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Mother pulls daughter to jump off building together: Children who are used as tools by their parents are the saddest

On the afternoon of September 9, in Zuo\’anpu Park inside Zuo\’anmen, Beijing, a mother wanted to jump off the building with her daughter because of a divorce dispute. I knew about this news a few days ago, but I never paid attention to it because there have been too many negative news about jumping off buildings recently. People who are not allowed to play with mobile phones jump off buildings; people who are in unbearable labor pain jump off buildings; people who suffer from postpartum depression and hold their babies in their arms jump off buildings… I I feel that self-media people should no longer pay attention to jumping from buildings, otherwise it will only make tragedies of jumping from buildings more frequent. Those who were originally depressed and didn’t know how to vent, may suddenly think of a solution: it turns out that they can jump off the building, it turns out that jumping off the building will attract so much attention, it turns out that jumping off the building will make them so sad… So when this news came out, some fans followed me He said he could write it down, but I ignored it. Today, a friend forwarded this video directly to me. I thought I might as well take a look, so I clicked on it. As a result, the child\’s voice \”Mom, I don\’t want it! I don\’t want it!\” was so heartbreaking that it broke my heart! The mother and daughter were holding the plug-in unit of the air conditioner on the awning of the security window downstairs. After a stalemate for more than three hours, the cheating man finally appeared. The woman asked him to kneel for three hours before she could consider whether to forgive him. In the video, the woman shouted to her husband who was kneeling downstairs: \”I forgive you for your cheating. It has been three months. You have been living with that woman. You want money but no money, and you want a house but no house.\” , whether you want a car or not, what do you want from me? I don’t expect you to give me anything, I just want you to give my child a complete home. Is this too much? Is this too much for all I ask for?\” Hearing this When I was talking about this, I was so angry! This is not a frustrated mother who attempted suicide and chose to take her with her because she couldn\’t let go of her child and didn\’t want her to suffer in this indifferent world. Although such a mother is hateful and pitiful, at least she loves her child, even though this love is not normal. As for the woman in this video, she just wanted to use the child as a tool to stimulate and blackmail the unfaithful man. Children who are used as tools are truly sad. The woman said: Kneel down for three hours and then consider whether to forgive him. It can be seen from this that she has not given up on this man. She still hopes that he will come back and \”hope to give her child a complete home.\” Why is she forcing him to die? Because this man has not been home for three months. If he had not jumped off the building in broad daylight, if he had not taken his children with him and caused a sensation, he might not have returned home. This woman doesn\’t really want to die. If you really want to jump off a building, get up and jump in the middle of the night, and a hundred women will die; if you really want to die, cut your wrists, take sleeping pills… a thousand women will die quietly. She chose to jump off the building probably because it was the most tragic and sensational way, and the easiest way for her grievances and grievances to be known to others. While gaining sympathy, the unfaithful man was criticized by many. Maybe, when she first climbed out of the window with her daughter and sat on the air conditioner, she really thought about dying with her daughter, but later on, I only saw full of threats. Maybe she got her wish and cheated on her afterwards.As the police said, the man \”knew he was wrong\” and has since turned around. Maybe it\’s counterproductive and makes the heartless man go further. I don\’t care about any of this. I just pity that kid. Judging from the video, the child\’s height is about as high as the mother\’s armpits, and he is estimated to be eight or nine years old. The experience of being forced to jump off a building by your dearest mother is beyond the imagination of ordinary people! This horrific experience will never be forgotten by the child for the rest of her life, and without professional intervention, it may even become a lifelong nightmare for her. Children as young as eight or nine already know very well the consequences of jumping. Survival is a biological instinct, so she repeatedly cried and begged: Mom, I don’t want to die. The child and mother stood for several hours on the sloping, uneven, and flimsy roof of the awning. On the one hand, she has to worry about her mother jumping down, so she can only hold her mother\’s waist tightly with both hands. On the other hand, she has to worry about falling, so her back is against the wall… Please click here to enter the picture description from the pose Look, my mother is holding the window frame with one hand and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner with the other hand…it shows that she doesn\’t really want to jump off the building. To put it bluntly, if the mother is determined to jump, how can the child hold her back with her meager strength? My mother knew in her heart that she would not fall. This was just a fierce way of confrontation or a means of revenge. However, the child did not know that she really thought that her mother was going to die with her. These long hours may be a game for the mother, but for the child, it is a purgatory-like experience that will become an inescapable nightmare for her for countless nights in the future. Does this mother love her children? It should be love. She said she wanted to give her child a complete home, but this love was just that. At the critical moment, the child is just a tool for her to blackmail the man and gain sympathy. In ancient harems, whether it is real history or bloody TV dramas, countless children died in palace fights, and some were even killed by their biological mothers in order to frame the enemy and win the emperor\’s pity and favor. Favor. According to legend, Wu Zetian strangled her biological daughter to death with her own hands: Princess Andingsi. As for the princes who were sentenced to death by the emperor, they were countless. Do these emperors and concubines love their children? Human nature must be love. It\’s just that this love is conditional. Once it conflicts with his status in the harem, this love will be divided into different shades. The lighter and lighter one is destined to be sacrificed. Talking back to the woman in the video who wanted to jump off the building, maybe because of ignorance, maybe because she didn\’t love her enough, she didn\’t consider the child\’s feelings. She never thought about whether the child would be scared or what if she really fell. I would rather believe that she just didn\’t realize or didn\’t think about the harm that forcing her children to jump off the building with her would cause to them. But she doesn\’t want to believe that after weighing and comparing, she thinks the child\’s feelings are not as important as redeeming or retaliating against the man. What we used to say is: if the king asks his ministers to die, the ministers have to die; if the father asks his son to die, the son has to die. No one says this anymore, but there are still some parents who think: I gave birth to my child, I raised it, I gave it life, so I have control over it. so, some men go home to beat their children after drinking too much, go home to beat their children after losing in gambling, go home to yell at their children after being wronged at work, and reward their children when their business is profitable. If one spouse cheats, the other spouse is likely to beat and scold the children. In their eyes, there is no difference between a child and a cat or a dog. When they are happy, they will give them a smooth fur, and when they are unhappy, they will kick them. After she wrote a 10,000-word message last time because of postpartum depression, the mother who jumped off the building with her son and daughter in her arms thought this way: I am leaving and taking everything I own with me, including my two children. And the mother who tried to jump off the building this time probably thought this way: If you want to cheat, if you don\’t care about this family, I will die with my child to make you regret it! When she said to the cheating man: \”If you don\’t kneel down, I will kill your daughter. If you don\’t… I will kill your daughter.\” In her eyes, the child is no different from an object. \”You love her.\” , so I hurt her.\” She never thought that the child she used as a blackmail tool was an independent person, with thoughts and feelings, joys and sorrows, and an independent life of her own. In the eyes of children, we are so tall, strong, powerful, wise and courageous. We are the source of all their sense of security, the origin and coordinates of their exploration of the world, and the backbone of their journey forward. When facing someone who cheats on you, if you still want it, use your own ability to get it back. If you no longer want it, throw it away decisively. You can forgive him if you want to, but kill him if you can\’t. Adults, you should bear the consequences of whatever you do. Don\’t use children as tools!

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