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Recommend 8 movies suitable for parents and children to watch during the holidays, so that your children can grow up with you

The first time I looked down at the world in my life was on my father’s shoulders. A pair of small hands holding a big head, walking on the street triumphantly. Tan returned from playing and fell asleep peacefully on his generous back. But one day, there will inevitably be a replacement between you. Because now your arms have enough strength to support him. Compared with the tenderness and delicateness of maternal love, the role played by fathers is often deeper and firmer. Do you know your father well enough? What kind of father is he? Father\’s Day is approaching. Grace Jun has selected 8 films with distinctive father roles for everyone. Take a look at the stories of these fathers and sons in the films, which may trigger new thoughts on your father and father\’s love. 1. \”Big Fish\” Release date: 2003-12-10 (USA) \”Those who live with dreams are happy, and those who die with dreams are immortal.\” Edward Bloom is an old man who likes to brag. , always likes to show off his travel promotion experience when he was young. The son did not believe it and felt that his father was vain and exaggerated, and the relationship between father and son gradually became alienated. It wasn\’t until his father\’s funeral that the protagonists in the story he once told appeared in reality. The son sees them and finally understands his father\’s life full of passion and imagination. The film constructs a fairy tale world left by a father to his children, creating a father who has an innocent heart but never forgets to return home. Although he pursues freedom, his love for his family has never changed. How many fathers have recalled their ups and downs of youth after dinner, and how many children have the patience to listen to those stories that have been chewed over and over again? At the end of the film, the son tells his father\’s stories to his children. In this world, only outside of the people you love, you need to distinguish between the so-called true and false. And people who paint their lives with the colors of the rainbow deserve respect and trust because they are full of love for the world. 2. \”The Pursuit of Happiness\” Release date: 2006-12-15 (USA) \”If you have a dream, defend it.\” The film is based on a true story and is based on the American black investment expert Chris Gad. Accept. The film tells the inspiring story of how a down-and-out salesman who was on the verge of bankruptcy and whose wife left home worked hard to become a stock market trader and finally became a well-known financial investor. This is a film about dreams and struggles, as well as a film about fathers and sons, fatherly love and responsibility. At the same time, it also brings us too many thoughts about life, family responsibilities and happiness. No matter how embarrassed we are, we should never forget our love and pursuit of life. Our struggle will determine the life we ​​pursue. Maybe everyone\’s starting point is different, but everyone is always equal in the pursuit of happiness. In \”The Pursuit of Happiness\”, the story of Chris and his son is the best interpretation of this. We all have no way of knowing when happiness will knock on the door? But don’t forget your original intention, happiness will eventually knock on your door. 3. \”The Piano of Steel\” Release date: 2011-07-15 (China) \”You must first liberate your mind. Only after you have liberated your mind can you liberate yourself.\” \”The Piano of Steel\” tells the story of a father\’s musical dream for his daughter And after continuous hard work, finally passed by the people around meWith the help of friends, he built a piano for his daughter out of steel. In the movie, the father humbly begs for help, gives gifts, borrows money, steals and makes pianos, all just to satisfy his daughter\’s wish to play the piano. At the end of the movie, after the father listened to his daughter play a song, he let go and handed over the custody of his daughter to his ex-wife, just hoping that his daughter could live a better life. Compared with the warm, delicate, and meticulous mother in my impression, most \”Chinese-style fathers\” are serious, rigid, and unsmiling: he is strict and rational, which is a bucket of cold water poured on your head when you are proud; An \”old antique\” who can\’t be beaten; he doesn\’t know you, what you like to eat, what you like to wear, or even what grade you are in… But this doesn\’t mean that he doesn\’t love you or care about you. 4. \”The Lion King\” Release date: 1994-06-24 (United States) \”This is my land. If I don\’t fight for her, who will fight for her?\” The film mainly tells the story of Simba, the little lion king. Accompanied by his father and many enthusiastic friends, he not only experienced the most glorious moments in his life, but also encountered the most difficult challenges. In the end, Simba finally became the king of the forest and experienced the true meaning of life in the endless cycle of nature. Many of the first lessons in life come from our fathers. Simba\’s father Mufasa is Simba\’s leader, companion, and close friend. His teachings have always guided Simba out of confusion, overcome fear, and become a generation of lion kings. A father can be a hero to his children by setting an example and in his own way. This is a heartwarming work that explores love, responsibility and power in life. Its film music is filled with strong world music styles and successfully creates the rich vitality of the natural friendly neighbors of the African land in the film. Entering the world of \”The Lion King\” with your children, it shows us a new and magnificent world, allowing us to experience the life touch of love and adventure. 5. \”Dad…How Are You\” Release date: 2009-07-31 (Taiwan, China) \”About your father, apart from his back, what else do you remember?\” Director Zhang Zuoji delicately portrayed 10 fathers with different personalities, using their own unique characteristics. way to express your love and care for your children. The father who was crying so sadly while holding the hand of his paralyzed daughter; the embarrassed father who was so anxious that he even wore his clothes and pants inside out in order to send his son to school; the father who was drunk every day and sat next to his son early in the morning and cried; The father who fished his daughter out of the sea and finally covered his heart and sank forever with his son\’s hat… Every scene is so soft, each story happens so naturally, and all the emotions are without the slightest impurity. 10 father-son relationships, the father\’s warmth and loneliness, their love and reluctance for their children, cleverly metaphorize the relationship between the city and people, and express the alienated and difficult-to-express love between you and me and our father. Family love is always the most difficult feeling to let go of in this world. 6. \”Dangal\” Release date: 2017-05-05 (India) \”From birth to death, your life is a wrestling match.\” In India, a country with a \”cancer of male chauvinism\”, women are regarded as accessories. Most of them marry unknown men at the age of 14, give birth to children, do laundry and cook. In the film, the wrestling father Singer, after discovering his daughter\’s wrestling talent, dared to break through the secular concept and let his daughters cut their hair short, wear shorts, and practice wrestling. He firmly believed in four words: \”If you don\’t break, you won\’t build.\” He gave his daughters the freedom to choose the life they wanted. In addition to exporting the value of \”female self-improvement\” in the film, what moved me most was \”the depth of father\’s love\”. When they were young, he never explained much about why he let his daughters wrestle, nor did he even comfort their sensitive mood after being teased. But he was always the first to appear when his daughters needed guidance and help. Singh is a man who is broad-minded, far-sighted, patriotic and family-oriented, and has dreams. He has spent his whole life training his daughter to enter the international arena and tried to change India\’s national situation of favoring sons over daughters. This love is harsh and deep. The best way to love you is to give you strength. Let you not be subject to hardship, nor to me. 7. \”Like Father, Like Son\” Release date: 2013-09-28 (Japan) \”Father is also a job that no one can replace.\” Nonomiya Ryota, who works for a construction company in Tokyo, is from a higher education institution. His career He is successful, has a good family background, and lives a happy life with his wife and son. Suddenly one day, a phone call from the hospital made Liang Duo face an unprecedented painful decision. The lovely son who has been with him day and night for six years actually has no blood relationship with him. And it all started from an accidental hug in the hospital that year. The Saiki couple faced the same predicament as the Nonomiya couple. Minute by minute, the relationship between father and son, accumulated over the years, has long transcended the fetters of blood. Which is more important, blood relationship or companionship? Fathers and children should accompany each other, help each other, and grow with each other. Children know and can teach you more than you think. May children have enough hugs and tolerance, and may adults who have not been treated gently. It can soothe the little child in your heart, without hesitation of love and tenderness. 8. \”Good-for-nothing Dad\” Release date: 2019-06-15 (China) \”Life is relationship, relationship is life.\” On the eve of Father\’s Day, June 15th this year (this Saturday), it will be jointly produced by Natural Grace A movie focusing on the relationship between father and son in China, \”Good-for-nothing Dad\” will be officially released! His father, Yuan Dabao (played by Wang Xun), is a designer at a game company. He is timid and timid; his son, Yuan Xiaobao (played by Latin Xiaopang), is completely opposite to his father\’s character, he is bold and bohemian. By chance, the father and son exchanged souls, which led to a series of farce. However, this \”adventure\” also added an understanding to the bond between father and son. \”Good-for-nothing Dad\” is an excellent healing movie. In addition to being hilarious and funny, it also integrates family affection into the shell of comedy. In today\’s society, people are paying more and more attention to children\’s education. This film takes the parent-child relationship as the core point, talks about the mutual understanding and empathy that parents and children should have, and calls on the whole society to pay attention to the role of fathers in the family. When I was a child, my father was an omnipotent superman.Your big hands can give you a sense of security at any time; when you grow up, you find that your father is just a mortal. He is not good at words, always silent, and never speaks no matter how much he does; he does not understand your poetry and distance, and ignores your romance and dream of conquering the world. Later, you find that Superman is gone, and so is the tall and sturdy man who swung his fists and said he was going to beat you. The man in front of me has a hunched back, a bent waist, a staggering walk, and a face full of ravines. He begins to respect your ideas and actively seeks your opinions. He talks more and becomes more nagging. The most common phrase on his lips is: \”Go home and take a look when you have time.\” He starts waiting forever, waiting for you to finish your exams, wait for you to finish your busy life, wait for you to get married, wait for you to have children, wait for you to become rich, successful, and have time to go home…this On Father’s Day, watch a movie with your dad! Stay with dad, hug him and say, \”Dad, I love you.\”

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