• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Procrastinators are the sign of genius

In life, there are so many bad habits of children that we “can’t stand”! Dilly-dallying and procrastinating are the most deadly ones. Especially after school, it becomes more obvious – I wake him up at 6 o\’clock and insist on waiting until 6:30; when eating breakfast, he is either dazed or tapping with a spoon; he has to go to school after finally finishing breakfast, isn\’t it? I have to pee when my shoes can\’t be put on; doing homework after school is even more of a torment. Starting at 7 o\’clock, I pick at rubber and play with bears… As a result, by 9 o\’clock, I haven\’t finished half of my homework… Whenever I see The baby is like this, nagging is not enough, and even if he can do something, he doesn\’t want to talk. There is still a hidden worry in his heart: What will happen in the future if he is so procrastinating? Don\’t worry, because procrastination and dilly-dallying have nothing to do with age. The truth is, who among modern people doesn’t dawdle? Who hasn’t had a “little bug” yet? What\’s more, procrastination is still an epidemic among modern people. Although we are very unhappy when our children are dillydallying, to be honest, procrastination has nothing to do with age. This is an epidemic sweeping modern people. The best-selling book on efficient time management, Treat Time as a Friend pdf, ultra-clear, full-color, 3rd edition, is actually very uncomfortable for the \”patient\” himself. He divides the brain system of procrastinators into three parts: the instant gratification monkey and the rational decision-maker. , Panic Monster. When we embark on a job or task, rational decision makers think about the importance of the big picture and develop a step-by-step plan. But the \”carpe diem monkey\” will come to cause trouble and induce us to obtain some unearned happiness, such as Hu Shi\’s \”playing cards\” or the child\’s daze when doing homework. Would a rational decision-maker in the brain leave this \”monkey\” alone? Yes in the short term, because rational decision-makers will also take care of the body\’s leisure and entertainment needs. But when this kind of unearned happiness lasts for a long time, when the deadline gets closer and closer, rational decision-makers will summon the fear monster in their brains. Trigger the body to produce emotions such as guilt, fear, anxiety, self-hatred, etc., thereby forcing yourself to get back on track and complete the task. The relationship between anxiety and deadline is shown in the figure. The long-term accumulation of such bad emotions will not only lead to aversion to new tasks, leading to a vicious cycle of increasing procrastination, but also cause depression, anxiety and other problems, seriously affecting Quality of Life. Prescribing the right medicine is effective. At the same time, the learning environment should be replaced with task-related things. Through such high-connection things, children can be encouraged to maintain sufficient concentration. For example, if a child is asked to write a tabloid about insects, after removing other distracting items, placing books and materials related to insects can improve the child\’s concentration to a certain extent. 2. Guidance for \”self-doubt\” and avoidance procrastination – divide long-term goals into several short-term goals

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