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Only by letting children experience sadness can they understand how strong they are

Most children like small animals, and my two children are no exception. They like fluffy bunnies, kittens and small dogs very much. My sister has begged for a puppy several times, but I ruthlessly refused. More than half a month ago, a mother in the community\’s parent group gave away a dog for free and posted pictures and videos. The little dog in the video is so cute. His little eyes instantly made us so cute that the two kids started begging to adopt this dog. As soon as I got excited, I called Nuo Xi\’s father to ask for his opinion. In fact, I couldn\’t be cruel and expected him to refuse. Unexpectedly, he was in even worse shape. The two children yelled at each other, \”Dad, please,\” and he immediately agreed without any hesitation. Half an hour later, this little yellow native dog (scientific name: Chinese Garden Dog) arrived at our home. The whole family was very excited and named it Xiaoqiu, because it came to our home in autumn. I found a storage box to make a sleeping nest for Xiaoqiu. My sister donated her old clothes to \”make a bed\” for Xiaoqiu. My sister put her toy guns and toy cars in the doghouse. A few days later, Xiaoqiu was able to understand many words. For example, before I went out, I said to him who chased him at the door: \”Don\’t come out,\” and he would sit in the door obediently and watch me go; every time the doorbell rang, he would be the first to arrive. The one at the door must be Xiaoqiu; when everyone comes home, Xiaoqiu is jumping up and down with excitement, her tail wagging non-stop. Xiaoqiu brings us a lot of joy at home, but it also causes us a lot of trouble and adds a lot of workload: we have to clean up its excrement every day, feed and water it, and clean up a lot of things it does. Messy stuff. The shoes he changed out of would be snatched away in the blink of an eye, and items placed low would soon have to be searched for in the kennel. Not long ago, my sister developed several small bumps on her little hands, which looked like chicken pox and were very itchy. The doctor did a blood test but couldn\’t find out what it was. After hearing that we had a puppy, he advised us not to get one, saying that the children were young and the dogs might have various unknown germs. On the other hand, although the two sisters like Xiaoqiu, they are afraid of his excessive enthusiasm. For example, if Xiaoqiu bites his sister\’s trouser leg or hugs his sister\’s leg, they will scream for help. My sister often sits on the sofa and dare not get off because she is afraid of dogs chasing her. Generally speaking, their love for puppies is similar to Ye Gong\’s love for dragons: they like puppies that sit obediently and can be petted, rather than dogs that are active and cause damage. After several \”family meetings\”, we finally decided to send Xiaoqiu away. My sister was definitely unwilling emotionally. She cried and begged me several times, promising that she would finish her homework quickly, make time to take care of Xiaoqiu, and would not trouble me. (A few days after making the promise, she still could not make time. devote energy to taking care of the puppy). I had made the mistake of bringing Xiaoqiu back, and I was determined to correct my mistake this time. I would not be sloppy, and immediately started looking for Xiaoqiu\’s \”next home.\” The longer the delay, the more reluctant and painful the child will be. Yesterday morning my sister and I went out for a walk and met a big sister who loves dogs. She was very willing to take Xiaoqiu in and we made an appointment to hand her over in the evening. After returning home, my sister learned the news. She was sad for most of the day. She had no intention of doing homework. She couldn\’t help crying several times and even put the child on the bed.Qiu carried her upstairs in an attempt to stop us from sending her out. In the evening, as the appointed time was approaching, we began to pack Xiaoqiu’s “dowry”: its nest, a plastic bag of toys, dog food, shower gel, etc. I held Xiaoqiu in my arms, and the two children each carried a bag along with me. After handing Xiaoqiu to the elder sister and introducing her to her about the dog, I turned around and left with the two children. I was deeply afraid that my sister would regret it or cry in public. On the way home, my sister suddenly said: \”I don\’t feel that bad after all!\” I patted her shoulder: \”The process of waiting for something bad to happen is actually more painful and torturous than the bad thing itself, right?\” She nodded deeply in agreement. We continued chatting: \”When you were vaccinated when you were a child, you would often start crying as soon as you arrived at the hospital. When the doctor actually inserted the needle, you stopped crying. You probably found that the injection was not as painful as you remembered.\” Yes, I thought that leaving Xiaoqiu would make me so sad that I miss her, but it turned out to be nothing.\” My sister is a sensitive and kind-hearted child, and sometimes she needs a proper push from me, so I helped her summarize: I want to do this in the future. Just do whatever you want without worrying too much. You are actually braver than you think. If anything bad happens, don’t be afraid to face it. You are stronger than you think! During the summer vacation last year, I took my younger sister to play in the community and met a young lady I knew. My younger sister played on the slide with her and they were very happy. I chatted with my little sister’s grandma and learned that they were going back to their hometown for the summer vacation the next day. After we returned home from playing on the slide, my sister told me that the young lady invited her to go back to her hometown with them: \”I have already promised her.\” The sister who is almost three years old already knows that she must keep her promise. I explained to her that she couldn\’t go back to her hometown with the little sister, but she insisted, saying that this was an agreement between her and the little sister. I said that if you go back to your hometown with your little sister, you will be separated from your mother because they did not invite your mother. Then she stopped dwelling on the issue. The next day, my sister asked me to take her to play on the slide. Even if I couldn\’t go back to my hometown with her, I still hoped to meet her and play for a while. In the end, we did not wait for her. My sister was very sad about this. She said: \”I made a wish last night. I hope I can play with my little sister for many days.\” I told her that everyone has many wishes, among which Most will not come to fruition. She asked me: \”Do you also have some wishes that have not been fulfilled?\” Yes, child, it would be good if some of our wishes come true! Only when you have experienced that your wishes cannot be fulfilled and your requirements are not met, will you gradually understand that life cannot always go as planned. In this way, you will be grateful for those requirements that are met, and cherish those wishes that are realized. If you insist on it, you will be more satisfied! I once read an article about a Japanese father who took his adolescent daughter to several bars to drink and encouraged her to get drunk. The next day, tell your child: You drank a total of two beers and five glasses of HIGH last night. This is your limit. There are many bad people in the world, and you must learn to protect yourself. Yes, if you haven’t been drunk, you don’t know how many bottles you have; if you haven’t worked hard, you don’t know.How great is your potential? If you have never been sad, you don\’t know how strong you are. Only by understanding your own bottom line can you better protect yourself; by understanding your own potential can you properly motivate yourself; only by knowing that you are strong can you face dissatisfaction bravely. Therefore, there is no need for us to overprotect our children and isolate them from all negative things. Encourage them to laugh and allow them to cry. Joy, anger, sorrow and joy are all precious experiences. Ups and downs are the true face of life!

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