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Murphy\’s Law + Lotus Law + Bamboo Law + Golden Cicada\’s Law [Parents please read with their children]

In the end, what matters is not luck and intelligence, but perseverance. There are many laws about success, the more famous ones are Murphy\’s Law, Lotus Law, Bamboo Law and Golden Cicada\’s Law. Whether it is Murphy\’s Law, Lotus Law, Bamboo Law, or Golden Cicada\’s Law, they all have the same meaning: success requires accumulation, endurance, loneliness, persistence, persistence, and persistence until you finally succeed. that moment. The contents of Murphy\’s Law can be simply summarized into four points: 1. Nothing is as simple as it seems; 2. Everything will take longer than you expect; 3. Things that can go wrong will always go wrong; 4. If you Worrying that something will happen makes it more likely to happen. Analyzing stock trading from the perspective of Murphy\’s Law, the main reasons for ordinary investors\’ losses are roughly as follows: First, imagining stock investment is too simple, too optimistic, and full of fantasies about getting rich overnight, which leads to many mistakes in investment. ; Second, the use of high-cost funds or funds with time limits may lead to unnecessary risks or trading errors, which increases the probability of mistakes in buying and selling stocks; third, there is no scientific stock selection system and trading before trading stocks. The operation of the system is highly random and prone to errors that should not occur; fourth, he is hesitant before trading stocks and is uneasy after trading stocks. He will run away from the big bull stocks if there is a slight fluctuation, but he will firmly hold the position for the low-quality stocks. . There is a clear lack of self-judgment and self-confidence. In view of the above reasons, we combine Murphy\’s Law to give the following investment suggestions: Recommended popular science books related to mathematics: 33 PDFs of Mathematical Quick Calculation Techniques. First, make sufficient homework preparations before investing, overcome certain weaknesses of human nature, and look at it objectively and realistically. own abilities and leave sufficient room for risk prevention; secondly, any investment must be friends with time. Do more things that are more beneficial to us in trading as time goes by, and use leverage funds prudently; third, \”plan your transactions, trade your plan\”, set stock selection standards and operating standards, and eliminate the randomness and randomness of transactions. Randomness; fourth, transactions must have logical thinking, the logic remains unchanged, the standards remain unchanged, and the operations remain unchanged; if the logic changes or the standards are met, the transaction will be executed strictly according to the plan. Lotus Law: Lotus flowers in a pond will bloom twice as many as the previous day every day. If by the 30th day, the lotus flowers will fill the entire pond. I would like to ask: on which day the lotus flowers in the pond are half in bloom? Day 15? wrong! It\’s day 29. This is the lotus law. Only a small number will open on the first day, and on the second day, they will open at double the rate of the previous day. By the 29th day, the lotus flowers are only half full, and the other half will not be full until the last day. That is to say: the last day has the fastest speed, which is equal to the sum of the previous 29 days. This is the famous Lotus Law. The profound truth hidden in this is that success requires accumulation and accumulation. This law was first heard in a public speech by Jack Ma. If you think about life through this law, you will find that many people\’s lives are like lotus flowers in a pond. They bloom vigorously and desperately at first… but gradually…, people start to feel boring or even bored, and you may give up on the 9th, 19th or even the 29th day. Giving up at this time is often only one step away from success. Many times, or even most of the time, the key to success lies in perseverance. It is said that a person can encounter about 7 opportunities in his life, all of which are life-changing opportunities. Such opportunities are often only encountered through day-to-day investment and persistence in the early stage. Therefore, if you have a dream, you must first take action and then implement it unswervingly. Popular science knowledge materials for primary school students, Dr. Ping\’s password cartoon, all 52 episodes in ultra-clear Chinese version. Bamboo Law Bamboo took 4 years and only grew 3cm. Starting from the fifth year, it grew crazily at a rate of 30cm per day, and it took only six weeks to reach 15 meters. In fact, in the past four years, the bamboo has extended its roots into the soil for hundreds of square meters. The same goes for being a person and doing things. Don\’t worry that your efforts at this moment will not be rewarded, because these efforts are all to take root. Life requires reserves. How many people have failed to survive those three centimeters? What is value? They are two bamboos, one is made into a flute and the other is made into a clothes drying rod. The clothes-drying pole asked Dizi unconvinced: \”We are both bamboos on the same mountain. Why am I not worth a penny when exposed to the sun and rain every day, but you are worth a thousand gold?\” Dizi replied: \”Because you only suffered. One knife, but I have been cut into pieces by a thousand cuts and crafted with great care.\” The clothes drying bar was silent. The same is true for life. Only when you can withstand hardship, endure loneliness, shoulder responsibilities, and shoulder your mission can life be valuable. Don\’t be jealous when you see others being brilliant, because others have paid more than you. Qian Mu, a master of traditional Chinese culture, said: \”Throughout the ages, there have been great achievers, and there is no other secret. They are all capable people who are willing to work hard.\” Hu Shi also said: \”There are too many smart people in the world, but too few people are willing to work hard, so successful people Just a few people.\” Speaking of Qian Zhongshu\’s wealth of knowledge, people often attribute it to his high talent and strong memory. In fact, Qian Zhongshu\’s profound knowledge comes more from his hard work and hard work. Xu Zhende, a classmate of Qian Zhongshu’s university, described it this way: When I was in school, I read Chinese classics one week and European and American classics one week, alternating with each other for four years. Every time I go to the library to borrow or return books, I must run and run with five or six huge volumes in my arms. After reading a volume, you must make notes… The \”Guan Zhui Bian\”, which represents his academic achievements, quotes tens of thousands of documentary evidences from tens of thousands of works by more than 4,000 famous writers, which is vast, broad and profound. Some people may not know that after entering Tsinghua University, his goal was to \”sweep the Tsinghua Library.\” His academic experience is: the smarter a person is, the more he must know how to work stupidly. \”If your heart is focused on your craft, you will be able to perform your craft well; if your heart is focused on your job, you will be able to perform your job well.\” Growth does not happen overnight. There is no cheating in life. It is just a matter of accumulation. This is called the Bamboo Law. Download the 13 episodes of the National Geographic Documentary Space Time Journey in 1080P ultra-clear 117G. Golden Cicada\’s Law A cicada must first live underground in darkness for three years (there is a kind of American cicada that must live underground for 17 years)), endure all kinds of loneliness and loneliness, and grow up little by little relying on the juice of tree roots. Then one night in summer, it quietly climbed onto the branch and transformed into a cicada overnight. Then look forward to the moment the sun rises, it can fly into the sky and rush to freedom. This is called the golden cicada\’s law. Many people\’s lives are like lotuses in a pond. They bloom hard at first, but they always feel that they are not blooming enough, so they gradually get tired of it and choose to give up on the 10th, 20th, or even the 29th day. The struggles of many people are like growing bamboo. They worked hard at the beginning, but because most of the previous stages were laying the foundation, the results were not so obvious. In the first, third, and even fourth years, It was time to choose to give up. Not to mention Cicada\’s calmness and perseverance. The closer you are to success, the more difficult it is and the more persistence you need. Whether it is entrepreneurship or life, what we lack is not ability, skills, or models. What we need is persistence and perseverance. Only by persisting in quantitative changes can we finally complete qualitative changes, break through the critical point of success, and achieve final success. Jack Ma once said: \”Today is cruel, tomorrow will be even crueler, and the day after tomorrow will be beautiful, but most people die tomorrow night and cannot see the sun the day after tomorrow.\” Most people give up when they are one step away from success. How to help children understand word problems? Comprehensive collection of elementary school mathematics application questions for grades 1 to 6 PDF There is an old saying in China, \”A journey of a hundred miles is half a journey of ninety.\” That is to say, if you walk a hundred miles, you will only be considered halfway if you walk ninety miles, because many people persist until ninety miles. give up. These laws tell us the truth: what people fight for in the end is not luck and intelligence, but perseverance.

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