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Outstanding children cannot do without these 7 behaviors of their parents

For children, family is the best harbor and parents are the best guides. Whether a child can win at the starting line, fully develop his or her talents, and become promising in the future, the family environment plays a key role. As a parent, your biggest expectation is to raise excellent children. So, how to cultivate excellent and promising dragons and phoenixes? Maybe many parents will say: \”Of course, let your children study hard, enter key middle schools, enroll in experimental classes, and receive the best education!\” However, have you ever thought that the best education actually comes from Parents\’ home education. The most fundamental reason why children can study hard and achieve excellent results lies in the subtle influence of parents\’ precepts and deeds on their children. Parents\’ lifestyle, way of thinking, way of education and way of dealing with the world will play a decisive role in the child\’s personality, psychology and behavior, and will have a long-term and far-reaching impact. So, what kind of family can raise outstanding children? These seven types of families have already reserved places for successful children in the future, regardless of whether they have money or not! Let’s take a look. Families with Quality Parents The famous writer and educator Spencer said: \”We may not accumulate much property or fame throughout our lives. But every parent has accumulated some good experiences and conduct through life. .Give these to your children, and they will use their new life to amplify and shine.\” Yes, the world is inherently unfair, and the conditions given to children will vary. But there is one thing that every parent can give, and that is character. And all relationships in this world, no matter what they start from, will ultimately come down to character. Parents with different personalities may bring a completely different life to their children. A netizen shared a story about his parents: My parents are not powerful people, they are just beef vendors, but my beef is always more expensive than others. When I was a child, I was puzzled by this. Later, I finally found the answer. It turned out that several other vendors in the vegetable market were adding water to the beef. One pound of meat was 2 taels of water. Although it was a piece cheaper, it could earn a lot more. I asked my father in confusion, \”Why don\’t we add water?\” My father touched my head and said, \”Be kind and don\’t ignore your conscience.\” Besides, no one is stupid. Who dares to find you? Later, I discovered that the vendors in the vegetable market had come and gone several times, but my own business was always the best. Although my parents are ordinary people and cannot give me superior conditions, their character and conduct will always be engraved in my heart. If your child causes trouble outside and others criticize your child, they will say: \”This child really has no tutoring!\” And when your child grows up, problems must be caused by his parents. The success of a child is closely related to whether the parent\’s family education of the child is correct. What really makes a child successful is his character that is related to his behavior in the world. The establishment of character comes from the power of role models, and parents cannot escape being role models for their children. A family with loving parents “The experience of loving parents is an experience that I will never have in this life. I hope that my children willcan answer this question. \”There is no standard of love that is higher than the love of parents, and there is no temperature of happiness that is better than family harmony. The best thing a father can do for his children is to love his mother, and parents give their children the best education. , that is, love for each other! After many families have children, the children become the center of the family. Compared to the children, the other half is always the relatively neglected party. In fact, the best state of the family is that the father loves the mother. Mom loves dad and shows it anytime and anywhere, so that the children can feel the warmth and happiness of the family. Huo Siyan and Du Jiang are models of loving couples in the entertainment industry. When Du Jiang comes in, he always hugs his wife first and then hugs his son. Humph. The couple hugged each other in front of Uhm without any hesitation, showing their affection. Growing up in such an environment, Uhm would pamper her mother like a little princess, think about bringing sweets to the pet doctor, and Taking the initiative to care about others, he does not lack love, so he is not stingy with love. In family life, what children want most is the love of their parents. Because when parents quarrel, children will be in a dilemma; children cannot bear the quarrels from their parents again and again; Children in families who love to fight and quarrel will become sensitive and fragile, and have no happiness at all. Among all family relationships, the relationship between husband and wife is the first. When you put the relationship between husband and wife as the first priority, children will naturally not regard themselves as Centered on this. A harmonious family is a beautiful and happy family for children. Parents who love each other and do not quarrel are the best education for children. So, loving your children starts with loving your partner. A family that knows how to respect respects its children. The premise is trust. Everyone has countless possibilities in life, and the right to choose in life belongs to them. What parents should do is to believe that their children can handle their own affairs. Parents should be the most important in their children\’s lives. A person who is good at giving advice should be a guide and inspiration for children, rather than a decision-maker. In addition to love, children who are growing up healthily should have respect. This kind of respect does not mean doting on them and letting them do whatever they want. Just do whatever you want, and it’s not just paternalistic saying that you can’t do something. Let your children grow up in choices and learn to bear the consequences, instead of planning their life plans and forcing them to implement them. Parents should not only respect their children, but also We must respect others in our dealings with the world. When children grow up in such an environment, they can learn to respect themselves and respect others. Learning-oriented family Mo Yan once said: \”I admire children who rebel against their parents, because I think they are the first to dare to rebel. The children of Daqi must be the fledglings of worldly heroes. Their parents only know how to love and are not qualified. Because hens can love too, not to mention that the other side of the most sincere love is often the most oppressive cruelty. Parents must receive training and have considerable quality. \”There are no born successful parents, and there are no parents who do not need to study. Successful parents are the result of continuous learning and improvement. Learning is an effective way to improve yourself. The Li Yan family, who was once rated as a scholarly home, It is a model of changing the trajectory of life due to learning. Li Yan, who graduated from Shanxi Mining University, worked as a coal mining engineer, moved to Beijing, and worked in IT, media and other professions, and later resigned and founded \”\”Second Study Room\”. All of this is inseparable from a characteristic of this family. Li Yan\’s family are all \”extreme book lovers\”. No matter where they go, they will take a book with them. His daughter has been influenced by it since she was a child and has developed this habit. The habit of carrying books with him and reading at any time made him a talented woman at Peking University and published his own books. And his wife Liu Chenglian, while accompanying her daughter to grow up, also became self-taught and became a well-known family education expert. Parents , is the best teacher for children. The best education for parents is to teach by words and deeds. If they want their children to love learning, parents must first create a family with a learning atmosphere. In their free time, parents can put down their mobile phones, turn off the computer and TV, and pick up Books, pick up newspapers, read more, or learn a skill. From the perspective of Li Yan’s family, it is precisely the parents’ self-improvement that subtly affects the development of their daughter’s reading habits. In such a family full of learning atmosphere As children grow up, learning will become a habit for the child, rather than a burden that is enforced. A survey of families who know how to manage emotions shows that 90% of parents will have anxiety in the process of raising their children: How to How can we communicate better with our children? What should we do if we are too busy and have no time to accompany our children? What should we do if our children’s test scores have declined… When anxiety occurs, many parents cannot manage and control their emotions. They are often sensitive and irritable, and often criticize their children. Losing tempers. Children who have been under the negative emotions of their parents for a long time will, on the one hand, be subtly affected and become violent and lose their temper; on the other hand, the lack of parental understanding will lead to alienation in the parent-child relationship. If parents know how to control themselves If the child can grow up in a positive environment, then the child must be a person who can manage emotions and have good interpersonal relationships. When a child faces a problem, he will think rationally instead of acting emotionally. Please I believe that if you bring melancholy and pessimism to your children, they will also reciprocate with melancholy and pessimism; if you bring joy and joy to your children, they will also reciprocate with joy and joy. Someone from a well-spoken family said : “Whether education is good or not can be determined by the way parents speak. \”Indeed, as the saying goes: \”Words are like the people they speak.\” Similarly, the way parents speak can also reflect their attitude and personality. Parents who speak too loudly and often curse will not only affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also scare the children; Parents who speak can live in harmony and let their children live in a harmonious and stable family environment. When dealing with family members, they must be measured and polite. Gentle language is indispensable in the family. When treating children, they must be gentle and polite. Be friendly and courteous. Family is a place to relax and rest. Don’t vent your grievances and dissatisfaction in society on your family members to show off to them. When getting along with your family members, speak soothingly and don’t just be sarcastic in everything. Instead, know how to understand Families that talk well often live a very happy life. The husband and wife are of the same mind, and the children can grow up in the friendliest environment. A well-behaved family will not be complete without rules. We all say that educating children does not matter if they control too much or too little. Good! Because parents’ indulgent love for their children will make them lose their bottom line; and giveIf a child loves you too strictly, the child will lose himself. then what should we do? Set rules for your children. Establishing family rules is first of all a matter of responsibility. Parents have the awareness to correct their children\’s bad habits, and children have the awareness to make the family better because of good habits. Family rules are not just for children, but for every member of the family. Parents should also be strict with themselves, set an example for their children, and establish good family rules from an early age. For children, these rules will become habits instead of constraints. . Children are copies, parents are originals, and families are photocopiers. Every move of the parents will be deeply imprinted on the child\’s heart; the family environment will ultimately be reflected in the long life of the child. To cultivate excellent children, it is not enough to just work on the children. Is Sun Luhong’s course worth buying? Download the full set of his family education lecture videos. Parents can change their concepts, be role models for their children, be willing to grow up with their children, and provide a good family environment for their children. This is the panacea for raising outstanding children.

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