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Li Xigui: As a principal, how do you motivate teachers?


Nov 1, 2023

The development of schools is inseparable from teachers. As a principal, how do you motivate teachers? Different teachers have different personalities, talents, and talents. How can we make the best use of their talents? Teachers are the most important group in the school, and their mental state and work attitude determine the success or failure of the school organization. The vitality of school development comes from teachers’ loyalty to education and their enthusiasm for their jobs. Therefore, motivation rather than control is one of the defining differences between \”leadership\” and \”management.\” Li Xigui, the former principal of Beijing No. 11 School, refined and summarized the methods of Beijing No.11 School to build a diversified teacher incentive mechanism for reference. 1. Separate inspection and evaluation, downplay and use evaluation with caution. Why should we “downplay evaluation”? Evaluation is a high-stakes weapon in any organization. Formal evaluation should be based on standards and is a highly professional task. If it is not done well and is not very scientific in certain aspects, the evaluation results will be greatly compromised. A leader must not evaluate the work of any teacher at will. You may make generalizations or look at the sky from the bottom of a well. Therefore, evaluation is a very serious matter. On the other hand, evaluation is still a double-edged sword. If used well, it can motivate teachers. If used improperly, it will cause many conflicts and problems and have the opposite effect. It is better not to evaluate. Therefore, while some schools have covered evaluations to be pervasive, we have begun to downplay evaluations. How to \”downplay evaluation\”? The school proposed that downplaying evaluation itself is an intangible incentive for teachers. First, we channel \”evaluation\” into \”diagnosis.\” For example: the school organizes a student-level survey every semester. This work used to be called \”evaluation of teaching and learning.\” After downplaying the evaluation, we changed it to \”survey of education and teaching conditions\” to tell teachers that this work is not The evaluation used by leaders to talk about things is to use a research attitude to help teachers find their own problems and serve to diagnose and improve education and teaching. Second, separate inspection and evaluation. There are things to check, but not to judge. For example: For some young teachers, it is necessary to discover the strengths and problems in their teaching by examining their lesson preparation, and then promote their growth and progress, but it is not suitable to evaluate their work in this way, because the evaluation of lesson preparation It is the most likely to cause problems such as \”fraud\” and \”everyone is the same\”. Some inspections require careful attention, but don\’t be too fussy about your evaluation. For example, in routine examinations of students, if we argue with the teacher \”point by point\”, the teacher will inevitably argue with the student \”point by point\”, which will not only affect the teacher-student relationship and the quality of class life, but also be detrimental to the long-term development of students. 2. Use various informal means of praise to motivate. It is necessary to create various opportunities and use various methods to discover and demonstrate the shining points of each person, so as to encourage them to consciously, persistently and stably improve their work performance. Case 1, for example: We put together the touching comments written affectionately by many students to their teachers in the survey on teacher education and teaching in each semester on a greeting card, and solemnly handed it to them on the first day of the New Year. The teacher even engraved it on the pen holder and gave it to the teacher. Case 2: The school holds a \”birthday party\” every month, and one party every yearA theme, one of which was to find the touch around you, the union recorded the birthday teacher\’s colleagues and students\’ praise for the teacher, and played it live at the birthday party, which moved the teachers; every year, retired teachers will receive a \”Retirement Memorial Book\” , which displays their shining performance and glorious history in the school. Case 3 is a new teacher who has just joined the job. We held a \”Welcome Cocktail Party\” to build a platform for new teachers to communicate with old and new teachers in a flexible way of open communication at a Western-style cocktail party. Case 4 The happiness of teachers and staff comes from the sense of accomplishment at work, as well as from a happy family and the healthy growth of children. In order to encourage the children of faculty and staff to pursue outstanding life goals and develop good habits of diligent study, the school has specially formulated the \”Rewards for the Children of Faculty and Staff of Beijing No. 1 School to Advance Higher Education\”. The school awards awards once a year to the children of faculty and staff who have excellent academic performance. The faculty and their children are invited to attend the award ceremony. The award list is posted on a large poster at a prominent location in the school. We hope that by rewarding their children, staff will feel motivated and motivated by the school\’s concern for their personal well-being as a family. This kind of thing makes everyone feel relaxed, the evaluator does not have to worry too much, and the person being evaluated is also in a happy mood. Of course, informal praise cannot be given casually. It must be sincere and based on facts. Try to avoid being exhaustive. The aspects involved in the evaluation must be true and credible. 3. Set up a variety of display stages Case 5 With the theme of \”discovering the shining points of the faculty and staff around you and the wonderful and touching people and things\”, the school holds a \”Person of the Month\” recommendation and promotion activity every month, and carefully crafted Monthly character posters were posted in ten prominent locations. The monthly characters come from various positions in school life, including front-line teachers and back-office staff; they can be individuals or groups. Case 6 In order to encourage the growth of young teachers, the school has specially set up a \”Young Talent\” display window for young teachers under the age of 35. Young Talents is not a selection of advanced young people, nor an assessment of excellence. Its purpose is to \”show style, focus on growth, and build a team.\” It focuses on providing a platform for young teachers to share their growth experiences and encourage them to constantly refresh themselves and pursue their goals. Excellence, striving to be an example of teacher ethics, a role model in educating people, and an expert in teaching. Case 7 In order to give full play to the exemplary and leading role of party member teachers, the school has set up a \”Party Member Style\” display platform to showcase those faculty and staff who have taken the lead in their positions as Communist Party members. 4. Pay attention to teachers’ professional growth. The school attaches great importance to teachers’ career planning and professional growth. Case 8: In order to help teachers grow, the school established an “Educator Academy”, which is specifically responsible for the professional development of teachers. The college fully considers the different needs of teacher development and has set up multi-level and multi-category professional development courses for teachers to choose from. In order to reduce the pressure and burden that administrative-mandated professional growth may bring, the \”Educator Academy\” is clearly a non-governmental organization, promoted in an academic rather than administrative manner, to stimulate teachers\’ desire and need for independent improvement, and to transform passive growth into active growth. . Every teacherTeachers are very concerned about their own academic development. If they can be matched up to allow teachers to enter the academic circles they like or even pursue, it will not only satisfy their sense of accomplishment, but also be conducive to academic development. Therefore, we create conditions for teachers to enter various academic organizations, research institutions or textbook editing departments, etc., so that they can grow rapidly in academic fields outside of school. 5. Allow each faculty member to display their strengths in an appropriate position. Just as students are different, teachers are also different. Discovering their strengths and setting up a platform to display their strengths is a very important strategy for school motivation. Case 9: For example: In order to meet the needs of dynamic management of students after choosing courses, the school department implemented a \”distributed leadership\” model, with teachers with certain management expertise serving as distributed leaders. This work greatly inspired teachers\’ work enthusiasm and innovative spirit. In the process of rebuilding the school system, the management regulations of some positions came from their wisdom. Case 10: There are some doctoral teachers who are particularly outstanding in the academic aspects of their subject majors. They are responsible for the research and development of high-level courses and the cultivation of top students, which makes them very handy; some teachers are active in thinking and have profound cultural heritage, but the college entrance examination courses prevent them from displaying their talents. Category I courses that teach ideological and political education, history and geography allow them to develop their professional expertise and are deeply loved by students. There are also some jobs that require teachers with expertise, such as career examination consultants for students in different industries and research oriented students of different types. At this time, we often publish the list of positions and let teachers choose. This not only helps to bring into play the personal expertise of teachers, but also helps to promote the in-depth development of the work. 6. Set up various reward methods to fully recognize teachers’ talents and work. The school reformed the salary system and implemented a two-way appointment system. Eight-level positions correspond to different conditions, requirements and salary benefits. This is the greatest evaluation of teachers and the greatest motivation, because the position is the greatest recognition of one\’s work. Case 11 In order to encourage faculty and staff to focus on professionalism and academic abilities and promote teachers’ professional growth, the school formulated the “Implementation Measures for Academic Points for Faculty and Staff”. Academic points mainly include teachers’ hosting or participation in research topics and projects, publication and awards of academic achievements, etc. A points accumulation system is implemented and divided into three levels: gold, silver and bronze. Recognition and awards are given once a year. For those who have made significant and outstanding contributions in various aspects such as education and teaching, the school has also established \”meritorious points\” rewards. These reward methods, together with the evaluation of senior high school education and teaching performance, constitute the school\’s incentive system and become an important basis for school faculty to evaluate excellence, awards, and promotions. 7. Through the media and social activities, promote outstanding teachers to the society and the public. A school administrator must not only have a pair of eyes to discover the sublime, but also build a bridge to convey the sublime. Not only must outstanding teachers be To promote it to society, we must also explain the loftiness of the teaching profession to the public. Case 12: On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Eleventh School, we introduced a group of outstanding teachers in the mainstream media, and let the names and photos of most teachers appear in media reports, making everyone feel important. This played a roleA good motivator. When society recognizes and recognizes these noble qualities and looks up to teachers with admiration, education has both more responsibility and more motivation. CCTV recommends over 500 excellent documentaries with high scores. The children watched the explosive self-discipline addiction case 13. Incentives are also reflected in inviting successful people from society to participate in the commendation activities of teachers on campus. Many celebrities and elites from all walks of life, the reason why they are outstanding today is often inseparable from the guidance and guidance of some teachers at different times in their lives. Inviting them to participate in various teacher-related activities in the school often makes the teachers high-spirited. Case 14 At the school\’s annual \”Meritorious Service Award\” award ceremony, we will invite a respected celebrity who is loved by the teachers to serve as the award guest. In addition, we hold teaching thought seminars for some teachers and invite academic authorities in the industry to provide comments and guidance, so that teachers can feel that excellence is around them and excellence is within their reach, which is an invisible incentive for teachers.

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