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No one told you what to do if your child is rude?

Last weekend, I attended a junior high school classmate\’s wedding. The scene was very touching and the guests were very happy. The only flaw was the class monitor\’s child, who was naughty and mischievous throughout the whole process, scattering melon seeds all over the floor and spinning the turntable on the table. Everyone looked embarrassed, but no one stood up and spoke. I was about to take action to treat this naughty kid, but I was stopped by a friend next to me. He winked at me and signaled me to stop talking. Later, after the banquet was over, we talked about this kid, and he told me that the naughty kid had long been famous among his classmates. But because of the relationship between my parents, everyone couldn\’t shame it, and no one stood up to say anything. But another thing my classmates mentioned made me think deeply. Last year, when the naughty child reached the age of going to elementary school, the monitor found out anxiously that the school assigned to him was too poor and he couldn\’t get into the good school. He wanted to quickly find a teacher to give the child tutoring, and he was willing to pay any amount of money. There are many people in the education system among our classmates, and finding a teacher for tutoring is not a problem at all. But in the end, after searching for several months, we couldn\’t find a teacher. Everyone promised to help, but in the end no one helped. In the end, there was no other way, and the child went to a bad school. I guess the monitor will never know how much the children have suffered. No one will tell you that your child is rude. But your child will fall into many pitfalls because of being rude. Why are our children generally \”rude\”? A few days ago, a colleague went to a colleague\’s house to play. Seeing that his five-year-old baby was very cute, he walked over and said hello with a smile on his face. Unexpectedly, it was a child in exchange. He punched and kicked him, and while beating him, he muttered: \”I am Ultraman!\” The colleague suddenly had black lines on his face. Although he was very angry, he thought that he could not see the child like a child, so he still held it back. I fully expected that the child’s mother would criticize and educate the child, or at least make the child apologize. However, there was nothing. My mother just pretended that nothing happened, quickly changed the subject, and chatted with her about the company\’s gossip. Why are our children so rude? If parents turn a blind eye, their children will never learn to be polite. There was a time when I was teaching in a primary school. There was a little girl in my class who lived near the school. Every time I met her, she would not take the initiative to say hello. I thought she was introverted, so I took the initiative to talk to her and took care of her study. Until one time I met their family downstairs. My mother asked me about her daughter’s grades, and my father smiled and nodded to me. The little girl ignored me the whole time and was chatting with her father on one side as if no one else was watching. Her mother never reminded her to say \”Hello, teacher\”, but her father found a good excuse: \”This child doesn\’t usually like to talk.\” It is a mirror of a family. Behind the rude children stands a family without tutors. When parents say: Not all children are like this, you can’t blame them. The child is still so young and not sensible yet. Don\’t get along with children. When children do anything, they will have a self-construction: I am still young, so it is okay not to be polite. Even if I\’m wrong, it doesn\’t matter. My mother said it, adults don\’t have the same understanding as us children. Being a parent requires a little self-reflection, because others won’t tell you,Your child is rude. Your repeated indulgence will eventually become a big pitfall for your child. Children will grow up one day, and when society comes to educate them, they will not be so comfortable. Others won\’t tell you that your child is rude, but that doesn\’t mean that being rude will not have negative consequences. A few days ago, a neighbor\’s 7-year-old son Xiaoxiao went to the property management of the community to borrow a hammer. He pushed open the door and walked straight in. He shouted to the property manager: \”Hey! Where is the hammer?\” The grandfather looked down at the newspaper and ignored him. he. Xiaoxiao shouted again: \”My father asked me to get the hammer.\” The old man still ignored him. The child turned around and went out, shouting as he ran, \”Dad, the property manager is deaf.\” It was a small matter that he couldn\’t borrow anything, but the big thing was that the child himself was not doing well. I have seen several children playing in the community. When they saw Xiaoxiao winking at each other, they all left. Xiaoxiao looked at the back of his friend lonely, I guess he was wondering why no one was playing with me. The world of children is simpler than adults, but also crueler than adults. There is no pretense at all. If you don\’t like it, you will not be ignored at all. Children who are ill-mannered will have no playmates when they were young, no partners when they grow up, or even worse, they may not even have a partner at all. The child is not polite, but actually has no grateful heart. Before, I went to my aunt\’s house as a guest. My aunt was busy cooking a table full of dishes. Out of politeness, I went to the kitchen to help, but the two of us were still too busy, so the aunt just Ask her 15-year-old son Yangyang to help choose the dishes. Unexpectedly, this son with a handsome appearance and excellent studies would return without raising his head while playing Douyin: \”Don\’t you know how to choose? I don\’t want to choose.\” The aunt smiled bitterly and said nothing. I couldn\’t help but blame Yangyang: \”Why are you talking to your mother like that? Didn\’t your mother just get off work and be busy? You are too rude.\” Yangyang did not answer my words. I asked my aunt why she didn\’t criticize Yangyang, and she said, \”It\’s okay, kid, just forget it if you don\’t want to do it.\” I felt very helpless. Are the children unwilling to do this little housework? They have long taken everything their mother has done for granted. That\’s right. There is no trace of gratitude. This kind of mentality is as small as unflattering as it is big. One day, you will pay the price for your frivolity. Recently, an article appeared on the circle of friends \”Parents give everything, but they cannot raise grateful children\”. My mother\’s heart trembled when I read it. It listed many parents who have devoted themselves to their children since childhood, but failed to have children. A trace of gratitude and filial piety, and some are even examples of white-eyed wolves. For example, not long ago, a 24-year-old male college student repeated a grade twice due to psychological problems. His mother was worried about him and came all the way to study with him. Unexpectedly, on November 22, the boy had a conflict with his mother who came to pick him up and stabbed her to death with a knife. What is even more sad is that the mother did not ask for help. Maybe she was still thinking about protecting her children before she died. Chinese parents never know what rejection means in front of their children. They give everything they have just to make their children\’s lives easier and happier. But your indulgence of your child and your tolerance of his rude behavior are actually a sharp sword that hurts your child and yourself. Be a \”nosy\” personParents once read a story. A German was walking by the river and saw a 7 or 8-year-old child fishing with two fishing rods in front of him. The German walked over seriously and asked why he was fishing with two fishing rods, whether he had a fishing license and whether he had a ruler. The child nodded quickly. This kind of thing is almost impossible to happen in China. We never cared about other people\’s children for fear of getting into trouble. However, in foreign countries, children can be taught how to do the right things anytime and anywhere. This is actually a very good thing for children. There are two little boys in the community who are looked after by their grandmothers. Their parents are busy making a living and have little time to spend with their children. Although the two brothers are very handsome, they are very disliked. When they see children, they will spread their arms across the middle of the road to prevent them from crossing. Neighbors will avoid them when they see them, and children of the same age will never play with them. One time, two children were so bored that they scratched their neighbor\’s car beyond recognition. The neighbor was very angry, but said nothing for the sake of face. He felt that it was not easy for the parents of two children to run a small business, so he did not claim compensation. Everyone silently hated the two brothers, but no one spoke up to educate them. Later, the two brothers bullied a newly moved little boy, and the little boy\’s father took him to the corner and made him stand for a long time until they promised not to bully other children again. Afterwards, everyone found out that the father was a criminal police officer. He also specifically communicated with the parents of the two children, asking them to pay more attention to their children, and persuaded the neighbors to provide auxiliary discipline to the children. If you turn a blind eye to them today, they may be in trouble tomorrow. go astray. I suddenly felt very warm. If one day I am busy with my career and neglect to discipline my children, I will be very grateful to the person who can reach out to discipline my children. Clearly seeing a child\’s mistakes but remaining indifferent is tantamount to acquiescing to their behavior. Our indifference to other people\’s children is what pushes them to go astray. Our behavior of being indifferent to other children\’s problems is actually the same as the rudeness of the child we hate. This is irresponsible in the adult world. Being more patient and enthusiastic about other people\’s children will yield different rewards. Money can only determine a person\’s present, education can determine his future.

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