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No matter how ordinary a father is, he can still give his children these gifts that mothers cannot give.

A few days ago, I heard some children arguing at the playground in the community. It turns out that they are competing to see whose father is better. One child said, \”My dad is a policeman and can catch all the bad guys!\” \”My dad is a big boss and can buy me what I want!\” \”My dad is a worker and can make TV sets!\” \”My father is a driver and can drive very big trucks\”… In the eyes of children, their father is always the most powerful. If you ask them to talk about the father in their hearts. He always appears as a hero. Just like Fairy Zixia in Journey to the West said that my husband is an unparalleled hero. Because in the growth of children, father is an indispensable role. Being a father does not require you to have power, wealth or social status. And as long as you are a father with your heart, you will be a superhero in your children\’s hearts. Even if it is ordinary, it can still be a gift that a child will enjoy for a lifetime. A father\’s sincere love is what a child longs for most. Because the mother gave birth and brought up the child, the child is naturally close to the mother. But dad is different. It begins the day a father learns his wife is pregnant. Until I actually touch the child\’s little hand. The feeling is indirect, and the information can only be obtained from the wife\’s growing belly and the wife\’s words. But mother and child have long been connected and have become one by blood. However, as the children grow up slowly. They will long for their father\’s caress. Because father\’s love will give children a special sense of security. Dad’s strong arms and special smell. It will make children feel amazing. And children need a warm family environment to grow up. This environment will give children a stable sense of security. Dad’s love for mom and sharing the parenting pressure for mom. It will bring happiness to the mother and a warm and happy feeling to the family. Therefore, loving your children and loving your wife are the gifts that children need most. Makes a great fun toy for kids. Once the teacher asked Xiao Xiaoyu, what is your father\’s most powerful thing? The answer is \”fight\”. Gosh! Could a frail scholar be a hidden martial arts master? the teachers said to me. All right! I admit that I often joust with my little ones at home. And there are many moves. Some are from Transformers and some are from Jin Yong’s martial arts novels. There are also many unique skills that I created myself. I have been fighting since I was 3 years old until my baby is about to be 6 years old. There are also countless changes in the moves. What remains unchanged is the happy time between us. I often say that there are certain things that only dad is suitable to do. For example, boys’ favorite game of “fighting”. Why do boys like fighting games? It is by no means naughty, but a need for psychological development. Most boys use this game to \”vent their hatred and aggression.\” In fact, aggression is like a person\’s strength. Can be consumed. Children are eager for such an opportunity to vent. You can\’t suppress them, because children\’s aggression is natural and exists objectively. And parents should work hard to give them such conditions. For example, an opportunity for \”I can vent my hatred and aggression\” but without retaliation or punishment. Only parents can give this. Don\’t think that this will make your children lawless and bully children outside. \”fighting game\”Give the child an opportunity and environment to vent. At the same time, it also helps the child to construct rules, allowing the child to express aggression through games according to certain rules, instead of going out to attack people lawlessly. For example, some rules for aggression, even if When fighting, there are certain places where you shouldn’t fight. When you can fight and when you can’t fight. You can talk to your children about all of this. For example, the little fish who loves to fight with me will never bully children outside. But some people look for trouble. He can also defend himself reasonably and fight back. There is also the role of Big Toy, which is more suitable for a strong father. Our family also has a bedtime project: Wu Song fights the tiger. I play the role of the tiger lying on the bed, and the little fish Lie on my back and pretend to be Wu Song, and hold me tightly. The way of the game is that the tiger tries to throw Wu Song off, and Wu Song has to ensure that he does not fall off. This can exercise the muscle strength of the child\’s whole body, and I can feel his tightness. It holds my strength tightly. But the most important thing is that we all enjoy this game very much. Sometimes I think about the limited life of this big toy. I will be exhausted when I get older. And the children will not be so \”rare\” when they are older. \”You. So, dads, hurry up and make this big toy. Give your children a unique memory of growing up. For example, before Father\’s Day is coming, my son\’s class organized the children to make a book for their dad. Format It\’s like a picture book, talking about my father in the eyes of children. My son\’s favorite thing to do with his father is to watch movies together. Speaking of watching movies, it should be a unique growing memory for both of us. Because I I like cartoons, especially Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons. Our family has fixed movie time on weekends. On Friday or Saturday nights, I will prepare a movie for the little one in advance. Then we turn it off together Turn on the light, turn on the projection and watch it on the wall of your home. Or watch it together on the TV. There can be various forms. The key is that when the atmosphere is reached, the child will be very satisfied. What is more important is that the child likes to watch it together. When we see sad places, our little bodies will lean over unconsciously. When we see scary places, even if we think it doesn’t matter at all, the little ones will still get into your arms or hide behind you. And Encountering wonderful plots or unforgettable lines. After watching the movie, it will become a hot topic in the family for a period of time, or become a mantra. It will become part of the family culture. This kind of companionship may be what children like best. You are by my side, we Let’s open a door together, and then start a story that belongs to us. These times of companionship will become unique memories of growth. Give children a sense of direction. Almost all children will look for it as they grow up. A role model. For example, what should I do when I grow up? Who should I be like? For many little boys, their role model is often their father. They look for their own position from their father. They imitate their father\’s appearance in order to Become a man like his father. For example, a friend who is a kindergarten teacher once said that there was a boy in his class. The teacher asked him to clean up the dishes. He would refuse every time. If you asked him why, he would not tell. One timeAt the parent-teacher meeting, the teacher told the child’s mother about this matter. The mother said: \”Maybe he is following his father. His father does not collect tableware at home and says that the kitchen belongs to women and men should not enter. We had a quarrel about this matter.\” Later, the teacher asked the little boy whether his father also Love doing this! The child nodded. After finding the reason. One time, the school held a food event and specially invited the child\’s father to help. When he knew that his behavior had such a great impact on his children, his father also felt that he had to correct it. Just take the initiative to help the children wash the dishes at school. He also told his son: \”Actually, we can do this work faster than girls because we are stronger!\” Later, the child never refused to clear away the dishes. The father\’s behavior, words and thoughts affect the boy every moment. So, in a sense, the father is the direction of the boy.

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