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Liu Huan talks about her daughter: To this day, she regrets educating her happily. She should have forced her to do it in the first place.

Real happy education is forced. In the 2019 \”Song King Sprint Night\” of the Changsha program \”Singer\”, Liu Huan won the championship as he wished. He has made great achievements in music, but he can\’t help but show a trace of regret every time he talks about his daughter. He said: \”My daughter has a very good taste in music. I regret not forcing her to learn music when she was a child, because she has a very good sense of music, and sometimes she would find fault with us. When I came down, I asked her how she felt? She said it was pretty good. Yes, overall it’s pretty good.” Even Yuan Yawei praised Liu Shi’s insight. Yuan said, “She said it was pretty good, but it’s actually pretty good.” Liu Si also liked playing the piano when she was a child, but did not like practicing. However, Liu Huan and his wife, who advocated happy education, did not insist on letting their children practice the piano. That is why Liu Huan always expressed regret every time he talked about his daughter. Liu Huan is just one representative of many parents who are afraid that their children will be unhappy, so they don’t force their children. And is happy education really like this? What is true happy education? Why is happiness education so successful abroad, but in China, most families fail? In the final analysis, there is no real understanding of the meaning of happy education. This is how they think about happy education: if children feel that practicing piano is tiring and unhappy, then they will stop practicing. The child is still young, how can he have a happy childhood if he is not happy? So, let him do whatever he wants. If you force your child hard, what should you do if there is any psychological problem? The misunderstanding they fall into is that they believe that children are unhappy if they don\’t like it, and that forcing children to do anything they want is the opposite of happiness. Doing what children want to do is the essence of happy education. Children\’s nature needs to be released in order to find their own points of interest. The most important point, they forget, is that children have no judgment and self-control. Their instinct is to fear difficulties, even if it is something they like; and true happiness should be brought about by a sense of accomplishment, not by laziness. . Therefore, real happy education allows children to gain a sense of accomplishment and experience that after their own efforts, they finally see the results they want. This kind of happiness is the real essence of happy education. Of course, happy education also includes happy education methods and methods. For example, when a child has trouble practicing piano and can’t persist, parents should persist with her and bear the burden together, instead of preaching and instilling the hollow idea of ​​“how good it is to practice piano.” talk. Therefore, what parents need to learn is how to be scientific and force their children quietly. At the critical moment, you still have to force your children. Cai Kangyong once said that when you were 5 years old, you found swimming difficult and gave up swimming. When you were 18 years old and met someone you liked and asked you to go swimming, you had to say \”I can\’t do it.\” When you were 18 years old, you thought English was difficult and gave up on English. When you were 28 years old, a great job came up but it required you to know English, so you had to say, \”I can\’t do it.\” I remember that in one issue of \”Longing for Life\”, Liu Xianhua played the violin and won everyone\’s praise afterwards. Only Yang Ying asked him, did your parents force you to learn the violin? Dahua said, \”Yes, I didn\’t want to learn when I was a child, but later I fell in love after winning an award. I am very grateful to them.\” And Yang Ying\’s lonely expression clearly said \”Parents, why don\’t you force me? \”Lang Lang once said that no matter what interest you have, interest is all cultivated. Jack Ma also said that you can only know whether you are really suitable for a job after doing it for 5 years. In fact, he means don\’t give up easily. Huang Duoduo has already He has become what many parents call \”other people\’s children\”, playing piano, guitar, reading original English books, dubbing movies, walking catwalks in Paris, etc. Everyone only sees all kinds of freedom, applause and flowers in front of many people, but not I saw her reading and practicing piano in her room while other friends were playing. Every success was due to the tremendous efforts she put in. Huang Lei and Sun Li were supervising her behind the scenes. Jay Chou has a very famous song, That is \”Listen to Mom\”. The background of this song is that he deeply felt the great joy that his mother forced him to bring him. He started practicing piano at the age of 4, and whenever he saw other children going out to play, he would I also wanted to play, but my mother didn’t allow it. She stood behind me with a stick and forced him to practice. The process was very painful, but luckily he persisted. Now, Jay Chou enjoys the happiness that music brings him, not just simple The happiness and the sense of achievement are great. No one is born with excellence. Even a genius is 1% talent and 99% sweat. Therefore, at the critical moment, you still have to force your children. Education must have an element of pain. . Does happy education use the word \”happy\” to pursue happiness? This kind of literal understanding has harmed many people. Professor Qian Wenzhong said: Why is education happy? I really can\’t figure it out. How can education be happy? There must be certain things in education. It is self-evident that there is an element of pain… But the main idea of ​​our education is to constantly make concessions to the children, give them more happiness, and give them more play time. How can there be such education in the world? ? In the college entrance examination that just passed, were those who were admitted to college very happy as they wished? After years of hard work, they finally got the fruits. But before that, they were miserable every day, burning the midnight oil to study, without winter and summer vacations, no holidays, even Eating is like fighting, it can be solved in 10 minutes. Their happiness is not immediate, but delayed for several years. You must know that everything that can give people short-term happiness is poisonous, so don\’t let your children get stuck in it and be unable to extricate themselves. In 2016, Japan implemented a loose education, which was to reduce the burden on children. As a result, the children they cultivated were irresponsible and evaded difficulties. It took them more than ten years to prove that this education was wrong. By May 2016 On March 10, Japan announced that it would implement \”de-loose education\” and move in the direction of \”strengthening education.\” Even in Western countries that advocate happy education, the education process is painful, so there is no pure meaning of happy education at all. It is said in the book \”Deliberate Practice\”: Psychologist Benjamin Bloom once managed a research project that studied the childhoods of many outstanding figures in different fields and industries. It was found that when these outstanding figures were children, their Parents have tried every means to prevent them from giving up halfway. This is what you really need to pay attention to. It turns out that happy education also requires pushing children at critical moments.Bundle. Parents love their children and have far-reaching plans. \”Happy education\” aims to allow children to gain deeper happiness, rather than allowing children to develop. If you can’t truly understand the meaning of happy education, it’s better to educate your children down to earth.

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