• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Meticulous harm (classic article)

There is such a story: One autumn, a group of swans came to a small island in Swan Lake. They fly from the far north and prepare to spend the winter in the south. An old fisherman and his wife lived on the island. They were very happy to see this group of extraterrestrial visitors. They carefully fed the swans with chicken feed and small fish. Winter has come, but this group of swans has not continued flying south. The lake was frozen and they couldn\’t get food, so the old couple opened their huts to keep them warm and feed them until the lake thawed the next spring. Day after day, year after year, every winter, this old couple dedicated their love in this way. Finally one year, they got old and left the island, and the swan disappeared. But instead of flying south, they starved to death when the lake froze the next year. In the story, the fisherman and his wife take good care of the swan as if they were their own children, taking care of its food and shelter, and dedicate their love \”day after day, year after year\”. People can\’t help but sigh: \”What a wonderful couple.\” Couple, what a lucky swan!\” However, the tragic ending of the swan tells us that it is the excessive love of the fisherman and his wife that makes the swan indulge in a leisurely and comfortable life, develop inertia, and lose the instinct and survival of life. The foundation can no longer adapt to the environment, and is eventually engulfed by the changed environment! In real life, how many parents spend their entire lives creating a comfortable and comfortable nest of love for their children! When children are young, they hold them in their hands for fear of falling, and hold them in their mouths for fear of melting. If children want stars, they dare not give them the moon. Children are not allowed to do a little bit of housework, suffer a little bit, or suffer a little bit of tiredness. Let the children live a happy life. The life of an old man is like \”when clothes come, one reaches out one\’s hand, and when food comes, one opens one\’s mouth\”. When the children are older, they are busy trying to find a good career for them that can guarantee harvests regardless of drought or flood, and they also want to leave them a rich inheritance. Even if they suffer a lot for it, they are still willing to do so… …This is the typical \”fisherman couple\” type of parents and their broad and selfless love! However, thinking about the ending of the swan, can we still be in awe of this love? In fact, this kind of \”meticulous\” love, this kind of love that blindly creates comfort and ease, is exactly the \”trap\” of life. People who fall into this \”trap\” have nothing but dependence and laziness. Once \”the lake freezes\” occurs in life, their ending will never be any better than that of the swans. Of course people need love, but when this love mutates into a gift of happiness, a kind of all-inclusive care, it is no longer love, but becomes a gentle knife that can kill people!

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