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No matter how successful your career is, it cannot make up for the failure of educating your children! No matter how busy you are, you still have to take a look

Some time ago, a mother asked Youma about a problem: her child is not interested in studying and plays games after school. Recently, he has started skipping school and absenteeism. The teacher talked to me several times, and his father and I were worried to death. In the end, What should I do? Youma asked her: When did the child become obsessed with games? \”It started in kindergarten. His father and I didn\’t pay much attention to it at the time. Plus, we were both busy. When the child plays games, he won\’t run around, which will save a lot of trouble. Who knows now… the child is now in 4 Grade 1, from kindergarten to now, how many years have passed, and I have to wait until the child\’s bad habits develop to the point where they are out of control before I think of solving them. Education cannot wait. Many parents will make this mistake. The children\’s bad habits have just emerged. At that time, we didn’t pay enough attention to it. Only when the situation became serious did we begin to realize the seriousness of the problem. At this time, it will be difficult to change it! Many people always say that we are busy, but our children’s education cannot wait for us. To make up for it, as long as you ignore it a little, the growth changes of your child will be obvious. Once some problems are developed, it will take a lot of energy to correct, or even cannot be corrected at all. Therefore, no matter how much money you earn, how smooth your career development is, if your child If you don’t get a proper education, you will regret it when you get old. Although we don’t need to focus on our children, we must not sacrifice our children with busy careers. You have to be responsible when you give birth to him! Li Ka-shing once said this: A person No matter how successful you are in your career, it cannot make up for the failure to educate your children! To put it bluntly, no matter how much money parents make, why are they doing it? It’s not for their own children, and if they can’t manage their own children well, no matter how much money they make, What is the use of money? Parents are the first teachers of their children. They are the first people their children see when they are born into this world. They are also the people who pay the most attention to their children and are also the most important ones for their children. A long-lasting teacher. In a person\’s education, parents\’ education and family education are the key to success and play a decisive role in a person. Lead by example and become a role model for children. In the process of educating children, imitating their parents is the biggest characteristic of children. , if parents have poor language, behavior, and habits, it will be difficult to ensure that their children can achieve excellence in these aspects. Parents should understand that education is not about literacy, reading, counting, etc. Education also includes children\’s behavior, Perception, cognition and other aspects. Therefore, parents should become a good role model in all aspects of daily life and educate their children through a subtle influence. For example, if parents love each other and have a harmonious relationship, and their tempers are good in all aspects, then the child will be better in the future. They will also be approachable on the road. Take the responsibility of educating their children. In real life, many young parents either leave their children to the elderly or put their children in custody, pushing their children\’s education to kindergartens, schools, etc., while taking a laissez-faire approach. Attitude, thinking that \”the child is still young, everything will be fine when he grows up\” is irresponsible. Since you have brought your child into the world, you have the responsibility and obligation to cultivate him into a useful person to society. , parents should understand this. Emphasis on emotional education should be paid attention to.They are actually flesh and blood, and the emotional characteristics of children are more obvious. In the process of educating knowledge, skills, thinking ability, etc., parents must not forget the education of emotions. For example, communicating with children, understanding their emotional needs, strengthening parent-child relationships, and treating emotional education as an indispensable part of the entire education. Cultivating children\’s personal good habits It is very important to cultivate children\’s good habits. A good habit can last a lifetime. Because children are young and don’t know what is good or bad, parents must guide their children. As someone said, a child\’s heart is a strange land. If you sow the seeds of thoughts, you will reap the rewards of behavior; if you sow the seeds of behavior, you will reap the rewards of habits; if you sow the seeds of habits, you will reap the rewards of moral character. ; Sow the seeds of morality and you will reap the harvest of destiny! It can be said that the fate of a child\’s life is in the hands of his parents. If parents strictly demand themselves, set an example for their children, work hard to cultivate their children\’s character, and actively create conditions for their bright future, they will also make themselves a great person. Parents are their children\’s first teachers. If parents leave their children alone, once their children develop bad habits, the school will have to spend a lot of time and energy to \’re-educate\’ them. This will be a huge loss to the child, family and school. . Therefore, family education is not only basic education, but also leading education. It has a deep-rooted impact on children that can never be replaced by any school or social education. Giving children food will only make them adults, giving them concepts will make them great people! Educating children cannot wait. Parents must not use busy work as an excuse to neglect their children\’s education. When you get old, you will realize that all the glory and wealth are fleeting. An ineffective child is enough to make your later life miserable, but a successful and filial child is enough to make you proud and worry-free. Children are the biggest career of parents in this life!

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