• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Parents accumulate virtue and bless their descendants

The ancients said: \”It is better to teach a son once if he has a lot of gold.\” If we look at history, many families become rich very quickly, but also lose very quickly. Some families can continue for a period of time, but after a period of time, they die out due to various reasons. These phenomena are very frequent and have been like this since ancient times. What are the reasons behind these phenomena? It\’s a question of Ford. If we have merit and go through a certain amount of hard work, and the power of this merit is manifested, we will naturally be able to prosper. Without merit, no matter how hard we try, we may not be able to achieve what we want. There is an old saying that \”you cannot get rich until three generations\”. Why? Because the first generation often works very hard and works very hard to create a career. By the time the second generation has no goals and motivation to strive for, they have already begun to enjoy happiness. When they enjoy it, they slowly develop all kinds of arrogant and lascivious thoughts. Behavior. If there is still energy left and enough blessings, if it continues to the third generation, it will inevitably inspire these descendants who are more excessive, more profligate, and more wasteful. Often by the second or third generation it is basically ruined. Just because they don’t understand this truth, people often only value money and careers, but not education. If we are unclear about the cause and effect of family prosperity, we always treat and educate our children with worldly things, which often leads to serious consequences. The ancients said that one should be strict in educating one\’s children. On the one hand, one should know how to help him cultivate merit, and on the other hand, one should try his best to educate the child based on this principle. Really love and care for your children and grandchildren, this is the right way. We let our children squander materials and money, and they have no ability to control themselves. They make a group of bad friends and do all kinds of arrogant and lewd things, which will destroy the child. He should be disciplined strictly from an early age, teach him morality while teaching him various social knowledge. If these two aspects are educated together, the child will be fine when he grows up, and he can inherit the ancestral legacy and carry it forward. As parents, we must understand the truth and not leave money as the only thing to our children. Instead, we should cultivate this concept in our children: Let them understand how to maintain long-term prosperity and maintain their merits. That is to cultivate one\’s self, cultivate one\’s mind, and do more good deeds, so that the children can maintain the spirit of hard work and hard work. As long as there are blessings and ambition, children can develop themselves. Giving children this kind of foundation is more important than giving them money. Let your child take the right path, create with his own hands, and do things that are beneficial to society. Only in this way can your children and grandchildren be prosperous forever, and your family be prosperous forever. Only in this way can you truly benefit your children and our future generations. As parents, we should bless our children, and we should do more good deeds, things that help others, and things that are beneficial to society. Children are gradually influenced by their parents, and they understand this truth again, so that their children can also live their lives using this truth. At the same time, in the future, they will use this principle to educate their children, so that our families will not be ruined, and things that are harmful to nature and destroy the family will not happen. With high quality, merit, and wisdom, children will naturally tend to be positive, kind, and happy., good luck and good luck.

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