• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Raising a daughter is like watering flowers, tiring…

I was diving in a mother\’s group, and several mothers of boys were discussing the issue of \”skinny children.\” When it comes to \”skin children\”, every boy\’s mother has a history of blood and tears. This said, the naughty child never stops for a moment. From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until he falls asleep at night, he jumps up and down without stopping for a minute. The other one said that not only can he make a fuss, but he is also very disobedient. Sometimes he gets so angry that he has to do it himself to calm down for a while. Others said that they were most afraid that he would cause trouble for them outside. If he hurt any classmates, they would have to carry it all by themselves. After discussing for a while, the mothers of several boys came to a conclusion: it would be better to raise a daughter, to be quiet and quiet, buy her a lot of beautiful clothes, dress her up like a little princess, and be considerate when she grows up. Raising a son is so tiring! At this time, a girl\’s mother couldn\’t bear it anymore and said: I would rather raise a son and spend more time and energy than worry about my daughter for the rest of my life. For a moment, the group was silent. I think this sentence hurts the hearts of too many mothers. Since the rapid development of self-media, an unexpected incident occurred and quickly became a hot topic. Everyone put forward pertinent suggestions: \”Please tell your daughter…\” \”Daughter, you can\’t…\” \”Daughter, you have to…\”… …The old mother who raised her daughter said that after reading this, the first thing that came to her mind was not how to protect her daughter, but that raising a daughter was so exhausting and worrying. She wished she could pin her to her waistband and not let her go for a moment. Get out of your sight. As for the old father, not to mention, if anyone dares to touch a hair of his daughter, he will rush forward and fight to the death. The more negative news I see, the more frightened I become. Daughters, how can we protect you. Although most girls can grow up safely and live an ordinary life until they die, who knows how many potential dangers there are in a girl\’s life. If she encounters them once, it may be a disaster. Therefore, old mothers and fathers are all trembling with fear and giving countless advices, even if they are disliked, they must speak sincerely. My daughter, you must… My colleague\’s son graduated from college this year and successfully found a job before graduation. In the days before going to work, I made an appointment with several classmates to go on a graduation trip for more than a month. My colleagues were overjoyed when they saw the beautiful pictures sent back by their son every day. At noon that day, her son sent her another photo. She said happily: \”My son is so grown up that I don\’t want to come back when I go out to play. It\’s been almost a month, and he said he would be back in a few days.\” Another one. A colleague took over the message: \”Our daughter also wanted to go out to play with her classmates a few days ago. I didn\’t agree to it. She is a girl. I am really worried if there is any danger when the girls go out. Why? This caused me to have a bad temper for a few days.\” With this factor in mind, everyone\’s topic of conversation naturally turned to raising children. These senior mothers admitted that it is more difficult to raise a son and that he suffered more when he was a child. When I raise a daughter, I can worry less when she is little, but as she grows older, she becomes more worried and more tired. They were worried and managed to raise their daughter to adulthood, but when she reached the age of love and marriage, her parents were even more worried. No, my friend Sister Wang is worried about this matter.I can\’t eat anymore. Sister Wang\’s daughter has just turned 23. She is an open-minded mother and is not anxious about her daughter\’s marriage. She feels that when her daughter grows up by two years, she will be more mentally mature and will be more sensible about marriage and love. But the daughter couldn\’t help herself. Her daughter, who had just been working for a year, suddenly announced one day that she was going to get married. How can such a big deal as getting married be treated as a child\’s play? Although there is no need for parents\’ orders or matchmaker\’s advice, parents must check it. After all, it is an extra layer of insurance. The daughter agreed to take her boyfriend home to show her parents, but she told her in advance that no matter what her parents thought, he would not marry her regardless of her rights. The boy is 5 years older than Sister Wang\’s daughter and has been working for 6 years. At the dinner, Sister Wang asked the young man who else was in his family and had he bought a house? Do you have any savings? The young man hesitated, saying that he was still young and couldn\’t afford to buy a house now that housing prices were so expensive, but he would definitely have a house. Sister Wang\’s daughter kept giving Sister Wang winks and told her not to ask, but Sister Wang pretended not to hear. This meal was an unhappy one. My daughter got so angry that she locked herself in the room and refused to come out. Sister Wang and her husband have the same feeling about this boy: he is too sweet, he is not reliable, and his daughter cannot marry. But the daughter doesn\’t care about this. She thinks her mother is too powerful and she thinks her boyfriend has no money and a house, so she wants to get married. The mother and daughter got into a fight over this, and neither one gave in. Sister Wang was so worried that she couldn\’t eat or sleep. These are old mothers before they get married. What about their daughters after they get married? Is it just the water that was thrown out? Can parents just ignore it? How can it be that easy? Today, widowed parenting is all over the screen. How many girls have to raise their own children and make money to support the family after getting married. The parents were afraid that their daughter would be in danger when giving birth to a child, so they asked her about her welfare before giving birth; after the child was born, they were afraid that it would be too hard to take care of her daughter alone. However, the daughter said nothing and took up the job for the second time after retirement without any complaints, taking on the responsibility of taking care of her grandson. It is to reduce the burden on the daughter; those who are not with the daughter are afraid that the daughter will be wronged by her husband\’s family, that the daughter will suffer from postpartum depression, that the daughter cannot take care of herself, and are always worried about her daughter. As for raising a son, although he may be a little noisy and often mischievous and cause trouble, I never worry about him walking alone at night; I don’t worry about him living in a house by himself; I don’t worry about him going out alone; I don’t worry about him. Do you want to have a child? Don’t worry about whether he has postpartum depression; don’t worry about whether he will have a family and career dilemma… Stop telling us how difficult it is to raise a boy. That’s because you haven’t raised a daughter. Raising a daughter is so tiring.

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