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On the first day of school, moms must do these 5 things! Children benefit for one semester

After eating glutinous rice balls and admiring lanterns, the children\’s winter vacation has come to a successful end. Tomorrow is the first day of school, and the busy study life is about to begin again! Both children and parents are both looking forward to and worrying about it: they hope that their children will seize the first opportunity and make breakthroughs in learning and growth; they are also worried that after a relaxing winter vacation, their children will not be able to accept new knowledge well and handle it well. Relationship with classmates. In fact, a good start is half the battle! If a child can adjust well on the first day of school and face the new semester with a positive attitude, he or she has taken the first step of growth, which is a big gain. So on the first day of school, how should parents help their children adjust their mentality and cope with the new semester? Prepare the supplies for the start of school. Some time ago, Youma suggested that parents help their children to calm down. We have already reminded everyone to prepare the supplies for the children in advance to avoid being left behind and in a hurry on the first day of school. Are you ready? Inventorying and preparing necessary supplies with your children before school starts can help cultivate your children\’s ability to plan ahead and make them feel your care and consideration. It is really important! Stationery: school bags, textbooks, winter vacation homework, pencil cases, pencils, erasers, pen sharpeners, ballpoint pens (pens), rulers, set squares, compasses, tape, exercise books for various subjects, book covers, etc. Again, don’t forget to bring your winter vacation homework. Daily necessities: water cups, paper towels, red scarves. Children who need to ride bicycles should check the tires, brakes, and chains in advance, inflate what needs to be inflated, and oil what should be oiled; children who eat at school or at a small dining table at noon should prepare lunch boxes, chopsticks, spoons, etc. Rest on time and stay in a good mood. On the first day of school, your mental state is very important. If you are late or doze off on the first day of class, it will have a very bad impact on both the teacher\’s impression and the child\’s own psychology. So the night before school starts, after taking inventory of the necessary items, it’s time to go to bed early and get enough sleep. Eat more light and refreshing soups and vegetables for dinner, and don\’t eat too much. This can reduce the burden on the digestive tract and help improve sleep quality. If the child is anxious about the start of school, parents should help the child relieve it in time, otherwise it will affect the child\’s rest at night and cause a bad mental state the next day. Taking a bath, soaking your feet, and drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed can all have a physiological sedative effect; chat with your children about interesting things about school, such as what it was like when parents were young, what it was like when school started, and the interactions between classmates. The fun things that happen can help psychologically relieve children\’s anxiety and reduce their fear and resistance to the start of school. Lead by example and demonstrate basic etiquette and self-cultivation to children. Achievements affect children temporarily, but etiquette and self-cultivation affect children for life. Although children now spend most of their time studying, this does not mean that grades are the most important thing. After all, no one wants their child to become a person who only studies and is useless in other aspects. Just like an old teacher said before: \”Without the support of morality, how far can a child go?\” The best etiquette and self-cultivation education are not verbal instructions and reprimands, but the personal examples of parents! For children,Every word and deed of parents in daily life is more convincing than high-sounding words! Therefore, starting from the first day of school for their children, parents must be determined to set a good example: when meeting acquaintances and elders, greet them enthusiastically; when meeting an old, weak, sick or pregnant woman in a car, take the initiative to stand up and give up your seat instead of pretending to be asleep or leaning aside. Turn your back and avoid it; when you get home from work, read more books and newspapers instead of sitting on the sofa playing mobile phones and games; don’t throw cigarette butts around; don’t park your car randomly on the roadside… Our current attitude towards life, The details of how you treat others are what your children will look like in the future! Sending off children with a sense of ritual You Ma has said before that a sense of ritual is always needed in life to help us be grateful for the past and welcome the future. In previous customs, if someone in the family wanted to go out to study or work after the Spring Festival, they would set off a firecracker early in the morning, which meant getting rid of the old and obscuring, and ushering in a prosperous new year. Although there is no need to set off firecrackers when children go to school, a ceremonial farewell is still necessary. For children in grades one, two, and three, it is best for parents to send them to school in person, wave to them at the school gate, give them a strong gesture, and give them a firm look, which is a great motivation and encouragement for the children; The children are already relatively independent and do not need to be sent to school, but it is still okay to send them downstairs and watch them leave. No matter how strong and independent a child is, they are still a child. They always have a soft side inside and need the care and love of their parents. I believe that when a child grows up, he will be filled with emotion and happiness every time he recalls the scene when his parents sent him to school. Teaching children safety knowledge and training again are actually not as important as the health and safety of children. This is also the most worrying thing for parents and teachers, because every year we hear about cases of children being injured or even killed due to crossing the road, playing in school, conflicts between classmates, etc. Therefore, the necessary safety education cannot be overemphasized: when crossing the road at school or after school, you must abide by the traffic rules, do not run red lights, do not climb over the isolation fence, do not chase and fight on the road; do not go up and down the stairs in school When walking, walk slowly, don\’t be anxious, and don\’t run with the crowd, otherwise falls and stampede accidents may easily occur; during recess time, you can chat with your classmates and play games, but you can\’t fool around on the balcony, let alone hold a mop. , playing with sticks; no matter at school or at home, electrical sockets, plugs and other electrical appliances are dangerous and should not be touched casually; be careful when meeting strangers on the road, do not eat the food they give casually, let alone follow them. If you encounter danger, call for help immediately and seek help from teachers and police. On the first day of school, Youma wishes the children good luck and ease!

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