aesthetic tendency and quality of life.\” This beauty does not mean spending a lot of money to buy famous brands, pursuing those luxurious things that go beyond one\’s own life. We use limited clothing, but focus on making children dress appropriately, generously and comfortably. When Yang Lan once introduced her interview experience when she first returned to China, she said: No one has the obligation to look through your sloppy appearance to discover your excellent inside. You must be refined, this is the dignity of a woman. Proper dress is a kind of education. Everyone is born with the pursuit of beauty. We often say that a person\’s first impression is very important, and our judgment of others\’ first impression only relies on their dress and appearance. Those who look good and dress well will naturally receive more attention. UNICEF once conducted an experiment. They found a girl named Anano and asked her to appear alone on the street in two images: beautifully dressed and dirty, to observe the reactions of passers-by. Anano first put on a high-quality skirt and a small coat, and stood quietly on the streets of Georgia alone. Soon, strangers came to care about her. People passing by expressed their kindness to the lonely little girl. Ask her what her name is, how old she is, and where she lives. Some people even took out their mobile phones and asked her if she wanted to make a call. After the test, Anano changed his look again. The makeup artist dressed her up as a sloppy, ragged little wandering girl, standing in the same place. This time, no one asked her. Some even thought she was too dirty and asked her to leave quickly. Anana finally said: I feel very sad. But this is reality. For the same child, different dressing up will bring about two completely opposite results. A friend who works in a kindergarten told me that although I know not to judge people by their appearance, when I lead a class and look at dozens of children, I can\’t help but pay attention to those children who are more well-dressed. I also have a friend who has been in HR for decades. She said that when she receives thousands of resumes at every turn, those with good looks are more likely to get interviews. If you are good-looking and behave well during interviews, you have more chances of getting a good job. Because the appearance of employees also represents the image of the company! I saw a joke a few days ago that said women must die to be beautiful. Because if you are pretty enough, even if you lose your temper, others will only comment: \”You annoying little devil!\” If you are not beautiful enough, when you lose your temper, others will only say: \”You stinky bitch, youDid you take dynamite? ! \”This is the reality! Some people may say that it doesn\’t matter whether you know how to dress when you are young. You can learn it when you grow up. But how can the cultivation of beauty be cultivated overnight? Those who dress well since childhood , children with elegant temperament. After more than ten or twenty years of nurturing, their sense of beauty has been ingrained in their bones. Every gesture will make people feel extraordinary. How can such experience be matched by a few days of study? So, As a parent, you need to cultivate your children\’s aesthetic awareness from an early age, and influence and help your children in every detail of their clothing and behavior every day. Let your children have the ability to live a detailed and beautiful life from an early age!

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