• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

My child, I don’t know how to teach you, I can only let you learn in life

A few days ago, I saw the above video on a friend’s WeChat official account, and I was very moved. This is actually an advertisement shot in Thailand. Being able to shoot advertisements like this, no wonder people in the circle of friends say: When it comes to advertisements, I only believe in Thailand! This is a story about mother, daughter and pineapple. In just a few minutes of video, there were three details that deeply moved me. Learn in life and let your children try detail one: mother and daughter depend on each other and make a living by selling pineapples. One day, the daughter wanted to cut a pineapple with a knife, but she didn\’t know where to start. When her mother saw it, she picked up a pineapple and cut it without saying anything. The daughter followed her mother\’s instructions and quickly learned how to cut a pineapple. The mother said: \”I have never been to school. I don\’t know how to teach my daughter. The only thing I can do is to let her learn in life.\” Let the children try, use their own actions as examples, and let the children learn in life. Learning in middle school is the best way to educate children. Although this mother was uneducated, she set the best example for her daughter with her most simple actions. When she saw her daughter picking up a knife and scratching the pineapple, she did not yell and said, \”It\’s too dangerous, put it down quickly!\” Instead, she used her actions to tell her daughter that this was the correct way to cut a pineapple with a knife. On the other hand, in our lives, many knowledgeable and educated parents either violently stop or take over their children when they want to try something. For example, because they are afraid of cutting their hands, they put away the scissors and prohibit children from using them, so that some children still can’t hold scissors when they are 5 or 6 years old; another example is, if you see your child wearing his shoes backwards, you don’t give him time to remove them. Feeling the discomfort, he immediately took off his shoes and changed them. Children who grow up in this kind of education environment are either timid or like to rely on others. Let’s learn from the mother in the video, let her children try, and let them learn various skills in life. Positive and Optimistic Giving Children Real “Enrichment” Details 2: One day, my daughter saw other children eating ice cream and wanted to eat it too, but she didn’t tell her mother. And my mother saw all this. She looked at the money box with only a few coins in front of her, and secretly had an idea in her heart. At night, while her daughter was sleeping, her mother cut the pineapple into ice cream shapes and put it in an ice box to freeze into pineapple ice cream. How rare it is that this mother can still see her daughter\’s needs and actively find ways to satisfy her daughter\’s wishes when she is so poor that she can\’t even afford a stick of ice cream. This reminds me of the grandma (grandma) in the memoir \”Saga\’s Super Grandma\” by Japanese cross talk master Shimada Yoshichi. After the end of World War II, Yoshichi Shimada was fostered at his grandmother\’s house in Saga. The family is very poor, but grandma said: \”There are two kinds of poverty, one is poor and cheerful, and the other is poor and depressed. Our family is poor and cheerful.\” In those days of material scarcity, the optimistic grandmother always had something to say. A magical way to keep life going and always fill your home with laughter and warmth. It was due to the influence of his grandmother that Shimada Yochichi became a cross talk master. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude towards life at all times is the best \”enrichment\” for your children! Learn from practice and let children solve problems on their ownQuestion details three: The daughter was eating the pineapple ice cream made by her mother and blurted out: \”Mom, you should sell this.\” The mother also thought this was a good idea, so she encouraged her daughter to try selling pineapple ice cream. For the first time, my daughter didn’t sell a single ice cream. The mother suggested: \”Then you should go to the vegetable market and see how other people sell things.\” After hearing this, her daughter immediately ran to the vegetable market, observed and studied carefully, made a leaflet and pasted it on the ice box, and gave different instructions to different people. The price difference was set for the quantity of ice cream, and it sold well. As the saying goes, \”It is better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish.\” We cannot raise children for a lifetime. Instead of directly providing children with good food and clothing, it is better to teach them the skills of life. As this mother said: \”I am very happy to see her learn from practice and try to solve problems by herself. Even if one day I am no longer by her side, I believe she can live a good life.\”

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