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Only if you are willing to use your children can you become a great person


Oct 1, 2023

Educating children is a knowledge, and it is a knowledge worthy of all parents to \”live and learn until they are old\”. However, today\’s parents have misunderstandings in their love for their children: they only know how to pity their children and are not willing to use them! For this reason, an old teacher who has been a teacher for 40 years, a class teacher for more than 30 years, and a successful mother gave this advice: If you love your children, you must be willing to use them. A person can feel his own value only when he is needed by others and pays for others. Only when a child is used and needed by adults can he feel how great his young life is, and then feel a deep love and develop a strong sense of responsibility. Some parents keep their sons as \”pets\” and do everything for them, never letting their sons do anything for themselves. In fact, a mother\’s affirmation of her son can best stimulate a boy\’s potential. In order to surprise his mother, a son can create a miracle. This kind of motivation can make a weak boy grow into a brave man. So, how do parents use their children? Good family traditions and good family training stories create good children, family parent-child interaction 100-day plan pdf tea making and cooking There is a mother of a boy who often said this to her son since he was a child: \”With you, it is different.\” When her son was 3 years old , one time I hugged him and squeezed into the bus, but unexpectedly my legs were weak. I didn\’t squeeze into the bus and almost fell to the roadside. My son immediately asked me with concern: \”Mom, what\’s wrong with you?\” I said to my son seriously: \”Mom, you can\’t get into the car without me.\” When my son heard this, he immediately jumped to the ground and beat my legs with his little hands. I stroked his head and said happily: \”With you, everything is different!\” My son was very proud and would never let me hold him again, and would often beat my legs for me. In the midsummer when my son was in the second grade of elementary school, one day when I came back from work, my son excitedly brought a cup of tea: \”Mom, drink tea! I poured it for you.\” The tea was already cold. I had a bad stomach and didn\’t like to drink it. It was cold tea, but I still drank it in one gulp, and then said contentedly: \”With you, it\’s different! It would be better if the tea was hotter!\” The next day, I \”enjoyed\” a cup of hot tea poured by my son. . When my son was in fourth grade, one day his father was going on a business trip. My son was happy, but I said to him in embarrassment: \”You are happy, but I am miserable. I have to rush home to cook for you after work.\” Who knows? , my son patted his chest and said mysteriously: \”Dad is not here, there is still me!\” Seeing him like that, I seemed to have \”reliance\”, and immediately \”suddenly realized\”: \”Yes! Yes! And you, you are also a Man!\” To my surprise, the next day, he came home early after school, fried two dishes, put them on the plate, and covered them with bowls. As soon as I got home, my son immediately said: \”Mom, go and wash your hands quickly, and I will serve you some food!\” I was very \”obedient\”, washed my hands, and sat at the dinner table. My son brought the rice and I ate it with big mouthfuls. My son watched from the side and asked in the tone of a TV commercial: \”How does it taste?\” \”It tastes great!\” I also used the \”advertising slogan\”. \”How does it compare with my dad\’s cooking?\” \”It\’s much better than your dad\’s cooking!\” I said exaggeratedly. In fact, his craftsmanship is far inferior to that of his father, and he is still a little unfamiliar! But after a few years, my son became a good cook.How much the son longs to be needed and affirmed by his mother. The greatness of a mother does not lie in whether her son can go to college or study abroad, but in letting her son have a sense of accomplishment, find self-confidence, find himself, and find what his parents and society need for him! When he found out what his parents and society needed for him, he found a kind of responsibility and a kind of happiness. Parents who truly love their children should act weaker in front of their sons and give their children a chance to love others. Don\’t always regard yourself as a mountain and your children as grass, and let your children rely on you, look up to you, and be afraid of you; don\’t always regard yourself as a big umbrella and treat your children as chickens, shielding your children from wind and rain, and letting your children be weak. Five elements of squeezing into public transportation If you want to train your children to become people who can adapt to the future society, you must \”freeze\” them, not \”keep them in captivity\”, and be willing to let them go. In particular, we should cultivate strong and persevering masculinity in boys, give them a free and independent space from an early age, and provide them with opportunities to exercise, practice, and demonstrate their skills. The daily journey to and from school is an excellent opportunity to cultivate children\’s perseverance and ability to endure hardships. Allowing children to exercise on their way to and from school can allow them to find a lot of fun on the way and also increase their knowledge that cannot be learned in textbooks. When my son was in elementary school, his home was far away from the school, and it took more than an hour by car. Since the third grade, my son has been taking the bus to and from school by himself. One day, he said to me mysteriously: \”Mom, I found that philosophy is everywhere in life. Let\’s talk about squeezing the bus. There are five major elements.\” I was very interested: \”When did my son become a philosopher? Crowding The car has also squeezed out experience! I\’m all ears to hear more!\” The son enthusiastically talked about the \”five major elements\” he summarized: \”First, when waiting for the car, you don\’t have to stretch your head and look in the direction of the car. In that case, your neck will be so sore! Just use your peripheral vision to look at the people next to you. If there is any movement in the crowd, the car must be coming!\” \”That makes sense! What about the second factor?\” I said with great interest Listen and make him talk. \”Second, when the bus comes, don\’t follow the crowd. Just walk to the bus next to the bus, grab the handle, and you can get on the bus! Third, if there are too many people in the bus and there are no seats, you Just stand behind the driver\’s seat. This place is relatively spacious.\” \”You have sharp eyes! What else?\” I couldn\’t wait to listen. \”Listen to me slowly: Fourth, although the back of the driver\’s seat is spacious, it is far away from the seat armrest. Your hands should be spread out and placed on the glass of the car window so that you can stand firm; fifth, after standing up, you Your feet should be spread apart, so that there is room for both feet to stand.\” After listening to these \”five elements\”, I laughed so much that tears came out. I thought, how could he sum up so many \”elements\” without squeezing the bus? After my son entered middle school, he cycled to school every day for six years, regardless of wind or rain, and never complained. I admire him from the bottom of my heart. It is better to give your child a pair of brand-name shoes than to give him a pair of walking feet. After graduating from college, he took the initiative to work in Shanghai, saying that he wanted to feel the atmosphere of a modern big city so that he could be in line with international standards. On the day of departure, I was planning to go to the airport to see him off, but he refused: \”No need to see him off, I can go by myself!\” He took a taxi himself, before getting in the car, he smiled at me, waved, and said in the tone of a kindergarten kid: \”Goodbye, Mom!\” I had no choice but to wave and say \”Goodbye!\” I couldn\’t beg for nothing and insist on going with him! Watching my son travel far away, I feel reassured, I know he can do it. The growth process of my son made me understand: let the child do what he can do by himself, and never do it for him. Doing for your children what they can do is the biggest blow to their enthusiasm, because it will make them lose the opportunity to practice. If you are always worried and have to intervene in everything, it is equivalent to telling him: \”You can\’t do it, I can\’t do it.\” I believe in you.\” Let your children try, experience, and exercise from an early age. Your children will have the ability to survive and the ability to resist risks. When they fly away, you will only be happy and not worried. All of great help!

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