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My children’s path to enlightenment in painting

Regarding Baoduo\’s enlightenment in painting, I took a detour. He started doodling with a paintbrush when he was less than two years old. Give him a notebook and a pen, hold it however he wants, and tell him to draw on the paper, not off the paper. He started painting. Such an older child will definitely not be able to draw anything, just some lines, and they are all circles-like lines. He will not be able to draw straight lines, nor will he be able to turn with a pen. After he finished painting, I guessed along with him, what is this? Is it a lollipop? Is it a balloon? Even though he knew it was nothing, he still pretended to be interested, asked questions, and chatted with him for a long time. He gave me the brush and said, \”Mom, paint.\” I didn\’t think much about it, just picked up the brush and started painting. I have never learned painting. At most, when I was a child, my friends and I used a branch to draw on the ground, something like \”draw a 2 first, then dots inside.\” The teacher hit me with three sticks, and I pouted and turned into a little pigeon. \”——Drew something that didn\’t look like a chicken or a duck; or \”An old man, Ding, owed me two dollars. He said he would pay it back in three days, and I said he would pay it back in four days…\” -Drawed a simple figure little old man. Bao Duo thinks it\’s amazing, no matter how beautiful or ugly her mother is, she can actually draw shapes, but he can\’t. When he was playing painting again, he said, \”Mom, I can\’t paint.\” He even stopped touching the paintbrush. After doing this several times, I thought to myself, it’s broken! I shouldn\’t have shown him. I have never learned to draw myself. I have no artistic ability at all. When I was a child, I first learned to \”turn into a little pigeon with a pout\”, and now I can only draw nondescript pigeons. I heard that today’s children start from graffiti, and they can just doodle. I heard that children now have to be enlightened before painting. I heard that painting is a way to let children’s imagination run free. It’s time to freeze the child’s thinking, I heard… I secretly complained in my heart. In the eyes of a child, my poor drawings of \”chickens\” and \”little people\” are beyond his reach. When he could only draw lines, I demonstrated them to him. He thought his mother was very good, and he thought that what her mother did was the best way to draw. But for him, he concluded that he could not draw. I thought about it and decided to put away my brushes and notebooks and stop painting. It wasn’t until he was two years and ten months old that he went to full-day day care and needed coloring classes, so he took out the paintbrush. In the kindergarten coloring class, the teacher gives each child a piece of paper with an outline printed on it, and the children choose their favorite color to color in the blank space. Baoduo showed great lack of confidence in this course. Often when other children were struggling to paint, he would sit and look around, and he would say, \”Teacher, I don\’t know how to paint, can you teach me?\” Many times, the teacher would hold his little hand and paint together, even if With the teacher\’s encouragement, he applied it by himself. He just applied it a few times and said it was done. He seemed to be coping. The teacher reported this situation to me. I told the teacher that he showed no confidence in painting after giving him a demonstration before. I told the teacher, how about letting him go and paint whatever he wants? If he doesn\’t want to paint, don\’t force him. During that time, he shouted angrily: \”Mom, I can\’t draw!\” After hearing this, I actually felt very guilty.I said to him calmly: \”How could it be? Every child is born to be a painter. Mom thinks you can.\” He listened in silence. In the first semester of kindergarten, he only drew one picture. He first drew a short line, saying it was a snake baby, and then drew a slightly longer line and an even longer line, saying it was the mother and father of the snake baby. I told myself, it\’s not bad, at least the lines are quite smooth. After officially entering kindergarten, many children in the class take interest classes, the most common of which are painting classes. The original intention of the parents of children in painting classes is to improve their children\’s concentration. I thought about it and decided that I couldn’t follow the trend. After all, I was the one who taught Jiabaoduo the wrong way in the first place. Although Baoduo\’s concentration is a bit weak, taking painting classes is not a good idea for a child like him who is not confident in painting and has fear. There are still coloring classes in kindergarten, but judging from the homework he got back, the coloring seems to have improved – the colors are fuller than before, and there are more colors, no longer single – I have seen some girls of the same age Children\’s works are always filled with paint, rarely outside the outline, and use a lot of colors, often in a variety of colors. At that time, I comforted myself by saying that this might be the difference between boys and girls. I don\’t understand painting, but I can\’t follow the trend, and I should ignore the differences between him and others. Yes, it\’s a difference, not a gap. I think that if there is no intellectual problem, like this kind of learning, being different from others is just a difference, and it cannot be said to be a gap. Once you use the word gap, it means you start to panic. Once you panic, you will take your children in the direction of copying other people\’s children, and what you really want to insist on is shaping your own children. I don’t know if you have heard of the story about three gardeners and trees. One year there was a drought, and the trees all rolled up their leaves. A gardener who knew how to do gardening knew that the trees had rolled their leaves because of the drought, so he hurriedly watered them. A gardener who didn\’t know how to do gardening believed that everything has the function of self-preservation, and felt that it was okay. It\’s natural, and sure enough, after the dry season, the rain came, and the leaves stretched again. But another gardener who didn\’t know how to garden felt that he couldn\’t sit idly by, so he lifted a ladder and broke the leaves one by one. After all the hard work, the dry season passed and the rain came, but his tree did not come back to life. I feel that when I don’t understand, I should be the gardener who lets nature take its course. Just a few days ago, more than two years after he first said \”I can\’t draw,\” I tried to suggest: \”Shall we draw?\” He responded immediately and said, \”Okay!\” \”What do you want to draw, Mom?\” \”It\’s up to you. What do you want to draw?\” He thought for a moment, but couldn\’t think of anything. I believe he really has no idea. \”Everything can be drawn. How about you draw raindrops?\” So he dotted countless dots on the paper. Then, out of control, he drew a ruler, dark clouds, grass, tornadoes on the sea, blue warriors\’ energy rays, little monsters…these things he drew were just lines and smears, and meaningless scribblings. The difference with the doodles is that he gave them names. I took a picture and showed it to others. No one could guess what the picture was.What? For example, that ruler, some said it was bread, some said it was a rake, and some said it was a worm. However, when I said it was a ruler, everyone said \”oh\”, that\’s right, it is indeed a ruler, even the scale. Everything is there, no problem. For me, the happiest thing is that he started to bravely pick up the paintbrush. Because of my unintentional move, he picked up the paintbrush two years late. During this period, there were all kinds of pain, self-doubt, and inner struggle. This makes me feel very guilty. Nowadays, he still has to draw from time to time. After finishing the painting, he often says: \”I want to show it to Dad.\” And after Dad sees it, he will seriously \”comment\” on it. This is affirmation and peace for him. encourage. As for interest classes, I think it’s better not to join them yet. Let him fully enjoy the process of unfettered graffiti. When he is not satisfied with the current situation and wants to draw better, he can then consider finding a professional teacher to guide him. This is my path to enlightenment in children’s painting as an ignorant person. I wonder what knowledgeable people would say about this?

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