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Mom and dad, don\’t sleep, get up and wrestle

(01) Many people recommended the same movie to me: \”Dangal!\” Daddy\”. I went to see it immediately. I was so moved that I cried like a dog. When I walked out of the theater, I woke up when the cold wind blew. There seems to be something wrong… What this movie really wants to tell us is not actually in the movie. (02) First, without spoiling anything, let’s talk about what the movie expresses. ——First of all, this is a good movie based on real events. At the beginning of the movie, a muscular man with a dissatisfied and angry face met another even bigger muscular man. While the two were watching TV, they had a discussion. In order to come up with a result, the two parties decided to resolve the matter in a civilized manner – have a fight. Whoever wins is right! As a result, the small muscular man threw the large muscular man to the ground three times in a row like a dead dog. After falling into pieces three times, the large muscular man lost this civilized discussion. Then the movie reveals the identity of the small muscular man – an Indian national-level wrestler who has never won an international medal. (03) The film then shows the national status of wrestling in India – no status, no one takes it seriously. The national-level wrestlers who did not win medals eventually returned to the countryside, where they held dragon gate formations and chatted with the simple villagers. Ambition remains unfulfilled, ambition never ceases. The wrestler made a request to his wife: Let\’s work together to have a son. I want my son to win the International Wrestling Grand Prix. … However, after the couple\’s hard work, they gave birth to four daughters, but no sons. The wrestler cried and said: My dream is shattered. Put away your trophies and medals, stop thinking about things, and settle down to be an unknown and kind-hearted farmer. ——But suddenly one day, an aunt from the same village came with her two tall and bruised sons and accused the wrestler’s two little chicken-like daughters of beating the strong boy badly. . Seeing the boy who was beaten badly by his thin daughter, the wrestler\’s father\’s eyes suddenly lit up. Well played! Dear girl, type it again and show it to Daddy! (04) Father is serious. In the early morning of the next day, the father took his two daughters who were able to fight and went out for snacks. The father told his two daughters: Now, you can eat whatever you want. Eat as much as you want. ——Because this is the last time you eat snacks! ——After this snack, you will be trained by your father to be wrestlers. Wrestlers cannot eat snacks, not sweet, salty, spicy, but only the most tasteless ones. The two daughters were completely confused and had no idea what their father was saying. But my father was serious. What follows is cruel physical training, long-distance running, and jumping from a bridge into a river… When normal viewers see this, they will get furious and scold the father: Why do you treat your daughter so cruelly? They have their own life choices, they should be respected, and they have the right not to accept your cruel torture… So the music sounded in the play, and the director and screenwriter made a song to scold themselves for the audience – scolding You have to be more ruthless than the audience! This way the audience won\’t be able to jump and yell. I can only watch the show in a depressed mood. (05) A scolding is a great relief. But that doesn\’t solve the problem. The problem is, the training is too cruel and unforgiving. The two daughters were shattered inside.of. So the two daughters complained to their friends: Although he is our daddy, he cannot treat us like this. We just want to be ordinary people, live in peace and stability in this life, is this wrong? My friend came back with one sentence – be content, girl! You don\’t know how much we envy you for having such a good father. This is India! Where does this world come from that is stable and peaceful in years? We are all forced to marry at the age of 14, to a man we don\’t even know, and we are forced to follow our fate for the rest of our lives. But your father is working hard to change your destiny! The two daughters suddenly came to their senses and began to take the initiative to receive training. They endured all the ridicule, followed their father\’s arrangements, and fought to the death with male wrestlers wearing only crotch wraps in the wrestling ring. ——The reality is more cruel than the movie. In the film, when the eldest daughter repeatedly beats the strong male wrestler into a dog, the villagers changed their mocking attitude towards their family. But in reality it doesn\’t. This family, which trains their daughter to wrestle, has been the target of local ridicule. ——In fact, this family may still be the laughing stock of the villagers. However, this family is crazy about winning medals in international competitions. They have nearly 40 gold, silver, and bronze medals. They have become famous. They have gone out of the countryside, made a lot of money, and become famous people, completely breaking away from the knowledge of the villagers. , I can no longer hear the villagers’ discussions. (06) The most important part of this film was not performed. ——There are some things that cannot be said. What I want to say can’t be said, so there are some strange things in the film. For example, the eldest daughter is already a national-level wrestler and believes that she is qualified to transform into a normal girl. She starts going shopping, puts on makeup and nail polish, and starts growing beautiful long hair. But my father got mad and said the most offensive line in the sentence: If you win the silver medal, you will only be forgotten! You have to get the gold medal! Then my father came up with a lofty goal slogan – for the country, you must win the gold medal! ——So someone in the circle of friends asked this father: Come on, brother, if your daughter can’t get a gold medal at all due to her qualifications, what will you do? Go to hell? The reason why there is such a doubt is because the reason why the father forced his daughter to win the gold medal is too ridiculous and far-fetched. The real reasons cannot be expressed, and the words cannot be spoken from the heart, so there are flaws. But, what is the real reason why the father forces his daughter to win the gold medal? (07) \”Wrestle!\” The film \”Papa\” is actually missing a piece. The missing piece is that the protagonist’s father is also a national-level wrestler, but why didn’t he win an international medal? But he forced his daughter to complete the goal that he failed to achieve? ——The reason is very simple. This father was born in the countryside. Farming is a very respectable profession, and farmer uncles are the greatest. Without the hard work of farmer uncles, we would all be starved to death… Having sung in a high-pitched tone, let’s get down to business: The business is that the reason why this father became a farmer is, It\’s just that his reincarnation was incorrect and he was born in the countryside. In this world, those who talk nonsense and lift farmers to the sky are probably the ones who look down on farmers the most. they will recognizeFor a person who lives in the countryside, he is a farmer. If you were born in a farmer\’s family, you have to farm the land for me… However, your occupation has nothing to do with your origin. Just because you were born in the countryside, why do you think that someone is a farmer? Although this father was born in the countryside, he has the qualities to become a wrestler. It is conceivable that when everyone picked up their hoes and went to work in the fields, he would wrap up his crotch and catch people everywhere. In the film, when the father was training his daughter, he was viciously ridiculed by the villagers, but the father remained unmoved. That was just because – he had been walking in the ridicule of the villagers his whole life. You were born in the countryside, so you are a farmer – your father does not admit this! Therefore, the road he walked must have been full of humiliation and pain. Even if it hurts, we have to bite the bullet and move forward. Even if everyone denies me and laughs at me, I will move forward bravely. In this way, my father continued to wrestle all the way, and finally fell out of the countryside and became a national-level athlete. ——But, but, he is the first person in this family to leave the countryside. The colorful world outside the village will definitely make his eyes confused. When he stands on the international stage one day, you can imagine the fear in his heart. who is he? Just a poor country boy, this is an international arena! Is this a high-end place where a guy like him should come? This poor father, he was thrown around like a dog in the international arena. Fell back to China from international. From the city back to the countryside. Fall back to your original shape! (08) When my father worked hard all his life, he was knocked back to his original shape, and when he heard the deafening ridicule again, he suddenly realized: the reason why he was thrown back again was not because of his lack of ability, nor because he was incompetent: – —It’s just that he doesn’t understand the rules, he doesn’t know the rules, and he doesn’t know how to play! He is capable of winning the gold medal, but he has heard too many negative comments. When I walked onto the field, I was confused. But when he was thrown back to his prototype, he figured out all the rules and how to play to win. ——This is also the tragedy of too many people in the world. When you go on the field, no one tells you the rules. Everyone just keeps saying that you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it… Finally one day, you know that you can actually do it. , but at this time you have already lost and are disqualified from the competition. (09) You—all of you—reading this article are the dads in the film. We have lived in a fixed environment since childhood and want to get out, but no one tells us how to get out. Too many people just keep discouraging us, pulling our tails, and holding us back. I wish we could all just hang out and wait to die, just to take advantage of his wishes. But we are unwilling to give up. We work hard, we struggle, but we are new and stupid players who don’t know the rules of the game at all. We keep losing, just like the father in the movie loses. And the reason why we lost was not because we lacked ability, but because we didn’t know how to play. It was only when we were forced to leave that we came to our senses. Many people, even if they wake up, dare not tell others. They are afraid that others will laugh at them, and they worry that if they speak out, they will suffer even more vicious ridicule. Therefore, the experience, wisdom and knowledge of many people will not be reflected in the next generation – but this father refused. He wanted to pass on his experience and wisdom to the next generation.His understanding of the rules of the social game was reflected in his daughter – despite the imperfect methods, the father finally achieved his goal. Let\’s wrestle, Daddy! This is a story about two generations passing on the knowledge of rules. (10) Life is a formal performance without rehearsal. By the time you finally figure out the rules, you\’ve already lost. ——Dear, learn from the father in this movie and pass on the social rules you have accumulated through your life. Take your kids and watch this movie. Then discuss it with the child: – Tell the child what reality is! Reality is a dilemma, and everyone is trapped in reality. ——Tell your children what resources are! Resources are your cognition and your own abilities! ——Tell your children what the direction of efforts is. There is only one direction, and that is to prove your excellence to the whole world. ——Tell the children what a method is – take the method and get what you want from it. Take the method and get it below. The father in the film forced his daughter to compete with male athletes to become the strongest among women. Life is about torturing dogs. Only by letting the strongest person torture you can you happily torture the person you want to torture. ——Tell your children what goals are. The goal is the achievement of ideals and the change of destiny! ——Tell your children what frustration is. Frustration is just inevitable on the way, and it is just the accumulation before achievement. ——Tell your children what achievement in life means. Achievement is realizing the value of your life and making you a role model for those who follow you. The core theme of this movie is breakthrough. Our only mission in this world is to grow and make breakthroughs. Just like chickens sealed in a shell, we are firmly trapped in reality. Don\’t complain, don\’t complain, don\’t say you are bitter, don\’t say you are tired. There is only one kind of real hardship – giving up before the dawn of hope! Let us draw strong spiritual power from this film, parents, let’s wrestle with the embarrassing reality, with your fate and mine, and be confident that two hundred years of life will be like a three thousand miles of water. Never give up, never give up, be determined to pursue, and work hard, this is the life we ​​should have!

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