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No matter how hard it is, I have to spend more time with my children in the past few years! My circle of friends was flooded with this article, and I encourage my parents to

Parents always lament that the child was born as if it was yesterday, with soft little hands and wrinkled skin. Suddenly, time flies by so fast. The child went to kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and then rushed to the ivory tower of university. Such a rush. When your child is young, your neglect and slackness towards him will be his sigh when he grows up. Take advantage of these few years and spend more time with your children while they are still young! Many parents say that today\’s society is so competitive. They are busy with work and socializing, so how can they have time to take care of their children? Besides, everything I do now is for my children. I heard a story before: a young mother drove a luxury car to send her daughter to study in a noble primary school (living in school). The mother said to the child: Although mom doesn’t have time to accompany you, she wants to make more money and send you to a better school in the future. Do you understand? The daughter said: I know. Then the daughter said to her mother: When I grow up, I will make a lot of money and send you to the best nursing home. After hearing this, my mother braked, stopped on the side of the road, and cried bitterly. this is a true story. This mother originally thought that providing her children with the best material life was the greatest love for her children. But when I heard my daughter\’s answer, I couldn\’t help but shed bitter tears. Many people may say that this child is really unfilial and wants to send his parents to a nursing home! However, according to the values ​​​​instilled in the child by this mother, the mother believes that making money to send her daughter to the best school is love, and the daughter believes that sending her mother to the best nursing home is love. Isn\’t this an expression of reciprocal love? Woolen cloth? Therefore, we cannot say that the child\’s answer is unfilial, because as a parent, this is how you raise your children. What you give your child is money, thinking that the money contains your love, but the child only sees money, not love. The child has become accustomed to living without his mother, thinking that money can buy everything. Just imagine, if your child told you that he would send you to a nursing home in the future, how would you feel? It must be uncomfortable. Because we adults know clearly that money cannot buy everything. When you send your children to teachers, nannies, or grandparents, you lose at least half of it because you pass on to others the responsibility that originally belonged to you. Earning money to support the family is the responsibility of every parent. We have to admit this reality, but at the same time, I have also seen a survey, and the results show that the most common thing 30% of parents do after returning home is to play with their mobile phones. For them, entertainment activities such as watching TV, surfing the Internet, and playing games at home are more helpful to release stress and regulate emotions. In addition, 15% of parents take their work home to complete it. It is not difficult to see that parents do not have no time to spend with their children. It depends on whether you are willing to take time to spend with your children. An education expert once said: If a gay man can give up drinking time twice a week, and a lesbian can spend time putting on makeup and removing makeup to accompany her children, then your child is half a genius. Times have changed, and education methods will naturally change. Parents think they need to make more money to buy a house, a car, and a wife for their children, but they unknowingly stay away from their children.Is it really worth it? There is a saying: If my descendants are like me, they will do nothing with their money. If they are virtuous and have more wealth, it will harm their aspirations; If you really want your child to have a future, simply don’t save money for your child. If parents are able to save 1 million for their child before he turns 18, he might as well invest the 1 million in his child from now on and leave him a zero when he turns 18. If he has the ability to survive in society and make money on his own, he will have greater development prospects in the future, right? Don\’t make excuses that you don\’t have time. As long as parents have children in their hearts, there will always be time. Accompanying children is an unshirkable responsibility that cannot be shied away by any excuse. No matter how busy you are, you must accompany them. Some time ago, something happened in my hometown, and my mother told me the story of a child from my grandmother’s house. The child was just three years old, but he was very well-behaved. The child is very cute, with big eyes and looks very smart. You don’t need anyone to feed you, just put a little soup in a bowl of white rice and you can eat half the bowl by yourself. He hid because he wet his pants because he was afraid of being beaten, but he was caught and beaten anyway. Even though he was beaten, he didn\’t cry because he didn\’t dare to cry. If he cried, he would be beaten even harder. This child was fostered with an aunt because his parents were working outside the home. The old man has three children in total, and this \”foreign\” child must be more sensible. Everyone said that the child was so well-behaved, really sensible and easy to take care of. But I feel that this child is so pitiful. Since childhood, I have been suppressed to please the people who raised me. If you grow up in such an environment for a long time, you may have psychological problems in the future. The psychologist Winnicott mentioned when talking about individual development, \”The emotional development in the first few years of a child\’s life forms the basis of individual human mental health.\” Many cases point out that most problem children often exhibit symptoms when they are young. Showing repressive cuteness. When they reach adolescence, they often develop antisocial personalities, become rebellious, and develop bad habits. Many parents don’t know what their children really need, and what is a truly good life? In fact, what children really need is just happiness. Without a true feeling of happiness, even high-ranking officials and rich people will still commit suicide due to depression. Happiness is when a family is together. A child\’s heart is like a garden. If the seeds of love are not planted when he is young, and he is not allowed to feel the love and care like sunshine and rain, darkness may gradually grow in his heart and weeds may grow overgrown. Many parents don\’t find out until their children are older, but it\’s too late. It is impossible for us to make up for our children\’s education. As long as there is a little negligence, the children\’s growth changes will be obvious. Once some problems are developed, it will take a lot of energy to correct them, or even cannot be corrected at all. I once read this passage: 10 years later, if you give your current house to your children, they will answer you: It is too old! In 20 years, if you give your current car to your children, they will tell you: Don’t be ridiculous! 30 years later, if you give the current RMB to your children, they will smile and say: It’s not worth anything anymore! However, if you can give your children a good and scientific family education when they are growing up, 30 years later the children will say: \”Mom, Dad, you are so wise.Thank you from the bottom of my heart! \”As time goes by, materials and money will change. But the inheritance of character, the inheritance of family culture, the accumulation of knowledge, moral quality and the influence of family education can continue from generation to generation. Therefore, Dad The most important and best gift a mother can give her children should be high-quality companionship and good family education!

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