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Parents with foresight and foresight must let their children endure such hardships


Oct 1, 2023

I still remember that two years ago, the People\’s Daily published an article on WeChat – \”To the sleeping college students: If you are not unemployed, God will not tolerate it!\” 》Criticizes those college students who sit comfortably in their ivory towers and waste their time and ruin their futures. At that time, many netizens commented that these college students who wasted their time had already lost before they even left school. A statement from Tsinghua University shocked many netizens. Talking about the heroes of the Three Kingdoms: Three Kingdoms Liu Bei + Cao Cao + Lu Bu + Kong Ming + Guan Gong, all 551 episodes mp3 Tsinghua University issued an announcement to persuade two doctoral students from the School of Marxism to withdraw. There is no other reason than that he doesn\’t concentrate on his studies and just hangs around every day. During their studies, these two doctoral students were indulged in non-academic activities for a long time and failed to participate in the teaching and research activities prescribed by the school for two consecutive weeks without asking for leave. Their student status was canceled according to the \”Tsinghua University Graduate Student Status Management Regulations\”. In recent years, it is not uncommon for undergraduate, master\’s and doctoral students in major universities to be persuaded to quit and expelled. Some students have completely relaxed themselves after arriving at university, messing around with credits and diplomas, without a basic sense of awe for learning, and living in a state of intoxication every day. After all, the most stupid thing in the world is to \”choose enjoyment at the age when you should work hard the most.\” There is a question on the Internet. Do you know how to easily destroy a child? The answer is to be obedient to him/her and not let him/her suffer at all. Doting is not love. On the road of growth, children must bear some storms by themselves, and some hardships must be experienced by children themselves. Tong Hua said that human life is a process of continuous giving and gain. In this process, two types of people will gradually form, one who succeeds due to hard work and the other who fails due to laziness. Parents with foresight will definitely let their children suffer these three kinds of hardships. Life is hard. Do you still remember the news that 23-year-old Yang Suo starved to death at home? This incident happened in 2010. This young man named Yang Suo had sound limbs, normal mind, and free movement, but he was extremely lazy. \”He never washes his clothes. When they are dirty, he throws them away and puts on another one. He hangs the meat and vegetables given to him by the villagers on the eaves and never cooks them until they stink.\” After a full meal, he would sleep all the time, and sometimes he could sleep for a day or two. When he was too hungry, he would go out to beg for food.\” Rather than saying that he died of hunger, it is better to say that he died of laziness, and it is better to say that he was driven to death by his parents. Pampered to death. Villagers said that Yang Suo\’s parents loved him very much. In order to keep their son forever, they named the child Yang Suo. \”When Yang Suo was 8 years old, his parents carried him on a burden when they went out, preventing him from walking,\” Yang Suo\’s cousin Yang Deyu said. \”Yang Suo is actually quite smart, but he doesn\’t study at all and doesn\’t do his homework. As long as we are stricter, Yang Suo will tell his parents and his parents will find the school the next day.\” Yang Suo taught in primary school Teacher says. \”Yang Suo sometimes tried to work. When his parents saw him, they said, go play aside and don\’t get tired,\” said a villager. When Yang Suo was 13 years old, his father died of liver disease. Yang Suo\’s mother still dotes on Yang Suo and won\’t let him do any farm work. Later, Yang Suo\’s mother became increasingly ill and had to ask Yang Suo to work.At that time, Yang Suo didn\’t do anything at all, and would beat his mother whenever he was unhappy. Yang Suo had nothing to do every day, and his mother was responsible for all the farm work and housework. As a result, he became ill from overwork. When Yang Suo was 18 years old, his mother died of illness. Yang Suo, who had lost his support, had long been addicted to a comfortable and comfortable life. He only wanted to be lazy at home and eventually starved to death at home. Yang Suo may have been happy, but his happiness was limited to childhood, and then he was killed alive by his parents. His tragedy makes people think deeply. When it comes to children, we always hold them in our mouths for fear of melting, and hold them in our hands for fear of falling. But is this love or harm? Children who are used to being cared for do not know that there are more wind and rain in this world. Children who are accustomed to comfort become useless in the comfort zone, without any ability. But for parents, for their children, it is a journey that is gradually drifting away. One day they will have to say goodbye. How will they be allowed to face the ups and downs and ups and downs of life at that time? I once watched a movie called \”The King of Soul Singer\”. This is a biographical film about the legendary life of American jazz and rock music figure Ray Charles. When Charles was 7 years old, he became blind due to glaucoma and has been depressed ever since. The movie truly restored a scene at that time: Charles tripped over a chair and fell to the ground. Little Charles, who couldn\’t see his surroundings, was very frightened. He subconsciously called to his mother: \”Mom! I need you! Come and save me! Please!\” I\’m scared!\” Still from the movie \”The King of Soul\” My mother heard Charles\’ call and ran over to help Charles up, but she stopped where she was. She watched Charles lying on the ground crying helplessly, watched him go from panic to calm, watched him wipe away his tears and begin to perceive the world with his ears. Identifying the direction of each object, even when Charles reached out his hand to the charcoal and was burned by the flames, she remained silent and cried silently… Stills from the film \”The King of Soul Singer\” When Charles gradually became familiar with the darkness and felt the When her mother was present, she could no longer bear it and held Charles tightly in her arms… Stills from the film \”The King of Soul\” General Patton said: \”The measure of a person\’s success is not the height at which he reaches the top. But look at his resilience when he hits rock bottom.\” Far-sighted parents will not raise their children to be flowers in a greenhouse, but know how to let go and let them feel the pain of difficult situations. Human hearts are made of flesh, and no mother will remain indifferent after witnessing her child being constantly injured. But only by allowing the child to step out of his own protective circle and letting him feel the pain and experience the real hardships of life can he grow up and stand on his own in the future. Because they know that difficulties are the normal state of life. Only by being able to endure the pain of difficulties can they taste the sweetness of life. The famous psychologist Maslow said: \”Frustration is not necessarily a bad thing for a child. The key lies in his attitude towards frustration.\” Therefore, when a child faces setbacks, what parents need to do is not to help them all. Solve problems, but cultivate his problem-solving abilities. Let your children do difficult things, because difficulties also mean opportunities and changes. The pain of learning once saw a question on Zhihu: Why do most people prefer the hardships of life to the hardships of study? The answer with the most likes was this: Probably because of laziness. You need to take the initiative to endure the hardships of study, but the hardships of life will come as long as you lie still… The hardships of study can be avoided, as long as you don\’t learn to escape. But the suffering of life cannot be escaped or avoided. Please tell your children that if you don’t suffer the hardship of study now, life will be very difficult for you in the future. In 2006, Jiang Duoduo, a candidate in Henan Province, took the college entrance examination and handed in a blank paper. After the college entrance examination, she tried to go out to work. However, with her low academic qualifications and lack of professional skills, finding a job was extremely difficult. She said, \”The pressure is very high. I always feel sorry for my parents. I even thought about dying several times.\” After many twists and turns, Jiang Duoduo entered a technical school. Recalling the college entrance examination, she said frankly, \”Now I feel a bit ridiculous.\” The experience of Chen Shengzhang, a candidate who handed in a blank test in 2007, was even more tortuous. After the college entrance examination, he worked as a drug salesman, an insurance company salesman, a charity event planner, and a nightclub marketer. I can\’t keep any kind of job for a long time and change jobs frequently. Ji Jian, who failed the test in 2008, was once a very talented child in mathematics. After passing the college entrance examination, he has been working around the world. He worked as a busboy in a restaurant, as a construction worker, posted posters for postgraduate entrance examinations, and wrote soft articles for cultural communication companies; in life, he slept on a bench by the park and picked up garbage in exchange for money for meals. Recalling his working life in the first few years, Ji Jian burst into tears, thinking that he had no dignity and \”lived like a dog.\” After ten years of hard study, life at two o\’clock and one line every day is indeed boring, but compared with the hardship of life, studying is much easier. I don’t know since when, the theory that “reading is useless” became popular in society. Some people say, \”What\’s the point of graduating from Peking University? Why don\’t you go out and sell pork?\” But they only told part of the truth. The other part of the truth is that Mr. Chen, a college graduate who sells pork, has now opened hundreds of chain stores. Worth over 100 million. Having knowledge may not necessarily change your destiny, but having no knowledge will certainly not change your destiny. The longer I work, the more important I feel to study and the more important I feel to have academic qualifications. Many people don’t know that there is a heartbreaking “hidden rule” in the recruitment industry: when screening resumes, some well-known companies will put the resumes of 985 college students on one side, and then put the resumes of non-985 college students on the other side. When the job fair is over, they will only take away the resumes of the 985 students, and the fate of the remaining resumes is to be swept into the trash can by the cleaners. A survey on the education level of 500 executives of listed companies showed that 84% of the executives had a high degree of education, and 48% were from 985 prestigious schools. If you are afraid of suffering, you will suffer for a lifetime; if you are not afraid of suffering, you will suffer for a while. Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts said some \”harsh words\” at his son\’s graduation ceremony. While social media flooded the screen, it also aroused deep thought in society. “Usually, commencement speakers wish you good luck and wish you well, but I won’t do that. I hope that in the years to come, you will experience injustice from time to time, so that you will understand the value of justice. May you try to the backThe taste of rebellion will teach you the importance of loyalty. May you occasionally have bad luck, so that you will realize the role of opportunity in life, and then understand that your success is not destined, and that other people\’s failures are not natural. When you encounter failure, may you be mocked by your opponents with gloating, so that you will understand the importance of competitive spirit. May you be ignored occasionally so you can learn to listen, and may you suffer appropriately so you can have compassion. Whether you or I want it or not, these will come sooner or later. And whether you can benefit from it depends on whether you can understand the message conveyed by life\’s suffering. \”If you eat too much sugar, the child will not feel sweet, but will feel tired, and naturally will not cherish it. Only children who have experienced hardship will understand how precious those sweets are. So, stop spoiling your child , your selfless dedication only touched yourself, but it harmed the child\’s life. You will always grow old, and the child will one day face the storms of this world. By then, without your protection, he will not be independent. Without the ability, his life will be difficult. Foresighted parents know how to push their children, because they know that the sunshine is always after the wind and rain. There is no pain in life, and there is no road in vain. The hardships you are experiencing now, The injuries you suffer now will become badges in the future. Therefore, never choose comfort at an age when you should endure hardship.

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