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My son chose the prop set, I am still very happy

My son’s class rehearsed a play. I heard from the teacher that the script was written by the little guys themselves. Because he was sick and took leave during that time, he missed the initial preparation period. When we returned to class, the students were already performing enthusiastically. But there are still children who apply to join the show midway. Finally, I got a role as I wished. However, my son finally chose the prop group. That day when I heard that my son had joined the prop team, I could clearly feel the flash of disappointment on my wife’s face. I asked my son, \”I heard that there is a performance in your class this time!\” \”Yes, it\’s called Princess Adventures.\” \”Are there many little princesses in there? Are there any princes?\” \”There is no prince, but there is Superhero.\” \”What kind of hero did you become?\” \”I didn\’t perform.\” \”Why didn\’t you perform?\” \”Because I didn\’t like performing, so I went to the props team.\” The little guy was very happy when he answered me of. I remember that during the communication at home, the teacher told me: \”The little guy always likes to choose the puzzle area and tinker with his pile of blocks. He can concentrate on playing and playing! But he is not very interested in other learning areas. \”Besides the educational area, what I do most is reading. I like to listen to stories and flip through the books in the picture book corner.\” \”He is really a quiet child, but he is not very willing to try new things.\” The teacher. If so, I can understand it, because that\’s what his temperament is. I told the teacher that we should accept his choice and try to guide him to try more new things. Another point the teacher said made me particularly remember: \”Many children in the class like to express themselves, but he is a little reserved and would rather be a small audience.\” When I heard the teacher\’s words, I seemed to see my son sitting quietly. On the small stool, watch the children\’s performance on the stage. Or working on props attentively. I feel pretty good in my heart. Because when a hero passes by, someone always needs to applaud. I always think it\’s good to be the one applauding. So the day of the performance. My wife said it was really not worth taking time off to be an audience member, and my son didn’t perform on stage. I said that even if we go to the props team, we should applaud him and encourage him. He was very happy when he found out that we were both going to the show. Although he could only stand silently on the edge of the stage and applaud, he could only come out during the final curtain call. When the teacher introduced the program, he told us a detail. When the little guy was making performance props, he accidentally got a blister on his finger. But he didn\’t complain and kept on doing things. And when the teacher asked him if he would still like to make props for his classmates. He said yes without hesitation. The spirit he learned from the props team was as rewarding as performing Spider-Man on stage. I said to him that day: \”Dad, I am really happy to see you so seriously making props for your classmates. You have to work hard! When one day you are ready to be a superhero and want to perform on the stage, remember Tell the teacher.\” \”Dad, I still don\’t like performing.\” \”Okay, dad also respects your choice.\” \”Dad, will you always support me?\” \”Of course, dad will support your choice.\” In It’s an era when everyone wants to get ahead and young people crazily want to be famous. I think the child will have aA normal mind is also a good choice. So a mother said to me: \”My son doesn\’t fight for anything, which makes her head hurt. His grades in the class are always getting better and better, so enrolling him in a tutoring class is optional.\” She said that she actually didn\’t know what to do. Yes, I just saw that many parents around me have signed up their children. If you don’t repay yourself, you will be afraid of falling behind, of being sorry for your children, and of regrets in the future. Therefore, many children as young as 4 years old start attending three or four interest classes every weekend. And this contains more or less the unfinished dreams of my parents. Parents who want to control their children\’s lives may end up with their children achieving enviable \”success\” under your arrangements. Some time ago, media reported that Wang Meng (pseudonym), a top student at Peking University born in the 1980s, was once the top science student in the college entrance examination in a prefecture-level city and a graduate student at a top 50 university in the United States. However, he stopped going home for the New Year more than 10 years ago and broke up with his parents 6 years ago. . In the end, he wrote a 10,000-word long article, accusing his parents of being full of \”controlling\” love for him when he was growing up. It mentioned a trip before college. I was \”forced\” to participate in a graduation trip \”invited\” by my parents. The tour group was composed of several family members from my work unit. \”Along the way, my mother kept telling me how good I am and how she has cultivated me. It was very uncomfortable, especially her expression was frowning.\” If you want to think about it, for any parent, you have cultivated a Peking University student. My child must be very proud. Is it considered a successful education? But behind such success, parents ignore their children and blindly control them according to their own ideas. This may not be the success the child wants. It is the simple wish of every parent to cultivate their children well. But you must remember to respect your children and pay attention to their hearts. There are still too many parents who cannot accept that their children may be ordinary people in the future. So I thought about letting my children win at the starting point, and started learning Mathematical Olympiad in kindergarten, and various groups of awesome kids emerged one after another. Sometimes, I look at my ordinary son in front of me. He would sometimes play games with me. Sometimes I leaf through a book quietly alone. Sometimes I would play with a bunch of dolls in my own way. One morning he would take a pen and write and draw. Or take the initiative to ask you some simple addition and subtraction. He will cry with anger and laugh with joy. He can be mischievous and sometimes very sweet. He is just an ordinary child! From these ordinary bits of companionship, I saw the true nature of children. I also saw a lot of sparkling things. I silently told myself that what I could do was to protect him and help him become himself, rather than control or change him arbitrarily. Every life actually has its original appearance. Parents should not always think about changing their children and place their hopes on their children. Why do parent-child relationships become tense in many families? Because parents always expect their children to change, but they themselves remain motionless. Some mothers will ask, \”Should we just do nothing and let our children grow up naturally and become ordinary people?\” Of course not. Sometimes, mothers will say with a little anxiety, just stay calm and let nature take its course. I said no. Because every calmness comes from adequate preparation. At the same time, it comes from hard work and dedication.confidence. For example, I know how many picture books and stories I read with my children. I also know how many words I have learned with my son, and how many words he can count. Know what he can do with addition and subtraction. Knows what shapes he can clumsily cut out. I also know the things he particularly likes and the things he is afraid of. …Of course, the child has many, many little secrets, which I don’t understand either. He also quietly mastered a lot of \”superpowers\” in his own world, which is impressive. But isn’t this the mysterious experience that comes with growing up with your children? What I have to do is try to understand him and respect his growth pattern. And make yourself better. So when a child likes to perform, create opportunities for the child to perform. If your child doesn\’t like performing, then just be an audience member in the audience together, or silently make props in the background. I can accept it calmly and be with him. In fact, being able to be a happy and happy ordinary person is also a very good thing. Maybe one day, I will give you an unintentional surprise!

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