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Participating in a charity sale in my son’s class, I saw three completely different types of parents.

A few days ago, I participated in a charity sale at my son’s school. Because there was something going on in my hometown, I didn’t go home until the day before the event. That night I looked at the items he had prepared for the charity sale. There are five or six books in total, and a few small toys. He chose the books well. \”The Magic School Bus\” and \”You Look Delicious\” were both taken out by him. But the toys seemed a little too stingy, and they didn\’t bring any of the dinosaurs. Mom said he insisted on choosing these items and didn\’t want us to interfere. And he also sets the price. One book is priced at 5 yuan, and the other pop-up book is also priced at 5 yuan. A small caterpillar toy costs 1 yuan, and a big bear only costs 5 yuan. I was murmuring in my heart at that time. Do you want to talk to your kids about price and value? Will it seem too preachy? The next day, when you arrive at the event, you will see some of these scenes. And this can be seen in several different kinds of parents. A strong mother appears professional and attentive, and can take care of everything. But what about the children? There is no trace. For example, the first stall we went to. A mother arranges the items in front of her neatly. And there is a complete promotional package. If I hadn\’t seen the word charity sale, I would have thought I was visiting a night market. This serious mother will really bring you into such a situation. Unfortunately, the child was sitting beside her, leaning against her mother\’s side. Holding the money jar in both hands, I watched my mother sell things without saying a word. If you are careful enough, you can see that there are many such parents in the room. Try your best to tidy up the stall and greet customers to buy things. But the child becomes an outsider. At this time, I really felt a little sorry for the children who were squatting, sitting, or kneeling on the stalls. They waited anxiously, hoping that someone would come to patronize their shop. I saw Xiao Xiaoyu’s serious and nervous expression. I really couldn\’t bear it and wanted to help him. But I still held back. Because I know he can do it. There is another kind of parent who is also very discerning. They either put a few small objects on their knees or put them in a box. The name of the store is not available. Products are also sparsely placed. Didn\’t look well prepared. There are always parents who face school activities hastily. The final result is often like this. The child can only be in a state of fugue throughout the entire activity. Because no one will come to patronize your store at all. At this time, I was fortunate that the store signs we prepared were very beautiful. There are patterns on it that Xiao Xiaoyu and his cousin drew together. Although it is very simple, it is the little thoughts of children. It\’s more of an attitude. The attitude of an activity often determines the outcome of the activity. Many people say that raising children should not be limited to these small details, but I still agree with one sentence: If you don\’t sweep one house, how can you sweep the world? Children\’s behavioral habits are often influenced by their parents. When you pass on this indifferent attitude to him. The cultivation of study habits will really become a problem. What do suitable parents do? During this charity bazaar, there was a mother who touched me very much. She and her son sat next to a pillar in the auditorium. The son sat a little closer to the front, and she sat a little farther back, with a little gap in between. When I noticed a dragon shaped shield on the stall. The children looked at me,Don\’t know how to say hello. My mother reminded me, \”The guests are here! You can start working!\” Then she didn\’t say a word. \”Excuse me, boss, how to sell this shield?\” \”It costs 5 yuan.\” \”Can it be less?\” \”Then 3 yuan!\” \”Okay, deal!\” I picked up the shield and prepared to withdraw. When I turned around, I heard the mother say: \”My son is great. Congratulations, you made your first business! It seems that the location we chose is not bad! Come on, come on! Mom believes in you!\” I looked back at the child. . He had a smile on his face and was enjoying this happy time. If you think about it carefully. You can see that three different parents give three completely different kinds of love. The first type is the most primitive love, which expresses naked protection and arrogance. This is something many parents have, and even hens have this instinct. But it is easy to fall into the whirlpool of doting and replacing the growth of the child, which can do more harm than good. The second type is free-range love. This type of parents often advocates letting go and not controlling their children too much. So I often act like I don’t care! But it is not conducive to the cultivation of good habits in children. The third type is watchful love. How to understand this kind of love? In \”The Catcher in the Rye\”, the author Salinger said: \”I will be a catcher in the Rye in the future. There are a group of children playing in a large wheat field. There are tens of thousands of children, and there are no children nearby. An adult, I mean – except for me. Me. Right on the edge of that goddam cliff. It\’s my job to keep watch. If any kid comes to the edge, I\’m going to catch him – I mean kid They were running wildly and didn\’t know where they were running. I had to come out from somewhere and catch them.\” In fact, this state is very much like raising a child. When I took Xiao Xiaoyu to play in the small playground downstairs, I felt particularly deep. A group of children played various tricks there, and sometimes dangerous toy guns and iron rods appeared. When there was no danger, I watched them from a distance. But when danger comes, you must catch it. It can be said that good parents watch over their children, while bad parents take their place. And all this is inseparable from the children themselves, such as whether they are competent? So remember to train your children well. Take the charity sale as an example. You can spend some time before the event and play role-playing games with your children, who often bargain. You can also talk to your children about the original intention of the activity. I remember before the event, when faced with Xiao Xiaoyu’s pricing of the products, I couldn’t help but said to him: “Do you know why we donate things to kindergarten children in mountainous areas?” “I know, the teacher said that their parents don’t At home.\” \”What else?\” \”They hope to get gifts, but no one can help them realize their dreams.\” \”Yes, we can help them realize their dreams. For example, if a child says he wants to read a book about animals, then our family just has , can we give it to them?\” \”If we can help the children through the charity sale, then Dad thinks the price you have can be set a little higher.\” \”No, that\’s what it has to be.\” \”Come, let\’s play with Dad Arithmetic game. Guess how many pages this book has?\” I asked him, pointing to a thick book. \”I don\’t know.\” But he can readSee the page number on the last page. \”There are 80 pages.\” \”Look at this one again. How many are there?\” \”This one has 30 pages.\” \”Which one do you think needs more paper?\” \”This one is thick.\” \”Every piece of paper is needed.\” Materials, such as trees, are needed, and workers are needed.\” \”I know, thicker books require more materials and workers. So they are a little more expensive.\” \”Yes, that\’s the case under normal circumstances. You can Look at this pop-up book. Compared with a thick one, who is more expensive?\” \”Thick ones are more expensive!\” \”This is not necessarily true.\” \”Why?\” \”Because it takes more time to make these pull-out pages and Three-dimensional view. You know, time is also very precious.\” After I told my son this. He began repricing his own prices. At this time he will consider the price of each item. Although he cannot give an appropriate price to each item, he has begun to learn to estimate pricing. We long for our children to be independent, so don’t tie their hands. Before a child becomes independent, a process is also required. Parents should be their children\’s backing. When others don\’t care or think highly of their children, they should give them a warm embrace, support and encouragement. Parents are their strong backing. Be the guardian, not the substitute.

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