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Pregnant woman intentionally tripped 4-year-old boy! Tell your children to stay away from garbage people…

Last night, the circle of friends was flooded with a video: On April 19, in a Malatang shop in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, a 4-year-old boy ran into the door and opened the soft rubber curtain at the door with his hand, but the curtain did not open. I accidentally bumped into the pregnant woman next to me. The pregnant woman looked very angry, but what she didn\’t expect was that she actually made a surprising move: when the child ran out the door, she stretched her legs and tripped the child. A pregnant woman intentionally trips a young child. How terrible is it for a garbage man to become a parent? The child fell down instantly and hit his head on the ground. He was so frightened that he cried loudly, while the pregnant woman continued to eat as if nothing had happened. The child\’s mother immediately picked up the child and tried her best to comfort him, but the boy was so frightened that he couldn\’t breathe because he had congenital heart disease. So, she found the pregnant woman and asked her why. But the pregnant woman\’s attitude was arrogant. Not only did she yell at the boy\’s mother, but she also said confidently: You said I tripped the baby. Do you have any evidence? Later, when the surveillance was called up, it was discovered that it was the pregnant woman who had tripped the child. Netizens were outraged by such nonsense and left messages one after another: If the child is intentional, of course he can be educated. However, it is unintentional for a child to lift the door curtain, but it is malicious for a pregnant woman to trip over her child. Just because I felt unhappy, I resorted to such means to retaliate against my children, and I didn\’t realize I was wrong afterward. This attitude is truly chilling. There was another detail in the surveillance: before the child entered the house but before going out, the pregnant woman stretched her legs to \”rehearse\” and try to see if she could trip the child. Sure enough, when the child went out, she stretched her legs again and \”successfully\” tripped the child. Yes, she did it on purpose. Moreover, according to the testimony of people eating around, the pregnant woman complained to her husband after being touched, so the husband cursed the child. At that time, the child was still holding chopsticks in his hand. If it got stuck in the eye when he fell, the consequences would be really disastrous. The child was later taken to the hospital, where the initial diagnosis was a traumatic brain injury. This incident reminds us that we must tell our children to stay away from \”garbage people\”. The scariest garbage people: There are no labels on garbage people\’s faces. You can\’t identify them in one second, but they have obvious characteristics. Some garbage people are full of jealousy and anger about everything, and they only curse all day long. But there is also a type of garbage people who look normal on the outside and may even be polite to others and obey social order. But in their hearts they cannot see others being better than him. Not to mention that if you accidentally \”touch\” them, they will make you pay a hundred times a thousand times. They are roaring with resentment in their hearts: Don\’t mess with me. If you mess with me, I will have an attack. I\’m not afraid of quarreling or fighting! You deserve it! They have dark and negative emotions in their hearts, and anyone around them may become the target for them to vent their emotions. This kind of garbage man is even more terrifying. It is better to offend a gentleman than a trash person. In March this year, on the high-speed train, a woman got emotional because someone was eating instant noodles next to her. She loudly accused the man: I told you not to let him eat, but you haven\’t finished yet? Don\’t pour out the soup after eating, leaving it to smoke for others! But while he was cursing and cursing, he began to say a lot of dirty words: What do you mean by slandering you? I\’m spraying you because you eat shit! Scum like you, don’t take the high-speed rail in the future. At this time, her child was beside her, crying in fear. When a man eats instant noodles, even though the smell of instant noodles makes himShe felt uncomfortable, but she cursed in public without caring about the children around her. I dare not think about how a mother with such a \”nurturing\” education usually educates her children. It is difficult to wake up garbage people. They have a terrible divine logic: \”I am always right and everyone else is wrong.\” Are there not many tragedies caused by encountering garbage people? In June last year, the nanny Mo set a fire and burned her young employer and her three children to death. The reason was simply that she was discovered by her owner after the theft, and in order to destroy the evidence, she adopted such cruel and despicable methods. You are so rich and live so happily, why should I be fired even though I work hard every day? As the saying goes, \”Hell is empty, the devil is in the world\”! I still remember the \”Jiang Ge murder case\” that caused a sensation at the end of last year. Chen Shifeng\’s emotions broke out. He resented Liu Xin and society, and finally stabbed the kind-hearted Jiang Ge with a sharp knife. But in the end, in court, he acted like a normal person, cold-blooded and terrifying. \”It is better to offend a gentleman than a trash person.\” This is the truth we must tell our children. Tell your children to stay away from garbage people. Nietzsche once said: If you fight with the dragon for too long, you will become the dragon yourself. Stare into the abyss for too long, and the abyss will stare back. This sentence well explains the \”garbage man\’s law\”. If you are close to red, you will be red, and if you are close to ink, you will be black. The result of arguing with a madman is that you will also go crazy. In such things, the most injured are the young children, and they may even pay the price with their lives! Since it is so scary, how can our children protect themselves when encountering garbage people? Tell your children, don’t be unreasonable and avoid them if you can. Garbage people are a group of people who are annihilated by their own negative emotions. If you reason with them, they will fight with you instead. The day before yesterday, my 13-year-old cousin told me something. He went to see a movie with his classmates that day. A drunk man passed by them and suddenly turned around and cursed him. Wherever he could stand it, he wanted to scold him back. At this time, the classmate next to him quickly pulled him, whispered: \”Ignore him, stay away\”, and pulled his cousin away quickly. When I looked back later, I saw that the drunk man was still cursing and swearing. He accidentally bumped into the person next to him, and then started fighting desperately. My cousin broke out in a cold sweat. His classmate said: Last time my mother and I passed by here, we saw that man drinking and making trouble. My mother told me that if I encounter such a person, I must stay away from him. Fortunately, a classmate warned me, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. The reason why \”garbage people\” are garbage is because they have no bottom line in doing things, are easily emotional, and will risk their lives at every turn. When you encounter a garbage person, never be unreasonable and avoid them if you can. Tell your children to control their emotions and say \”I\’m sorry\” in time. In school, our children will inevitably encounter \”little bullies\” who like to bully others. A friend once told me about a case. His son was in the first grade of elementary school and accidentally bumped into a senior boy while walking. The boy suddenly became furious and pushed him twice. Moreover, he actually uttered a curse word: You don’t have eyes! Son of a bitch… He didn\’t dare to resist and said: I\’m sorry, I\’m sorry, I was wrong. Only the tall boy gave up. Afterwards, the child told his mother,I was very scared at the time. But just like you said, if you see that the other person is stronger than you, don\’t fight with them. Apologize quickly. Fortunately, the mother always warned the child and demonstrated many times, so the child was able to protect himself in such a critical moment. Yes, garbage people will always \”bully the weak\”. Therefore, we tell our children that if they are bullied by a \”bully\” on campus, they must say \”I\’m sorry\” in time to protect themselves. Young children may not necessarily understand it immediately, but they must learn to say \”I\’m sorry\” in time when they make a mistake, and this principle will accompany the child\’s life. If the child admits his mistake to the garbage man and apologizes first, at least he will not anger the garbage man again and avoid risking his life. Tell your children to seek help in time. In kindergartens and elementary schools, no one can guarantee that they will never encounter a bad teacher. Some teachers, just because they are in a bad mood, will abuse their children and bully the weak in order to gain their own psychological balance. Yan, a kindergarten teacher in Wenling Kindergarten, lifted the child\’s ears upward so that the child\’s feet were off the ground – the child cried bitterly, but she smiled happily. The reason for child abuse is simply because they are broken up in love and are in a bad mood, so they have to vent their emotions. Not to mention how such a garbage person can sneak into the teaching staff. What should a Shan said if a child encounters such a rubbish teacher? We can still detect when there are obvious injuries on the child\’s body, but what if the child was abused in a hidden part? How should we know? Giving children trust and communicating with them is the first step to obtain information about child abuse. Among them, the most important thing is to tell the children that they can tell their parents about things and secrets at any time, and ask their parents for help in a timely manner. In the face of life safety, there is nothing wrong with making a fuss out of a molehill. Don\’t have good expectations for such people, because they have no bottom line, and people who have no bottom line are the most terrifying in the world. We don’t dare to take chances when it comes to our children because we can’t afford it. We are responsible for the growth of our children, and this responsibility exists at two levels. The first level is to protect children\’s safety and protect their growth. The second level is to let the children feel \”it\’s good to be alive.\” Faced with the dangers of this world, every mother will become a strong person. Protect your children from garbage people!

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