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No matter how many children you have, take care of the oldest one first

Many parenting books say that for families with many children, parents should regularly take time out to spend time alone with each child. If possible, there should also be quality time for the mother to be alone and for the couple to date alone. Xiaopai usually has to go to school, and I made an appointment with her that every Saturday is the time for her mother to be alone with her. Xiaopai said that Saturday is our \”Mom\’s Photo Day\”. But after it has been settled for so long, we have not been able to implement it very well. The third child is still breastfeeding, and from time to time, I have to go and feed her. After all, she is a biological mother. She can\’t just leave her behind after feeding, and she has to tease her for a while. The little baby is always so lovable. Half an hour and an hour passed with a hug and a kiss. Sometimes Xiaopai came over and saw that I was busy with my hands, and then quietly went back to the room alone. Ning Ning, who is more than 2 years old, is even more like this. She can\’t get rid of her even if she wants to. As soon as I find my shoes at the door, I start looking for my mother all over the house, search her out, and then stick to my mother or pester my mother to play in various ways. I had to spend time with my sister on the promised \”mom-shooting day\”. It was not easy to get rid of the two little guys. Sometimes, Xiaopai and I would hide in her room, but before we started playing for a while, the door was banged loudly by Ningning, accompanied by her sad cry of \”Mom, Mom~\”, what should I do? No mother can bear her baby crying like this. There was nothing I could do. As soon as the door opened and I picked up Ning Ning, who was crying into tears, I didn’t dare to look back, for fear that I would be penetrated by Xiaopai’s disappointed eyes. Every Saturday, I wanted to split myself into three pieces, and every child wanted to accompany me, but in the end, I ended up looking like Zhu Bajie looking in the mirror – no one inside or outside. According to this situation, there is nothing we can do if we stay at home. We have to go out to enjoy this \”mom photo day\”. I accidentally saw in the circle of friends that teachers Lin Youzhu and Zhu Daoxing from Taiwan came to Guangzhou to hold parent-child art workshops on painting and calligraphy. They looked pretty good. Xiaoli is over 30 this year and has never picked up a paintbrush. I would like to take this opportunity to let me, an old lady, get a taste of art. It is said that painting wet watercolors has a certain psychological healing effect not only on children, but also on adults. When I asked Xiaopai for her opinion, her eyes immediately lit up. If I wanted to, I would sign up with my mother. It seems that for Xiaopai, the important thing is not what she studies, but sitting in the classroom with her mother as classmates. Not to mention how happy she is. Xiaopai and I discussed that we would not come back at noon. The workshop provided lunch and we could take a break in the classroom. We took our lunch boxes and sleeping bags with us and went home after the class ended at 4:30 p.m. Xiaopai pulled me over and leaned on my arm, \”Mom, I\’m looking forward to it so much.\” I joked: \”What are you most looking forward to, the teacher\’s Taiwanese accent?\” \”No, I am most looking forward to us taking a nap together in the classroom at noon.\” She raised her head and smiled slyly. Ah, well, children really think differently from us adults. The two of us started to prepare things separately, including notebooks, paintbrushes, lunch boxes, and I also had to bring a breast pump and ice pack. As we were packing, Xiao Pai ran over and whispered in my ear and asked, Mom, can I bring my iPad? ? Hey, this thing has been missing for a long time, why did she find it again? I asked her casually, where did you find it. \”Dad was riding a spinning bike yesterday.I was reading it all the time, and then I paid attention to where he put it after reading it. \”She was a little proud. \”It\’s best not to bring this to class. It\’s disrespectful to the teacher. \”I started to preach. \”I won\’t watch it during class. I think if I can\’t sleep at noon and have no place to play, I will watch it. \”She began to insist. I couldn\’t think of a good reason to refute, so I had to acquiesce, but my heart skipped a beat. The next morning, I carried my bags with Xiaopai and went to class hand in hand. Sitting in the classroom, listening to the teacher\’s gentleness With a Taiwanese accent, my heart flows freely with the colors in my painting. As we painted, we reminded each other whether the sky in the distance would be more beautiful if it were lighter in color. On the green grass, when the light comes, the colors will be more beautiful. Bright. The morning passed quickly. After lunch, everyone who took lunch break went to the classroom next to them, spread out sleeping bags or mats and lay down. Just as I was in a trance, I suddenly heard the sound of animation coming from the side, and Xiao Pai was In the sleeping bag, I turned on my iPad and was watching cartoons. I touched her across the sleeping bag. She whispered, \”Go to bed soon.\” Although her voice was very low, she was thinking about letting her go to bed early. I didn\’t fall asleep either. After a while, I couldn\’t help but touch her again and whispered, \”Don\’t look at it.\” She hadn\’t stopped yet, and I couldn\’t get into an attack. As long as I closed my eyes, in a daze, there was finally nothing there. She made a sound, but not long after, it was time for class. After getting up, I was suffocating. Her sleeping bag could not be folded and put into the storage bag, and I did not take the initiative to help her. In the afternoon class, I also She kept a dark face, and she was too embarrassed to act coquettishly with me. The two of us stopped being awkward. The warm and friendly atmosphere in the morning flew away. After school, we walked side by side on the way home. My mood slowly calmed down and I took the initiative to reflect. Break the deadlock. \”I\’m sorry, mom has been in a mood this afternoon and has a bad attitude towards you. Please forgive me. During lunch break, I felt very uncomfortable when I heard you watching cartoons.\” \”I know. \”She responded softly. \”I thought about why I was unhappy. One was because you were watching cartoons when it was time to go to bed. I was worried that you would disturb other parents and children.\” \”I turned the volume down very low. \”, she bit her lip, a little aggrieved. \”Yes, but I feel a little disturbed when I lie next to you. I\’m worried that if I don\’t have a good rest at noon, my mother\’s migraine will be in trouble.\” She lowered her head and said nothing. \” Another point is, there are so many parents and children, and other children are not looking at electronic products. You are the only one looking at an IPAD. I feel a bit embarrassed.\” \”No, your face is right on your face, how can you be embarrassed? Woolen cloth? \”She pointed at my face with a smile. \”Pfft~\” Being teased like this by her, I couldn\’t help but laugh. When did this little guy become so humorous? I don\’t know when, our hands looked like this again. They got together as usual in the morning. \”My mother basically supports you doing other things, but I think it\’s best to leave the IPAD to my mother.\” You know my mother’s colleague, Sister Wei? She has a daughter. \”Well, I\’ve met that sister.\” \”My sister is 13 years old this year and is in the second grade of junior high school. She also likes to play with IPAD, but she has a lot of homework. Sometimes playing delays her homework. She is also veryIf she is anxious, she will blame her mother for why she gave her the iPad to play with in the first place.\” \”Yes, I was just like her during the winter vacation. I was playing with the iPad while worrying about not finishing my homework. It was really uncomfortable.\” \”Yes. \”This is not your children\’s problem. We adults also forget to work while playing with our mobile phones. We feel guilty while playing. If we miss work, we swear not to play tomorrow, but it will be the same tomorrow.\” Maybe I said this to make her understand, Her expression began to relax. \”Otherwise, let\’s give the IPAD to my mother and put it away first. \”Okay.\” She agreed so simply, which surprised me. Thinking back to the past, my father and I had bargained over the price several times because of restrictions on electronic products, which made it very unpleasant. On the contrary, this time, maybe it was me who was worried about the price. Nothing happened as expected. I just apologized to her for the lunch break and then sincerely shared my colleague’s experience. She was not pressured or blamed, so she was willing to accept my suggestion. She really agreed with that sentence, and she is willing to make flowers. Don’t open it, it’s unintentional. Well, where should we go to play on the next “Mom Photography Day”? Besides reading and going to the park, what else can I do with my 9-year-old baby? Guys, give me some ideas as a nerdy mother. Bar.

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