• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

\”Mom, I didn\’t do well in the exam.\” This mother\’s answer is so smart and worth learning from.

If your child told you that he didn\’t do well in the exam, what would you say next? You will definitely say that of course I am comforting him to take the exam well next time, but in my heart I am thinking: It’s not that he doesn’t work hard, he is too playful! One mother gave a different answer. There is a child who has never been able to figure out a question: Why did his deskmate want to be first in the exam, but he got first in the exam all of a sudden, while he wanted to be first in the exam, but he only finished 21st in the class? After returning home, he asked: \”Mom, am I stupider than others? I think I listen to the teacher and do my homework as seriously as he does, but why am I always behind him?\” After listening to her son\’s words, the mother felt My son has begun to have self-esteem, and this self-esteem is being hurt by the school\’s ranking. She looked at her son and didn\’t answer because she didn\’t know how to answer. After another exam, the child ranked seventeenth, while his deskmate still ranked first. After returning home, my son asked the same question again. She really wanted to say that there were indeed levels of human intelligence, and the people who topped the test had smarter brains than the average person. However, is this answer what the child really wants to know? She was glad she didn\’t say it. How should you answer your son\’s question? There were a few times when she really wanted to repeat those words that had been repeated tens of thousands of times by tens of thousands of parents – \”You are too playful; you are not diligent enough in your studies; you are not working hard enough compared to others.\” Prevaricate his son. However, for a child like her son who is not smart enough and does not have outstanding grades in the class, isn\’t his daily life hard enough? So she didn\’t do that. She wanted to find a perfect answer to her son\’s question. My son is in junior high school. Although he works harder than before, he still has not caught up with his classmates. However, compared with the past, his grades have been improving. In order to express her appreciation for her son\’s progress, she took him to see the sea. It was during this trip that the mother answered her son\’s question. Now my son no longer worries about his ranking, because he was admitted to Tsinghua University last year with the top score in the school. When he returned from winter vacation, his alma mater asked him to give a report to his classmates and parents. Among them, he talked about an experience he had when he was a child: My mother and I were sitting on the beach. She pointed in front and said to me, look at the birds competing for food on the beach. When the waves come, the little gray finch can always move quickly. They take off from the ground, flapping their wings two or three times before rising into the sky; seagulls always look very clumsy, and it always takes a long time for them to fly from the beach into the sky. However, they are the ones that can really fly across the ocean. The child\’s report brought many mothers to tears, including his own. Parents: When your child comes home with the test paper, no matter what the score is, please cook a hearty meal for your child and congratulate your child on overcoming the difficulty of review. Learning is a marathon, not a 100-meter race. If you fall down for a while, it doesn’t matter. You can get up and run again. It’s too late! Don\’t let \”exams\” break your child\’s glassy heart; don\’t let \”ranking\” obliterate your child\’s sunny smile.

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