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Never let the elderly take care of their children! A photo made countless netizens cry

On April 27, a special salute photo moved countless netizens. In Xinxiang, Henan, armed police soldier Zhao Lianmiao joined the army for three years, but he has not been able to return home because of his work in the army. Later, I learned that my 92-year-old grandma had suffered a cerebral infarction and a heart attack and was hospitalized. I asked for leave overnight to come back to visit her. When Zhao Lianmiao solemnly saluted the old man with a military salute, the old man tremblingly stretched out his hand to return the salute. When he was sitting by the bed, the old man kept touching his face with his hand, and then said: \”I want to remember your appearance.\” When he wiped the face of his grandma lying on the bed, the old man said: \”I want to give you some more When you are a matchmaker, you have to wait for me…\” I once read a saying that the person who loves children the most in this world may not be the mother. Because there is someone who is giving his whole world to love you. They will worry about your lack of money because you are wearing ripped jeans, and then secretly give you money; they will prepare a table full of delicious food for you every time they meet because they cannot see you often; They may not say they miss you because they are worried that they won’t be able to see you even if they say so. They always hope to give us the best, because in their hearts, we are always the best. They are our grandparents, grandparents, and our protectors from childhood to adulthood. How lucky you are, I am your baby. In Wang Yuan\’s short documentary \”No Summer Like This Year\”, there is a scene about him and his grandfather. Wang Yuan said very proudly: \”My grandfather is very fashionable and he voted for me. As long as he sees me, he will vote for me.\” Grandpa said: \”I turn on my phone to check in for him every day. It has been more than 340 days now. \”I originally signed it from the year before last, but one day I forgot about it and it was broken.\” The old man is 80 years old, but as long as it is about his grandson, he will always remember it and insist on it. They may not be good at expressing themselves, but they will always support you with their best actions. Their love is the simplest, because it is written on their faces and outlined in their smiles. I am your baby, and I am so lucky to have been held in your hands for so many years. For them, we are happy when we are happy, and as long as we live well, everything is fine. They don\’t care about the ruthlessness of time, they only care about whether they can still pay for us. The future is not long. In \”Friend, Please Listen,\” a letter from a listener made everyone present cry. This is a story written by a granddaughter to her grandma in heaven. The day after grandma passed away, my father found a small bag of money wrapped in a plastic bag in grandma\’s bed board. He said that based on this amount, it should be the dowry saved for her. Grandma no longer has much income. All of this money was saved by growing the land and selling some side dishes, or by giving some from relatives during holidays. Grandma, who usually lives a very frugal life, only plays mahjong for 50 cents to win or lose. She will get angry and distressed at home when she loses more than ten yuan, but she secretly saved 8,000 yuan for her. But she didn\’t have the chance to take it with her own hands, so she could only meet him in her dream, and then wake up with tears on her face. At the end of the letter, she said: \”In fact, life comes and goes, and the days are not long. But the money you left is a powerful gift. It reminds me that there was someone who loved me very much. She has everythingAll were given to me. \”They are the brightest light in our lives, but they are willing to live silently as the shadow behind us. We always think that we are still young, but forget that they are old; we always think that there are still many opportunities, but we don\’t know how to wait. What a sad feeling. We have to look forward to quiet times and long days to come, but we must seize the present moment, don’t regard tomorrow as a fluke, and don’t let waiting turn into helplessness. Don’t be late to love. Zhang Yusheng has a song , called \”Hindsight\”. \”You give me comfort, so I won\’t be decadent; you are tolerant and compassionate, so I can fly high.\” But you retired after your success, I didn\’t have time to say thank you, you left without saying goodbye, I only realized it later. \”Many times, we are immersed in the sweetness of possession, but never thought that one day, this warmth will not be eternal. It will leave us behind and leave quietly without any message. I can\’t help but think of my grandfather. Part 1 When I was in college, my grandpa got Alzheimer\’s disease, and then he forgot a lot of things, including us. Every holiday, I would always go over to accompany him, take him for a walk, hold his hand on the road, and follow him. He said my name, and then repeated it again and again. That day he suddenly held me back and said: \”I know\”. Before that sentence, he had not recognized me for a long time. Later, he My legs gradually became worse and I couldn\’t get out of bed and walk around. When I graduated from college, I couldn\’t find a suitable job, so I took his hand and said to him: \”Grandpa, look at how hopeless your granddaughter is. I still can\’t find a job after graduating from college. \”At that time, he could no longer understand and even spoke very little. But he suddenly raised his head and looked at me and said, \”It\’s okay.\” Before my grandfather got sick, he always felt that nothing in this world was hard to beat. However, when the disease attacks him, he discovers that he is not a superman. His health will become bad. He will slowly lose his ability to eat, walk, and speak, and he will slowly forget everything. , will also forget you. Even though they love us like life, they still cannot resist the fragility of life. Time is a ruthless carving knife, leaving not only wrinkles on their faces, but also scars on their bodies. They always I will try my best to love you, even if I am unable to do so. There is a sentence in Mao Buyi\’s \”One Meat and One Vegetable\”, \”A person who is too young is always dissatisfied and stubbornly unwilling to stop traveling; looking at High in the sky, after walking a long way, I forgot to look back to see if she was crying. \”No matter how far we go, never forget to look back, look at the increasingly staggering steps, and look at the figure with tears in his eyes but unable to stop waving. The back that carried us when we were young is now too bent. Decent; the hands that held us when we were children have now turned into waving us away. Some things cannot be understood later. The person who loves us very much has gray hair and has lost the flexibility of his legs and feet; that person is very Love the person who loves us very much, he has become fragile and no longer omnipotent; the person who loves us very much, he is still waiting for you. Time never waits for people, it will not wait for people to grow old, I won\’t wait for you to come back. Don\’t wait for \”I love you\” on your lips to become \”I\’m sorry\”. No matter how busy you are, you must rememberYou have to set aside some time for them and go home often to see them.

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