• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

No matter what the reason, extending a butcher\’s knife to a child is unforgivable

It’s the May Day holiday again, spring is in full bloom, highways are free, and many families have arranged trips. But there are 9 lovely children, but they can no longer enjoy the beautiful spring and feel the warmth of family. Just two days before the long holiday, at about 18:10 on April 27, an injury case occurred in the lane outside the gate of No. 3 Middle School in Mizhi County. A man committed an attack with a dagger, resulting in 19 students being injured and 9 of them dead. . Most of the injured students are girls. According to the suspect\’s confession during the preliminary examination, the reason why he went to kill people was because he was bullied by his classmates when he was a student at Mizhi No. 3 Middle School, and he hated the students, so he killed people with a dagger. This is simply bastard logic! Even if you are a gentleman and it is not too late to take revenge after ten years, the target of the attack is still the person who bullied you back then, not your innocent juniors and juniors. Even if you have been bullied by classmates, it does not become a reason to commit murder today. No matter what the reason, extending the butcher\’s knife to innocent students is unforgivable. People have a variety of choices when it comes to bullying. When Yang Zhi faced the rogue Niu Er, he couldn\’t bear it and killed him with a knife. Although it was not tolerated by the rule of law, at least someone would say it was excusable. Han Xin faced the butcher boy who let him get into his crotch, and endured a moment of humiliation to achieve great things in life. After Han Xin became famous, he did not take revenge. Instead, he found the person who insulted him and gave him a minor official. He said openly, \”When someone insults me, I would rather not kill him? Kill him without any name, so Just bear with it.\” Han Xin used success to win dignity for himself, and an ordinary bullying incident actually became a legend for him throughout the ages. Some netizens left a message on the official WeChat account of Mizhi Police, saying that he was choked and blackmailed by a group of gangsters when he was a child, and that all his belongings were robbed, and he also held a grudge in his heart. But he is about to become a people\’s policeman and will use his fists to defend the dignity of the law, defend social stability, and defend the innocent youth of children. Obviously, in the face of bullying, making yourself stronger and successful is the best \”revenge\” on the bully. It must be mentioned that in the growth process of criminal suspects, there is a lack of necessary dignity education and life education. He later dropped out of school and was admitted to a technical school. After graduation, he worked in a restaurant. Later, he returned to the village to work at home, but his life was not satisfactory. Perhaps it was the bullying he suffered back then that planted the seeds of hatred in his heart. When his life was unsatisfactory, it took root and attributed all his misfortunes to the bullying he suffered back then, and then developed psychopathic thoughts. Revenge on society. Thus, he destroyed others and himself. Our families and schools should not only teach children knowledge, but also teach them to love, love themselves, love others, love life, love life, and teach them to correctly understand and treat the unfairness in life. There is nothing more evil than killing innocent people indiscriminately. Even if we cannot turn the bullying we suffer into motivation for struggle, we cannot vent our hatred on innocent people, because we should have the most basic kindness in human nature. Even if you have suffered great grievances, you will not do evil, let alone hurt innocent people. This is the bottom line of being a human being. Obviously, the suspectI don\’t understand these principles. After the tragedy, some people began to teach children to improve their self-protection and self-rescue abilities and learn how to effectively escape and avoid danger, so as to minimize the harm to themselves caused by sudden violent incidents. This is certainly useful, but probably not very useful. I remember that after the campus injury case a few years ago, every school was equipped with police steel forks, but it turned out that in the face of intentional injuries, it was too late to use them. In the flood of people after school, no matter what evasion skills you have, someone will be the target of harm. The best way for those 19 children not to be harmed is actually that after the criminal suspect was bullied, he resolved the hostility in his chest through education, and did not plant the seeds of hatred in his heart, and did not form a wrong outlook on life. Really, if he could turn humiliation into the motivation to study, and now he is studying in college, or even become a member of a prestigious school, becoming the object of admiration of those bullies, or like that netizen, determined to become a police officer or a volunteer, To help those who are weak from being bullied, things may be different. Time will dilute everything sooner or later. Like many school injury cases in the past, we will gradually forget after getting angry. But our thinking should really continue. How to protect the safety of children and how to educate every child is an eternal issue before schools, families, and society. I am so sad and angry that I wrote the above incoherent words. May the murderer get the punishment he deserves, may the deceased rest in peace, and may tragedies never happen again!

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