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Parents’ love for their children starts from the heart


Oct 1, 2023

One of the most joyful things in life is chatting with my daughter. My daughter lives in school and comes back once a month. Every time when I get home, my daughter will talk about what happened at school, and I am very happy to listen. Before learning about family education, when my daughter told me about what happened at school, I would always add my own opinions. For example, if my daughter says, \”Who in our class smoked with whom in the bathroom, or quarreled with whom,\” I will say, \”We can\’t do that. Why do you always notice others?\” Sometimes I angrily say to my daughter, I will never talk to you again. 15 recommended high-scoring baby education books, which can be called life textbooks. After learning family education, I have become more curious and more patient. I learned how to listen, listen to my daughter’s words, my daughter’s feelings, and my daughter’s voice. Know how to understand, accept and respect. My heart is getting softer and softer. I especially cherish the time I spend with my daughter, and I am particularly happy to listen to my daughter talk about what I think is nonsense. The relationship between us is getting better and better. Sometimes my daughter doesn’t need my response, she just talks. All I have to do is look at her and smile and nod from time to time. When responding, encourage, appreciate and affirm what your daughter has done well. Last time my daughter came back, she happily shared the games she played in class. Question about the starting line: Have you ever taken a tutoring class? Have you ever learned a specialty? Are your parents highly educated? Are you the pride of your parents? When sharing the last question, are you proud of your parents? I saw the light disappear from my daughter\’s eyes. I expressed my inner thoughts: I am not proud of my mother because my study is not ideal. My younger brother should be, because his grades are good. I felt the loss and sadness in my daughter’s heart. When I heard this, I felt very sorry for my daughter. I took a deep breath to calm down, and told my daughter gently and firmly: You are the pride of mom and dad. The daughter was confused and said: Why? My studies always disappoint you. I said softly: Although you encountered difficulties in study, you were not afraid of difficulties, faced them head-on, and actively found ways to overcome them. You are extremely strong, and this perseverance and positive quality is extremely valuable, and our whole family must learn from you. Mom admires you very much. For this reason alone, you are her pride. Mom is proud of you. You took active actions to overcome difficulties. From being ranked among the top 900 students in the school to more than 800 and now to more than 700 students, your grades are improving step by step, and you are moving towards your goals step by step. Mom was very pleased and very happy. My daughter constantly adjusts her methods, takes active actions, and persists in studying hard. This process is very hard, and you can do it. It\’s awesome? I saw the light in my daughter\’s eyes again, and she happily shared it with me. Loving children means constantly injecting strength into their hearts. Correct encouragement, appreciation and praise are the source of strength for children. To water a tree, you must water the roots; to educate people, you must educate the heart. Correct encouragement, appreciation and praise help the child become a better version of herself.

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