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Parents’ language environment is closely related to children’s growth


Oct 1, 2023

I don’t know if you are like me. You like to read other people’s news, good or bad. When we see the news, if there is something that does not suit us, we will think of it as Stories, so I like to read it through Relaxing myself with other people\’s stories can reduce my stress. I don\’t know if this has happened to you. Whenever we go out for shopping, we choose to be in a shopping mall. This is because the psychological cues of adults allow merchants to unknowingly regard themselves as people buying things, regardless of whether they are adults or not. Children have a mentality that automatically sees themselves as consumers. This is especially true for children. For example, when their children go to the supermarket, the reaction of parents is that they are happy. When children go to the supermarket and see toys and picture books, parents think they might buy them too. Therefore, sometimes, if parents are very happy in front of their children and say, \”Mom, Dad, you are awesome,\” the children will feel that they are great and are consumers, not shopping. In other words, children of different ages have different psychology. When we communicate with children, if we can translate our psychology into words, help children solve problems, or reduce their stress, then the success of parents is valuable to children. So there is such a fact that we must give our children a sense of security from an early age, and the psychology of giving our children a sense of security is that we have the ability to raise this child. This means that as parents, we must be around our children and give them a sense of security, so that the children will not feel too much pressure or anxiety, and the communication between parents and children will be smoother. Some parents don\’t know what to say to their children, so they just reply with some words to their children. For example, it’s raining today for mom and dad, it’s raining for mom and dad. If there is a thunderstorm, where will the thunderstorm take you? Then such a reaction is that the language of the parents directly affects the children. If the children identify with you and parents respond with some positive words, the children will show their trust in us and are willing to be recognized by you. However, some parents always feel that their children are still young and do not understand the truth, so they should try to avoid using this \”negative\” approach to them, and instead guide their children in a positive way. 10 Recommended Classic Family Education Books For example, when it rained today, your parents bought you a bag. It\’s quite beautiful, so I\’m a little reluctant to give it to you. You can buy a few for yourself. Every sentence guides children to make some good choices. Children will be very happy, willing to listen to their parents, and willing to learn some good habits from their parents. Of course, if your child has difficulty speaking, there are some methods you can use. For example, if the child doesn\’t want it when the child is in his room, tell the child and let him make his own decision. Waiting for the child to confirm the matter before dealing with the baby will not only give the child a strong sense of trust, but also make the child more positive about his own affairs. In fact, parents and each of our children want to succeed, so we must have a strong heart and a brave mentality. If we are not brave, it will be difficult to stick to our dreams, and I think it will be difficult to succeed.

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