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Liu Huarong: Run family education well from the perspective of national affairs


Oct 1, 2023

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: \”Improving the social education mechanism in schools and families\” and \”strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition\”. \”Family education and family tradition\” was written into the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which reflects that family matters are not small and private matters limited to one family, but are major and important matters related to the development of the party and the country; it reflects the strengthening of family education It should not only be the responsibility of the family, but also the responsibility of the school, society, the party committee and the government. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: \”Only when every household is well can the country be good and the nation be good.\” \”Without the prosperity and development of the country, there will be no happy families. Similarly, without the happiness of thousands of families, there will be no country prosperous and developed. \”We should handle \”family affairs\” well from the perspective of national affairs, strengthen the construction of family education and family tradition, and run family education well. Fan Deng Reading Club’s five compulsory courses on family education for new parents [Video + Audio] Family is an important factor affecting social development. The family is the cell of society. Marxist theory has a profound analysis and understanding of the important role of the family in social development. The \”two productions\” theory of Marx and Engels believes that the production of means of living and the production of people themselves are what restrict the development of human society. the core element. As an economic cell and one of the organizational forms of social life, the family is restricted by social and economic relations and also affects the progress and development of human society. These ideas in Marxist theory provide a theoretical source and foundation for strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition and running a good family education. Paying attention to family education and family tradition is an excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation. \”If the family is in order, the world will be stable\”, \”Cultivate the family, govern the country and bring peace to the world\” \”How can you sweep the world if you don\’t sweep one house?\”… It is the tradition of Chinese people to cultivate themselves from the beginning of the family and the principles of the family. Governance looks at the governance of the world. From being able to manage a family to becoming the pillar of managing the country, the Chinese family values ​​​​are closely connected with the national values ​​​​of the country. The big family of the Chinese nation is composed of thousands of small families. “The foundation of the world lies in the country, and the foundation of the country is at home.” “Family affairs” should not be underestimated. Social harmony and stability are inseparable from the stability of the family; improving people\’s life happiness index is inseparable from building a happy family; improving national civilization is inseparable from the construction of family civilization. Thousands of families are an important basis for national development, national progress, and social harmony. Strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition is related to educating people for the party and educating talents for the country. Since the founding of the People\’s Republic of China, the party and the country have promoted family construction and family education through formulating policies, promulgating laws, and commending and rewarding many times. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to “focus on giving full play to the important role of family education and family tradition in grassroots social governance.” The “14th Five-Year Plan” outline set up a special section for “strengthening family construction” for the first time. The plenary session will include \”focusing on the construction of family education and family tradition\” into the \”Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party\’s Centenary Struggle\”. Family, tutoring, and family tradition are organically unified and closely related. The children growing up in families today are the future builders and successors of the party and the country. Families, schools, and society all have the responsibility to educate and train them well. The family is a child\’s first classroom, and parents are their children\’s first teachers. good familyEducation can benefit children for life. Families must have scientific family education, which emphasizes teaching by words, teaching by example, and exposure to the environment, and the cultivation of moral character and behavioral habits to help children buckle the first button of their lives. Families must have a good family tradition. , Good family tradition supports the good atmosphere of the whole society, and good family tradition encourages children to be good. If the family is harmonious, the society will be harmonious; if the family education is scientific, talents will emerge in large numbers; if the family tradition is pure, then there will be happiness. Strengthening family education serves the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the supporting role of talents in modernization. Family education is the key and foundation for building a family and cultivating family tradition. A happy family and a good family tradition are inseparable from family education. School education, family education, and social education are the three pillars of modern national education. They are all important parts of building an educational power in the process of Chinese modernization and cannot be neglected. At present, family education is still a weak link in education, and the school, family, and social education mechanisms are not yet complete. The whole society must pay more attention to family education and work together to improve family education. While party committees and governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of education, they must also attach great importance to family education and vigorously support home-school-social collaborative education. To run family education well from the perspective of national affairs, families, schools, and society need to do their part, do their best, and work together to draw the \”concentric circles\” of cultivating outstanding next generations. Parents should assume the main responsibility for family education, take the initiative to learn scientific family education methods and knowledge, establish a good parent-child relationship, implement scientific family education for their children, cultivate, guide and influence their moral character, physical fitness, life skills, Cultural accomplishment and behavioral habits; schools should improve teachers’ professional capabilities in family education guidance and home-school cooperation, strengthen guidance and guidance for parents, strengthen cooperation with parents, and create conditions for parents to participate in school management and master scientific family education methods. The whole society should care about and support family education, increase the supply of inclusive high-quality educational resources for children, the opening of public cultural and sports resources, and increase the development of high-quality family education guidance resources for parents, so as to provide opportunities for the all-round development of children and the improvement of parents\’ literacy. , create more favorable conditions for the construction of tutoring and family tradition. Home-school societies should build a collaborative and complementary co-education relationship in terms of educational concepts, education methods, habit formation, academic arrangements, growth environment, resource supply, etc.; by improving the collaborative education working mechanism and the collaborative education communication and connection mechanism, improve Home-school-club collaborative education mechanism. When a country thrives, no corner will be wasted or one corner will be lost. The whole society should work together to improve family education and jointly cultivate outstanding next generations in the grand journey of accelerating the construction of a country with strong education, science and technology and talents.

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