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Read Jin Yong’s educational scripture, which is worth learning by all parents

Yesterday, the \”martial arts master\” Mr. Jin Yong passed away at the age of 94. Since the news was released, the circle of friends is still full of shocked sighs, and actors who have participated in Jin Yong\’s works also bid farewell to \”Cha Da Xia is gone\” on Weibo. For our generation, Mr. Jin Yong is the support of our Jianghu dream and the enlightenment of heroism for countless people. His departure means the end of an era and the farewell to our youth. The 15 martial arts works are full of turmoil, youthful spirit, and heart-stirring stories. When I read Jin Yong when I was young, I read the chivalrous spirit of kindness and righteousness; when I read Jin Yong when I was young and ignorant, I read about the love and hatred between children; when I read Jin Yong as a parent, I read the book of parenting. Every work, every character, every story has a profound meaning if you read it carefully. \”The Legend of the Condor Heroes\” Guo Jing VS Yang Kang Poor to maintain health, rich to nourish the heart Mr. Jin Yong is a kind person, and most of the characters in his works are such kind-hearted people who are almost \”clumsy\”. Among them, Guo Jing is the most. He was originally the son of a hero, but he lost his father when he was young. He was dependent on his widowed mother and his family was poor. The mother, Li Ping, is just a housewife with no education or status, but she understands justice and is courageous and strong. Although she failed to provide Guo Jing with a good growing environment, she taught her children to be kind, loyal, and national since childhood, and she also knew how to sharpen their children\’s character. She told Guo Jing: \”A hundred years of life pass by in a blink of an eye. What\’s the big deal about life and death? As long as you act with a clear conscience, your life in this world will be worthwhile. If others fail us, there is no need to think of them wrong.\” . Remember my words!\” Guo Jing, who was raised in this way, was honest, even dull, but stubborn and independent, hard-working, caring for the world, righteous and responsible. On the other hand, Yang Kang, the opposite-sex brother he made due to his parents\’ agreement, is also the son of a hero. Although his biological father died young, his mother remarried and his stepfather Wanyan Honglie held great power. With a noble father and a loving mother, Yang Kang\’s growing up environment was much better than Guo Jing\’s. As the young prince of the Kingdom of Jin, Yang Kang has lived an aristocratic life with fine clothes and fine food since the day he was born. His father dotes on him, his mother cherishes him, the servants in his family support him, and the masters in the world teach him everything he can. He wanted wind and rain, food and drink, his father would not punish him, and his mother would pamper him infinitely. In this way, Yang Kang, who was raised by a wealthy family, became a smart, cunning, idle and indolent dandy. It is often said that a poor man raises a son and a rich man raises a daughter. But from Guo Jing and Yang Kang, we can see that the determining factor of being poor and rich is not the gender of the child. Regardless of whether the child is a boy or a girl, what parents should do is: be poor to nourish the body, and be rich to nourish the mind. To raise your body in poverty means not to give your children too much material satisfaction; to raise your heart to be rich means to educate your children to be generous, kind, and have something inside. \”The Legend of the Condor Heroes\” Guo Xiang VS Guo Fu\’s unconditional love is letting go. Guo Fu and Guo Xiang are both daughters of famous families, but the two sisters have completely different personalities. Guo Xiang is bold and generous, but Guo Fu is unruly and willful. Li Xiuyun said: \”Parents are the first teachers of their children, and the child is a mirror of the mother.\” The huge difference in personality between the two Guo sisters is not unrelated to their parents\’ education methods. When Guo Fu was born, Huang Rong and Guo Jing were living in seclusion on Peach Blossom Island. The current situation is relatively stable, and my parents have a lot of free time.time, so Guo Fu\’s words and deeds were all under the control of her parents. The book writes: \”Huang Rong gave birth to a daughter, named Guo Fu. She was not happy when she was pregnant, but after giving birth to her daughter, she was extremely compassionate and indulged in everything. This girl was already naughty when she was less than one year old. Guo Jing Sometimes she couldn\’t stand it and would give her a few words of discipline, but Huang Rong was dedicated to protecting her. Every time Guo Jing disciplined her, she ended up becoming more unruly. When Guo Fu was five years old, Huang Rong began to teach her martial arts. As a result, the insects and birds on Peach Blossom Island The animals suffered, their feathers were plucked out, or a section of their tails were cut off. What was once a quiet place for hermits to recuperate has turned into a place where urchins run rampant.\” And Guo Xiang. She was born in a period of turmoil, and her parents were busy guarding their home and country against foreign enemies, and did not have much time to seriously interfere with her growth. In this way, Guo Xiang, who was raised \”free-range\” by her parents, developed a forthright, straightforward and innocent character. She liked to make friends with powerful people in the world, and was very polite to horsemen and soldiers. Psychologists say that children\’s self-confidence and affirmation of their own value as a person fundamentally come from the unconditional love of their parents. What is the unconditional love of parents for their children? It is not about letting the child hide under the wings and protecting her from the wind and rain. But it can expose the child to the scorching sun and let her fly. Qiao Feng VS Murong Fu in \”Tian Long Ba Bu\” A sense of security is the confidence and blessing of a child\’s life. It is said that when raising children, parents should give their children two gifts. One is the \”wings\”, giving him the freedom to fly high; the other is the \”root\”, giving him support and a sense of security. \”Bei Qiao Feng, Nan Murong.\” When Xiao Feng was still called Qiao Feng, his living environment was not that superior, and his personal reputation was not prosperous enough. But at that time, he was rich in his heart and his face was filled with smiles. His adoptive parents, Qiao Sanhuai and his wife, adopted him as their own son from the bottom of their hearts and gave him abundant and pure love and warmth. During the day, the family goes to the fields to do farm work, and at night they return home to light a candle. In the dim candlelight, Mother Qiao was spinning and weaving, Father Qiao patiently carved wooden tiger toys, and the children lay beside their father and waited peacefully. The family is happy, warm and intimate. Such a family atmosphere nurtured a kind-hearted Qiao Feng. From then on, there was a bloody storm in the world, but Qiao Feng always had peace in his heart. As for Murong Fu, this second-generation nobleman was born into a wealthy family. Outsiders only knew that he was handsome, famous at a young age, his family was wealthy, and he was one of the best among people. But little did he know that behind all this fame, he was just a poor man driven crazy by his father\’s unfinished dream. From the moment he was born, his father used him as a tool to realize his dreams. His father Murong Bo had high hopes for him and expected him to complete the great cause of restoring the country. As long as Murong Fu had any behavior that was not in line with the \”founding king\”, he would be scolded and punished by his father. He had never felt the happiness of a loving father and a filial son, and he had never felt that there was much security in that huge home. Thinking of his father and the Murong clan, he must work hard to be strong even if his nose is bruised and his face is swollen. In his life, he was vicious and crazy, but also hasty and painful. Bill Gates said, My first priority in educating my children is to give them a sense of security. The sense of security given by parents is the confidence of the child in this life and is also the child\’s blessing. Gorky said: \”Love children, that is even a hen.\”Something they can do, and really educating them is a big deal. \”Teaching is just about being responsible, and teaching well requires dedication. Mr. Jin Yong is gone, but he has left us with rich and precious wisdom on life and educational scriptures.

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