• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Raising a rich man produces a loser, spoiling him will ruin three generations

Lao Chen is a capable man. Although he was born a farmer, he did not live the life of a farmer with his face facing the loess and his back turned to the sky. In the 1980s, just after the reform and opening up, he traveled across the country carrying a schoolbag, and his life was prosperous. Lao Chen was an only son, and after marriage, he gave birth to an only son, Da Beibei. Da Beibei has a tiger head and a square face, thick eyebrows and starry eyes, fair skin and rosy skin, and a gifted smile. Wherever she goes, people want to grab her and kiss her. Mr. and Mrs. Chen loved this son so much that they were afraid of melting it when they held it in their mouths, and they were afraid of freezing it when they held it in their hands. Da Beibei was obedient and soft-tempered, running in and out with small steps. Lao Chen looked on, laughing so hard that his eyes were gone. He couldn\’t help but love him. He chased his son to scold him: \”Come on, My dear son, give me a few scolds and let me have a good time.\” Da Beibei fluttered her long eyelashes and looked at Lao Chen. She jumped suddenly and jumped into Lao Chen\’s arms. With a loud sound, she kissed Lao Chen\’s heart. It\’s all going to be crispy. After scolding and receiving a big kiss, Lao Chen smiled brightly and said, \”You think my son loves people so much.\” Growing up, Lao Chen and his wife never stabbed their son with a finger: \”How can I be willing to beat and scold such a good child when I love him so much?\” When Da Beibei was in primary school, Lao Chen got rich and bought a house in the city, transforming from a farmer into a city dweller. Lao Chen attributed this prosperity to his son: \”It\’s all the blessing brought by our Da Beibei. This boy is a lucky general.\” As a \”blessed general\”, Da Beibei has become a \”lucky general\” at home. \”Little Emperor\”. There are a lot of good things, but one thing is bad: I can\’t study well, and I\’m counting down every time I take an exam. Although my grades were not good, I started to understand the relationship between men and women very early. I started to bring female classmates home in the fifth grade of elementary school. My son fell in love at a young age, which made Lao Chen bad. Often hanging out in the business world, he saw too many big bosses hugging each other coolly. At home and abroad, Lao Chen has always had a point of view: \”A man can make a fortune because of his ability and ability.\” Lao Chen himself does not have this ability. I have always secretly regretted my talent and ability, but now I am happy to see that my son is better than his predecessor, and I am happy from the bottom of my heart. Therefore, unlike other parents who scolded their sons for puppy love, he instead rewarded them, gave them more pocket money, and chased his twelve or thirteen-year-old son around to tease him, making his son seem arrogant and in love. are more engaged.

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