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\”Miracle Boy\”: Tell your children these five sentences, which will benefit them for life

I went to see \”Wonder Boys\” over the weekend. My friend, a grown man, cried from beginning to end in the cinema. In this era where \”appearance is justice\”, I don\’t believe in miracles, so I watched the whole process with tears in my eyes. The movie is warm but not sensational, and does not exaggerate suffering, which is the most rare thing. After coming out of the theater, I immediately decided to take my little nephew to watch it again the next day. As expected, Douban gave the film a high score of 8.6, and Cinema Score once again gave it a rare A+ rating after \”Coco.\” Some people say that if you are feeling tired recently, this movie is a good excuse to cry. When you feel that life is so hard and you can’t hold on anymore, watch this and you can hold on for a while longer. Some people also say that everyone can see their own reflection in the movie. In fact, not only that, this movie is an almost perfect family education textbook. It has the best answers about appearance, kindness, friendship, destiny, and growth. Tell your children these five points, which will benefit them throughout their lives. Regarding appearance: It is human nature to judge people by their appearance, but the real beauty is hidden in places we cannot see. Auggie in the movie had a genetic defect since childhood and underwent 27 surgeries, but these surgeries still failed to make him look like a normal person. On the first day of school, he was watched and laughed at by his classmates. Some said he looked like a monster from Star Wars. He was used as a target in physical education class and no one wanted to play with him. On the first day Auggie entered school, he took off his helmet and faced the unknown world. However, this world made him depressed. Auggie was sad because of his ugliness. Before going to bed, he asked his mother: \”Will everyone always look at looks?\” \”I don\’t know.\” Cai Kangyong said: \”It is human nature to judge people by their appearance. If you hate it, it will not disappear.\” People tend to judge people by their appearance, but the real beauty is hidden in places we can’t see. I have seen people with tattoos on their arms giving up their seats on buses, and I have seen ragged beggars feeding stray cats, but I have also seen people in suits and ties eating and drinking with public funds, and I have seen exquisite egoism that is inconsistent with appearance. Or…just like Auggie\’s mother said: \”You see there are so many wrinkles on my face. Each of us has marks on our face. It is a map of our past experiences. This map is never ugly. .\” Appearance is just a skin, it marks where we have been, and the heart determines where we are going and guides us on the road ahead. In this face-based world, sometimes if you take more time to understand other people\’s hearts, you may make different discoveries. Moreover, judging people by their appearance is like a wall. When necessary, you have to climb over this wall and let others see the real you. The wall cannot stop you, and that is enough. About kindness: When you don’t know how to choose, choosing kindness is never wrong. In the science experiment class, the teacher asked two people to work together. Jack was afraid that Auggie would be alone, so he chose to go with him. After class, Julianne asked him: \”Do you really want to be in a group with monsters?\” This sentence completely angered Jack, and he punched Julianne in the face, and then the two started fighting. Afterwards, Jack wrote a letter to the principal Tu Shiman: Dear Mr. Tu Shiman: I am veryI\’m sorry for hitting Julianne. It was wrong. I know you might fire me, but I don\’t want to explain the reason for the fight…that would implicate Julianne and would be unfair to him. Pay tribute to you. Principal Jack Wiltuchman wrote back: Dear classmate Will: One of the experiences I have learned from my twenty years of teaching is that we have to look at both sides of everything… In fact, I can imagine what the cause of the fight was. , there is absolutely no excuse for beating a classmate, but I know that friendship is worth defending. Therefore, after you suspend classes for two days, I will restore your scholarship. Please continue to work hard and maintain your kind character. Salute to you                                                                   Choose kindness.” Mike, chose kindness. One day after returning from grocery shopping, my mother and I passed by a middle school and saw a little boy surrounded by a group of junior high school students, pushing each other and pushing the little boy down several times. My mother couldn\’t stand it anymore and wanted to help. I quickly grabbed her and told her to mind her own business, but she didn\’t listen. She rushed forward and pulled the little boy up and hugged her. \”Who are you? You, Why are you bullying my son? Come and go home with me.\” I was afraid that those children would attack my mother, so I hurried to help and let my mother and \”my brother\” go first. I just stood there. In the end, those children He also left very wisely. When I caught up with my mother, the little boy had already walked away. There was a hint of complaint in my tone: \”What if I get beaten? You are not afraid of something happening.\” \”It just hurts to look at it and I can\’t bear it, and they can still Are you going to beat me, an old man?\” At that moment, I held my mother\’s hand tightly, feeling mixed emotions in my heart. To be honest, I admired my mother from the bottom of my heart. When you don’t know how to choose, it’s never wrong to choose kindness. You will eventually get peace of soul because of choosing kindness. About fate: Life will not be kind to anyone and is fair to everyone. Everyone in the movie has different troubles, and everyone is struggling with life. Auggie has a deformed face and is considered by his classmates to have an infectious disease. Anyone who plays with him will be infected; Jack (Auggie\’s friend) chose this school for a scholarship because his family is not rich. When he was skating, he liked it so much that he died. Picked up the skateboard that was discarded in the trash can; since Auggie was born, Via (Auggie\’s sister) has become lonely and desolate, Auggie has taken away all the love, and the family\’s attention has shifted to him, \”My younger brother is Like the sun, my parents and I are planets revolving around the sun.\” Miranda\’s (Via\’s friend) family is broken up, her mother drinks alcohol all day long, and there is no warmth in the house… Life will not diminish you just because you are physically disabled. suffering; let alone because you are in good health, you will not be spared the suffering. Just because life will not favor anyone, it will not favor anyone. Everyone will be in trouble. This is the real life. true courageThose who are brave will always belong to those who have seen through the essence of life, still love life, and move forward courageously. As the writer Gui Jiaoqi said: \”The essence of life is one difficulty after another. When we live in the world, we solve one difficulty and then solve the next difficulty. In the process of solving these difficulties, our ability By getting exercise, our character is sharpened and our xinxing is improved.\” About friendship: Only by giving sincerity can we gain friendship. Those who see you clearly and still like you are true friends. Auggie is the protagonist but not the protagonist, and the film has multiple perspectives. From Jack\’s perspective, he first came into contact with Auggie because of his parents\’ instructions. Slowly he discovered that Auggie was not only smart, humorous, optimistic, but also very interesting. \”Now, I want to play with him. If all the fifth-grade students lined up against the wall and asked me to choose one to be my friend…then I would choose Auggie.\” They chatted, ate, and played games together, but gradually he He suddenly discovered that all the boys in the class disliked him because he was too close to Auggie, and he panicked a little. On Halloween, Julianne asked him: \”Why do you always stay with him?\” \”The principal asked me to take care of him at first, but now he is haunting me, and I am helpless.\” This scene was watched by Auggie. By the time Auggie arrived, he was very sad and chose to ignore him. Later, Jack finally knew the reason why Auggie ignored him, and he sincerely apologized to Auggie and even fought for him. This time, Jack finally looked straight into his heart, no longer caring about the outside world, and chose to be friends with Auggie openly. Children\’s friendship is always pure, and Auggie also chose to forgive him. Auggie and his friends eat from Miranda\’s perspective, and she is particularly envious of Via\’s family. In Via\’s family, she has a gentle and patient mother, a humorous and considerate father, and a kind and sensible brother. This is the warmth that she wants but cannot get. While working at the summer camp, she lied to the girls at the summer camp, made up her life experience, and applied everything that happened to Via to herself. In an instant, the girls surrounded her, and she became the most popular girl. After the summer camp, she didn\’t know how to face Via, and she became more and more alienated from Via. When the drama club reported the performance at the end, Miranda was the original protagonist and Via was the substitute. The moment she saw Via\’s parents and Auggie sitting in the audience, Miranda decided to give the opportunity to perform to Via, fulfilling the beautiful vision of Via\’s parents to see their daughter\’s wonderful performance in a gentle and beautiful atmosphere. At this moment, Miranda made kind compensation. Although she lost the protagonist role, she regained the precious friendship. Via once again extended her hands to Miranda, \”Every Christmas in the future cannot be without you. Only by giving sincerity can you gain friendship. Those who see you clearly and still like you are worth cherishing for a lifetime. About growth: Growth means daring to choose your own path. Some people say that if you don’t think about the last step, you should never take the first step; but if you don’t take the first step, there will always be an unreachable future. Auggie has been in the fifth grade before Self-study at home, when he entered the campus, heShe took the first brave step and gained friendship and respect; when her sister Via plucked up the courage to write her name on the drama club registration form, she met love, regained friendship, and gained the support of her absent parents. long-term attention. In another movie \”Mysterious Superstar\” released at the same time, the heroine Yin Xiya has dreamed of music since she was a child, but her father is a product of a typical Indian patriarchal society. He values ​​boys over girls, is cold and domineering, and only uses his fists to solve problems. He also doesn\’t care what his daughter\’s dreams are. However, she loves music so much that she posted playing and singing videos on YouTube under the name \”Mysterious Superstar\” and quickly became popular. But her father used her poor grades as an excuse to personally cut off her music dream, smashing the computer, pulling the strings, and asking her to marry in another country… This was her bottom line. She finally stopped compromising and being tolerant and was alone. Go find a way out and ask for help. She dared to encourage her mother to rebel against her father, and she dared to express her opinions to the music producer Shakti. After many twists and turns, he finally stood at the center of the stage he dreamed of. Just like Sam Mendes said: \”It is not courage to carry the burden of life, it is courage to dare to choose the life you want.\” The promotion song of the Miracle Boys is called \”Imperfect Beauty\”, and there is a lyric in it : Don’t worry about the unsolvable problems in life. Believe that the dark clouds will gradually clear and miracles will occur. The world is not perfect, but it will be more beautiful with you.

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