• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

My child, you may eventually become ordinary, but I love you as always

My child, when I took you home this afternoon, when you saw me, there was no joy that usually flashed on your little face. Instead, you were downcast and unhappy. I asked you what was wrong, but you refused to answer directly, so I didn\’t ask again. After dinner, you and I shared stories about what happened during the day, and then we found out the reason why you were unhappy – it turned out that the teacher and the children said that the paintings you drew were not good-looking. After hearing what you said, my first feeling was joy. It turns out that my little boy has grown up without knowing it. He has his own little world and is eager to be recognized by the outside world. His hard work did not win the recognition he expected, which made him sad and confused. I swear, kid, I understand how you feel. Although more than 20 years ago, the six-year-old girl had never seen a colored pen, let alone anything to draw. At that time, she was playing hopscotch on the street and playing shuttlecock with her friends. She was thinking about the doll next door and the lipstick and high-heeled shoes she would wear when she grew up. But in her later life, she also continued to experience the loss and pain of being unrecognized. Looking at the hurt expression on your face, I really want to hug you, hold you tightly in my arms, say you are fine, say I love you, just like when you were a child, you accidentally fell to the ground, Cry loudly, a close hug can help you stop crying and smile again. But I know that doing this now may temporarily divert your attention, but your problem will still remain in your heart. If you accumulate too many unanswered questions, they will build up into a mountain, weighing you down and making you lose confidence and be at a loss as to what to do. However, I\’m not sure how to explain to you the true meaning of persevering in yourself at an age when you need to constantly learn from the outside world. I can only clumsily find works by art masters from different eras and different schools from the Internet, look at them one by one with you, and ask you if they look good. Some answers are yes and some answers are no. Then, let me tell you, these are all works by great painters. Some people say they are good-looking, while others say they are not good-looking. It doesn\’t matter whether others say it looks good or not. We express our inner thoughts through painting. Painting makes us happy, that\’s enough. Does painting make you happy? You smiled brightly and nodded vigorously. This problem is solved. At night, staring at your sleeping face, I was flooded with thoughts and couldn\’t fall asleep for a long time. It\’s funny, when you were just born, I had a genius dream in case you had a super IQ. I carefully observe your every word and deed in your daily life, for fear of missing any clues that may indicate your extraordinary talent. But this unrealistic fantasy was eventually shattered mercilessly by your strength, leaving no trace behind. Although when I go out with you, kind and laid-back grandparents come up to you and keep praising you for your big eyes and good looks, I know you very well and you are just a very ordinary child. As a mother, I can quickly adjust my mentality and adapt to the transformation of my children from unfounded geniuses to ordinary people. But as you grow up, being told that your paintings are not good-looking is just the beginning. Your test scores are not as high as others, you don’t have the skills that others know, the girl you like prefers someone else, and you miss out on your favorite job…these worries, yes, You may know everythingmeet. There is always only one first place in the class, and the majority are sitting in the audience applauding. When we were young, we thought we were special. Later, we had to admit that most of us were destined to be ordinary. Children, whenever you look up, there are countless peers who are better than you. But for life, not only the best is qualified to exist. The flowers are as fragrant and beautiful as flowers, the mountains are as majestic and majestic as mountains, and the sea is as broad and majestic as the sea. You can\’t be the best at everything, and you don\’t have to be. They are also birds, they are eagles, they soar in the sky; they are sparrows, they live in groups in the wild, running around to hunt for food; they are swallows, they migrate north and south and build nests under the eaves. And you are you, uniquely you. There are so many people in the world, and no one else has the same experiences, the same feelings, and the same ideas as you. Don\’t be complacent about others\’ approval, and don\’t feel sad about negative comments. After thousands of sails, you will eventually find that the world belongs to you and has nothing to do with others. We are born as human beings, not as a sequel to our parents, nor as a prequel to our children, nor as a sequel to our friends. Your life script, more important than whether the ending is successful or not, is whether it is defined by your own hands. Follow your inner guidance and just be yourself. When one day you understand that so-called maturity is just reconciliation with your ordinary self, you have really grown up. But what we should be proud of is that we accept our own ordinaryness, but we will never settle for mediocrity. \”Moss flowers are as small as rice, and they also bloom like peonies.\” My child, you don\’t have to be among the best, and you don\’t have to stand out. The only thing my mother hopes is that you have the passion to love life, have colorful dreams, and have the persistence to pursue. No matter where you go, maybe you will be ordinary in the end, I will always be behind you and love you as always!

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