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\”Ode to Joy\” The impact of mothers\’ thinking patterns on their children

Watching the 45th episode of the second season of Ode to Joy, life is full of possibilities, and many exciting scenes are inseparable from the vivid presence of important mothers. Because there is no ending yet, I can only talk about the behavior patterns of the mothers based on the temporary plot. The five beauties in Ode to Joy correspond to the five men, involving ten mothers. Excluding the special situation of Andy\’s mother and the basic blank of Xie Tong\’s mother, involving 8 mothers, the best index is 5 points as the full score. 1. Guan Guan’s mother 3 points Guan Guan’s mother appeared relatively early in the first season. She is a generous and elegant middle-class person who cares about Guan Guan in everything from food, clothing, housing and transportation to life-long events. Guan Guan had no choice but to fight with wits and courage in various ways. Fortunately, after Guan Guan said that he \”must find someone he likes,\” Guan\’s mother expressed respect. Judging from later spoilers, Guan’s mother may object to Guan Guan and Xie Tong being together. Judging from the early performance alone, Guan’s mother is generally a person who adheres to principles but does not lose understanding. 2. Bao Yifan’s mother 4.5 subcontracts Juanzi, who plays the mother, was not satisfied with her role as the concubine in Princess Fairy the Princess, and she became a full-fledged queen mother in Ode to Joy. From Bao\’s enterprise to her son\’s life events, she showed her strong desire to control everything. At the same time, she is scheming, snobbish, not as sensitive to details as Sherlock Holmes, and her handling skills are not inferior to those of the harem Zhen Huan. In fact, in her position, many of her actions are reasonable to a certain extent. He is just used to being domineering, ignoring the basic boundaries between people, being disrespectful, and not listening to advice, and the men around him are miserable. In the end, she was plotted against by her husband and complained by her son. I don’t know if that’s pitiful or not. 3. Qiu Yingying’s mother 3 points: Qiu’s mother has a low sense of presence in the play, she is a lower-class housewife. When she returned home on May Day, Qiu Yingying wanted to sell coffee, but Qiu\’s father firmly opposed it. Judging from Qiu\’s mother\’s support for Qiu\’s father, Qiu\’s mother may be in a dependent role at home. In addition to other plots, it can be seen that Qiu\’s mother is neither fierce nor independent. No matter whether Qiu Yingying\’s sentimentality is silly or not, it can be seen that her parents attach great importance to her moral education. Judging from the class he belongs to, he is not philistine and gentle, which can be regarded as a blessing for his children. But if you are too characterless, your children will lack independent opinions. 4. Ying Qin’s mother 4.5 points are similar to Bao’s mother. Ying’s mother is the queen mother in a small family. She takes it for granted when she doesn’t know the whole story. She tries to use Qiu Yingying to help when she hates Qiu Yingying in her heart. In public places , unabashedly using vicious language to personally insult women. She thought that she could understand the world just by teaching primary school students. She always claimed to be moral, but she had no moral character at all. He likes to be a teacher, deceives the good and fears the evil. Therefore, the son who was raised is pedantic and has no independent opinions. When he meets a top-notch woman, he will be stuck in two different situations. I heard that Xiaoqiu and Ying Qin got back together in the end, and no matter how happy the ending was, I\’m afraid reality would despise them. 5. Fan Shengmei’s mother: 5 points is reserved for Fan’s mother. In the first season, I just thought that Fan’s mother had no brains and only believed in favoring sons over daughters. When Fan Shengmei came home on May Day, she learned that her mother had given money to her sister-in-law\’s family. Later, her in-laws knocked on the door and asked for money. From Fan\’s mother\’s reaction, she learned that this was simply a plan for her own safety regardless of her daughter\’s safety. Support my son to put his wife in WangbaiIn the Chuan family, the disregard for their daughter\’s happiness can be seen. And saving her wife\’s life just for her retirement salary only shows her ruthlessness. Both her wife and daughter are tools for her and her son, and they deserve her son\’s incompetence. I hope this kind of mother only exists in TV dramas. 6. Wang Baichuan’s mother 4 points. Mother Wang is between Mother Guan and Mother Ying. She is as rude as Mother Ying and has no basic respect for Fan Shengmei. Regarding her mother’s understanding, although she clearly opposes her son’s feelings, she still faces She can also show a hint of care in her son\’s persistence. 7. Qu Xiaoxiao’s mother 2 points Qu’s mother is a character that is not common in reality. She has feelings for her husband but also has defensiveness, she has motherly love for her daughter but also uses her, she has tolerance for her stepson but also has methods, she has complaints against her mother-in-law but also has ways to win over her. Putting aside the spoiler of Qu Jia\’s bankruptcy, Qu\’s mother is a person with extremely high emotional intelligence. She makes good use of resources, balances gains and losses, manages emotions, and grasps the key points. Qu Xiaoxiao seems to have inherited her father\’s shrewdness, but in fact her mother may have had a greater influence on her. Similar to Xue Baochai in Grand View Garden, I just don\’t know if she will be very tired. However, in her position, I am afraid that others may not be able to do better. A daughter who lives an understanding life has a mother who lives an understanding life. 8. Zhao Qiping’s mother 1 point Zhao’s mother is a university professor and has very few scenes. She is very shrewd and can see through young people\’s tricks; she is very sensitive and captures her son\’s emotional changes well, and quickly discovers the details of Qu Xiaoxiao\’s phone tapping; she is very elegant, overcoming her son\’s doubts and expressing her attitude, but Howe doesn\’t interfere. Compared with Qu\’s mother, her living environment is more pure, so she may be smart and simple. Therefore, her son has a noble spirit. Faced with the gap between him and Qu Xiaoxiao, he is neither humble nor arrogant, knows how to respect his partner, and loves her for who she is. look. (I really like what Zhao Qiping said!) In summary, if the eight mothers are divided into three levels, they can be classified as follows: Level 1: Mama Fan (5) Mama Bao (4.5) Mama Ying (4.5) Level 2 : Mama Wang (4) Mama Guan (3) Mama Qiu (3) Level 3: Mama Qu (2) Mama Zhao (1) (I put Mama Qiu in the second level because I don’t want to put her in the third level. ) In terms of thinking patterns, except for Mother Qiu’s regular behavior, mothers all show different self-awareness, and instill self-awareness into the control of their children and family members to varying degrees. For example, Bao\’s mother\’s positioning of her daughter-in-law is \”must be beneficial to the group.\” Therefore, when she agrees with Andy, she tells Bao Yifan that \”you must marry her\”, and the opposite is true when she disagrees. It is embodied in this framework: Level 1: \”Self-concept\” + \”You must…\” Level 2: \”Self-concept\” + \”You are the best…\” Level 3: \”Self-concept\” + \”I Respect…\” It should be noted that the mother\’s control over her children is not only reflected in the queen mother\’s commanding strength of Ying Mama and Bao Mama, but also in Fan Mama\’s seemingly weak hypnosis, repeatedly and explicitly hinting to Fan Shengmei that \”you are the only one who has everything in the house. If we don\’t look for you, who can we look for?\” The happiness levels of children born to different mothers can be seen in the play. Fan Shengmei was made miserable by her original family, Bao Yifan suffered from both sides, and Ying Qin was the only one who couldWei Nuo Nuo, Wang Baichuan and Guan Guan are extremely busy at work but always doing their parents\’ work. Qiu Yingying seems free and easy, adhering to her mother\’s easy-going attitude, but she has no opinion and can only complain about herself. On the contrary, Dr. Zhao and Qu Xiaoxiao seem to be two people from two different worlds sharing different happiness. Their limited energy is only used for work and love, eliminating the need to tie up with their families and talk nonsense. The mother\’s thinking mode is directly related to the happiness of her children. But the mother\’s thought patterns are also closely tied to her husband\’s. If you look closely, Mother Fan, Mother Bao, Mother Ying, Mother Wang, and Mother Guan are all in a controlling position in the family (although Father Bao seems to be evenly matched with Mother Bao, in fact, he is always careful about the constraints of Mother Bao). The husbands have limited say. Basically, he is in the role where if he makes some suggestions, his wife will refute him with a \”go, go, go\”. Guan Guan once said that she and her father were often unable to \”deal with\” their mother. From the beginning, they control their husbands, and then their children, and their desire for control expands little by little. Then, according to their cognitive standards, their daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are either brought in or eliminated. Therefore, all the children can do is either be obedient or rack their brains to fight with wits and courage. It eventually evolves into a pattern of puppetry or infighting, where one is either unhappy or cannot lose. Of course, this does not mean that parents in the original family must play a superior role. Couples must be tolerant and compromise when getting along, but tolerance and compromise are not unconditional indulgence or surrender. Habitually controlling the other party or being habitually controlled by the other party can easily encourage the stronger party\’s desire for control and create a natural \”I am right\” mentality. When the balance is seriously imbalanced, in exchange for harmony between husband and wife, it is probably the children and their families who bear the consequences of the imbalance in the end. At the same time, it is difficult for one party to be calm and obedient in establishing a logical and judgmental thinking in the family, which can also easily make children indecisive when encountering problems. Zhao Qiping\’s original family drama did not give a detailed explanation, but women who know how to respect their younger generations are more likely to respect their significant other. A family that respects each other cultivates Zhao Qiping\’s fun and tolerance. He and Qu are so different, but they never raise any objections; no matter how many interest disputes Qu Xiaoxiao\’s parents have, in the eyes of their children, they are husband and wife and comrades-in-arms, even if Qu\’s parents eventually Going to divorce cannot deny the influence of the original family on Qu. Not only can Qu Xiaoxiao gain freedom from this, but she can also understand and understand clearly from her parents\’ opinions. Companionship is the longest confession of love, and respect is the most beautiful emotion.

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