• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Please tell your children that some people are a hundred times worse than the big bad wolf.

I still remember when my son was two or three years old, we often played a game of the big bad wolf catching the little white rabbit. At that time, I changed this familiar story into many versions. Of course, in the end, the little white rabbit must not be eaten (because children believe in fairy tales and will put themselves into it, thinking that they are the little white rabbit.) And I will also give the little white rabbit some wisdom, such as identifying the big bad wolf Pretend to be the voice of Mother Rabbit. And the big bad wolf’s furry tail that can’t be hidden will eventually be exposed. Tell him that what the little rabbit has to do is never open the door, and then find a way, and finally wait for his mother to come home and scare away the big bad wolf. Little ones love this exciting and fun game. As a parent, when you tell this story to your children, you have good intentions. We want our children to be kind to the world, so we teach them to share, to help others, and to be loving. Many parents even let their children live in a fairy tale world, and are eager to eliminate the big bad wolf and the villain from the story. But never forget that the evil people in this world are a hundred times more vicious than the big bad wolf. In the past few days, I believe many friends are paying close attention to the news of the death of a 20-year-old girl riding Didi Hitchhiker. The police report only contained a few lines, but it shocked and saddened everyone: Seeing the disappearance of young and vivid lives makes people feel extremely regretful and painful. Just one night in May this year, a 21-year-old girl who had just started working was also killed while taking a ride. There were only a few months between them. I saw something said by a blogger named Heermeng on Weibo: What chills me the most is when girls dress up beautifully and feel that the outside world is colorful, cute and interesting, there is a group of people Standing in the dark, thinking about how to destroy her. It’s really terrifying to think about it. So when teaching children to be kind, learn to share, and know how to help others. Don’t forget to tell your children not to trust strangers easily. Because there are good people and bad people in this world. And bad guys are always hiding in places we can\’t see. Wearing disguises and masks, waiting for opportunities. There is a Korean movie \”Sowon\”. After watching it once, I really couldn\’t bear to watch it a second time. Seeing the clear eyes of that kind girl named Suyuan, you will pray that it would be nice if all this did not happen. The movie tells the story of an ordinary family in South Korea. Her father is a worker in a machine factory and her mother owns a small shop. The child\’s name is Suyuan and she is in primary school. This is a family where the mother is too busy and the father doesn\’t care. At that time, adults were not in the habit of checking their mobile phones, but this father would come home every day and lie down on the sofa to watch football games. My daughter wants to braid her hair, but she can’t. If your daughter didn\’t do her homework well, go to your mother. And a mother who is pregnant with her second child simply does not have enough time to take care of her daughter. So on a rainy morning, a wine bottle rolled past on the street in front of a small shop. No one noticed that a tragedy began quietly. The well-behaved Suyuan held an umbrella and went to school by herself, but her mother turned back halfway. A drunken uncle appeared in front of Suyuan. The kind-hearted child did not realize that this was an evil creature more ferocious than the evil wolf.magic. He also held an umbrella for him who was soaked in the rain. As a result, the little girl was sexually assaulted, causing indelible damage to her young mind and body. She had to live in an external toilet bag for the rest of her life, and the inner damage was beyond healing. As a parent, only when I see my children suffering such sins do I regret my negligence. There are too many families like this around us, with a father who is so busy day and night that he is severely absent, and a mother who is often too busy to sleep. However, you must also teach your children to protect themselves and cultivate their safety awareness. Don\’t wait until your child is in danger to regret it. You know, in addition to textbook knowledge, children must also have safety awareness. This task cannot simply be left to teachers, but to parents. In our real world, there are still many parents who have not woken up at all, because they are not in such misery (of course they hope they will never encounter it). These parents are still neglecting their children, or placing their children in the care of the elderly. They don\’t care about it, so in some places there will be incidents of \”young girls being sexually assaulted\”, but many parents are completely unaware of it. There are also some parents who often do domestic violence to their children and verbally curse at every turn. After a violent bombardment, he apologized to the child, but it happened again a few days later. Therefore, even if something happens to a child, he or she does not dare to tell an adult. Moreover, children who are often beaten or scolded or ignored and marginalized have low self-esteem and appear timid. It is easier to become the target of demons. We cannot be with our children all the time, but we must be the most trusted person for our children and be willing to share our secrets with you. We cannot stay with our children for a lifetime. We must teach our children the rules they should abide by and protect themselves. Also tell your children how to deal with dangers and avoid harm. There is a child’s self-protection secrets, let’s learn from them: 1. Don’t allow others to touch the areas covered by vests and underpants; 2. Tell your mother little secrets; 3. Don’t drink drinks from strangers or eat candies from strangers; 4. Don’t talk to strangers; 5. You can break glass and destroy furniture when in danger; 6. You can run away first when in danger; 7. Don’t keep the secrets of bad people; 8. Bad people can lie. In a dangerous world, the best protection for a child is himself. As for the person who can help children develop a sense of safety, besides schools, parents are the most important teachers. I think that when parents have this awareness of safety education, their children will be at least half as safe. I like to listen to Zhao Lei\’s \”A Diao\”. There is a line in it that I must remember. \”A Diao, cunning people have thousands of ways to laugh. When you go down the mountain, remember to bring a Dolma knife.\” There is no such Dolma knife in the real world, but we have to tell our children to always remember to protect themselves. Be sure not to lose your sense of preparedness. Children, bad guys have thousands of masks. You can be kind, but kindness must have an edge.

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