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Recommended 60 documentaries to help your children increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and enrich their horizons

This is an annual documentary collection, sorting out 60 documentaries to watch in 2022, divided into 5 themes. The ones marked in red are recommended for wall cracks. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring documentaries. If your children watch the self-disciplined and addictive gourmet food chapter of Gian Bian Ren Qian Bian Soul, they will skip it directly. Most of the choices are documentaries showcasing local cuisine. 1. \”Dunhuang, the Banquet that Lasts for Thousand Years\” Dunhuang will always be my favorite. Going to Dunhuang for a meal is my dream this year. The mysterious murals, iron horses and wind chimes, the gurgling sand, and the thousand-year-old sound are all integrated into the human fireworks of three meals a day. In the Dunhuang Scripture Cave documents and Dunhuang murals, there are more than 700 records related to food. There are many Dunhuang ultimate delicacies in the Scripture Cave. The source of this documentary is these historical records. 2. \”Taste of Xinjiang\” looks forward to Xinjiang delicacies and tells hundreds of Xinjiang delicacies. Beef, bean soup and rice, red willow barbecue, grilled fish, sheep tripe barbecue, lamb leg bread, roasted whole lamb, baked buns, lungs, rice intestines, chive chili sauce, dumplings, Kirgiz ghee, milk dough rings . Borsac… There are many ingredients for gourmet food, but the whole thing is a bit mixed. But this does not hinder our attraction to Xinjiang cuisine. 3. The all-encompassing Sichuan cuisine in \”Sichuan Flavor\” also has the essence of \”spicy\”, including Sichuan hot pot, Malatang, sweet duck, duck, taro chicken, bangbang chicken… just looking at the names will make you drool🤤 4. \”Origin of Flavor·Yunnan\” Nanjing, bait cubes, Duoyi fruit, Xuanwei ham, spread, steamed buns, milk cakes, pickles, eggplant bream, lacquer sprouts, bee pupae… Have you ever heard of it? It’s all about the flavor of this land. 5. \”Origin of Flavor Gansu\” In Gansu, the combination of ingredients and nature is a creative idea that cannot be imagined in other places. Loess slopes, deserts, Gobi, and temples. Dunhuang, Hexi Corridor, Zhangye Danxia Landform… This is a unique and beautiful place in the northwest. The long stretch of northwest is no longer barren, but extremely humane. 6. \”The Taste of Lao Guang\” Guangzhou really interprets eating to its fullest. This is a god-level meal drama that has been in existence for six seasons so far. It continues to innovate and explore the hidden codes of ingredients with novel and visually interesting themes, and constantly challenges foodies. Social Chapter: Shock deep in the heart 1. \”Shadow of the Iceberg\” The Finnish director found a box of film in an underground flea market. This film recorded the scenery around the world. An unintentional recycling of old things pieced together an extraordinary life story. In these two boxes of film, an extraordinary life story is pieced together. The retro pictures and elegant Finnish language are a poet-like world. A lonely traveler, a true romantic. This is also a kind of freedom and bravery. \”Greetings from the end of the world! – Me\” 2. \”The First Time in Life\” Regarding the beginning of all things, we are always romantic in our hearts. However, sometimes we cannot predict the difficulties involved. Focusing on 12 life sections, including birth, schooling, going to work, and farewell, it outlines a vivid picture of Chinese people\’s lives. Time is a scourge. 3. \”People\”Seven Years of Life》How many seven years are there in life? Every seven years, listen to their dreams. Watch the passage of time and see through the vicissitudes of life. 4. \”One Day in a Floating Life\” The daily life in various parts of the world, some are complete and some are broken, some are dull and some are lively. Another day passed by, expecting something to happen, but like most days, nothing happened. 5. \”Image Poetry in Bookstores\” The stories of 40 independent bookstores in Taiwan. We need to find the \”one\” in our lives. 6. \”Face, Village\” is a work by Agnès Varda, the grandmother of the French New Wave. One is 88 years old and the other is 33 years old. Two interesting souls travel through French villages in search of the face they want. Unconstrained artistic imagination and authentic French village life. 7. \”Childhood in a Foreign Country\” Education is a topic of common anxiety among all walks of life in China. What kind of education is the best is a common anxiety for all parents. Journalist Zhou Yijun, who reports on international news all year round, visited China, Finland, Japan, India, Israel and the United Kingdom to discuss education issues in each country. 8. \”Searching for Craftsmanship\” is a documentary that is down to earth. In 2014, director Zhang Jing sold two houses in Beijing. The three of them spent 126 days across 23 provinces, searching for 199 craftsmen and recording 144 traditional crafts. This documentary is not as grand as CCTV\’s, and the pictures are not beautiful enough. In the words of the director, it is \”so earthy\”, but you may cry while watching it. Culture: Thousand-year-old treasures of the Chinese nation 1. \”Hexi Corridor\” Wang Zha 2. \”General History of China\” is a must-read for studying history 3. \”More than Archeology·Sanxingdui and Me\” In 1986, Sanxingdui shocked the world. There are a large number of strangely shaped cultural relics in Sacrificial Pit No. 1 and No. 2 that no one can understand, and the legend of aliens is very popular. Now that Sanxingdui has developed to Pit No. 8, the documentary \”More than Archeology: Me and Sanxingdui\” is based on the perspective of archaeologists, breaking our inherent stereotypes and feeling the fireworks on them. 4. The documentary \”Shu Jian Read China\” has six episodes in total, each episode is fifty minutes, using 30 ancient letters as the carrier, covering six themes: small characters, love, friendship, life experience, family tradition, and home and country. , tells the joys, sorrows, joys and sorrows of the ancients. 5. \”Southwestern Associated University\” is the place where students lived during the war years, which is full of emotions. Unparalleled admiration from that generation. True intellectuals set their minds for heaven and earth, establish their lives for the people, carry forward their unique knowledge for the saints, and create peace for all generations. They will never look back in times of crisis, and the building will rise forward. 5. \”They Write on the Island\” tells the life and creative process of six Taiwanese writers on the \”isolated island\”. Among them are the well-known Yu Guangzhong, Lin Haiyin, Zheng Chouyu, as well as Zhou Mengdie, Wang Wenxing, and Yang Mu. 6. The 15th episode of \”The Most Beautiful Chinese Colors\” talks about vermilion, azure, glazed blue, amber, carmine, jet black, moon white, blue, wisteria, garnet, orpiment, azure blue, daylily, and stone green. green. Everything in the world has feelings, and every plant and tree knows the spring and autumn. Red, green, yellow, white and black are the five traditional Chinese colors, the most obvious manifestation of which is the Forbidden City. Azure, moon white, amber, rougeThe colors enrich the traditional five colors. 7. \”What to Tell About This Painting\” is a niche and interesting popular science documentary on painting. History is no longer boring. Bringing ancient paintings to life is highly recommended for both adults and children. 8. \”Four Treasures of the Chinese Study\” I have always admired people who can calligraphy. The birth and evolution of pen, ink, paper and inkstone are based on the strengths of others. The Four Treasures of the Study carry the feelings and spirit of the scholar. Thousands of years of inheritance are the emotions and memories of ancestors from generation to generation. 9. \”Compendium of Materia Medica\” uses medicine as a medicine and it is passed down from generation to generation. This is how our ancestors came here. Today, this is still the case. The still water runs deep and the Cangsheng plays songs. This is Materia Medica. It has been passed down for thousands of years and is still quietly brilliant. 10. \”Compendium of Materia Medica\” \”Spending a lifetime to accompany Materia Medica is both ordinary and sacred.\” The entire documentary does not focus on the use of herbal medicines, but focuses on the relationship between materia medica and herbal farmers. Behind every herbal medicine, there is a story of a herbalist, which is the hard work and perseverance of the Chinese people. 11. \”I Repair Cultural Relics in the Forbidden City\” This is the story of the restoration of cultural relics, as well as the story of the Forbidden City\’s calligraphy and paintings, bronzes, woodware, ceramics… rare and precious cultural relics, and the inheritance and sustenance of culture. 12. \”Zi\” From Meeting You tells a Chinese character for 5 minutes in each episode. Now all 25 episodes have been updated, with both depth and interest. For example, Ding has two cute ears and is known as China’s Hello Kitty. 13. \”If National Treasure Could Talk\” is a documentary that makes its mark with copywriting. This documentary is no longer a lengthy conventional documentary, but uses the most understandable yet poignant language to tell the voices of cultural relics. They are witnesses of the five thousand years of history, the vicissitudes of time, and the inheritance of the Chinese nation from generation to generation. These cultural relics have gone through wars and passed through many hands, but fortunately they have been preserved to this day. 14. \”China\” Thousands of years ago, that group of lonely and gorgeous people. From hundreds of schools of thought to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, some conversations that have been passed down through the ages, some budding ideas, some conflicts, some turning points of the times… flying clothes, trembling light and shadow, and colors full of oriental feeling , every scene can be used as a background. The richness of history and the unique charm of Chinese culture come to mind. The blank space in the style of ink painting provides space for free imagination. 15. \”Forbidden City 100 – Seeing the Invisible Forbidden City\” \”Forbidden City 100\”, as its name suggests, tells the story of the 100 spaces in the Forbidden City. Each episode is 6 minutes long. It is very suitable as a popular science documentary, and the copywriting is also beautiful. outrageous. Purple is the star of kings in the eyes of the ancients, and crape myrtle comes from the sky. Ban means that power comes from people. The city is the splendid building of this continuous palace on the mainland. Scenery Chapter: An excellent visual feast 1. \”Aerial Photography of China\” \”Looking up at the vastness of the universe and looking down at the prosperity of categories, so wandering around with your eyes and wandering around is enough to provide you with great audio-visual entertainment. It is a joy to believe.\” Wang Xizhi said this thousands of years ago This is probably the best interpretation of aerial photography of China. Aerial photography of the entire journey, recording the great mountains and rivers of the motherland. 2. \”The Third Pole\” Whether you have been to Tibet or not, this documentary is the best interpretation of Tibet. The most shocking visual feast, for which Xu Wei composed the song \”The Third Pole\” of the same name. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery in Tibetan areas, on EarthIce diving shooting in the largest lake above 5,000 meters; suspended shooting at 200 meters on the bank of the Brahmaputra River; and the animal ecological chain in the uninhabited area of ​​Qiangtang. 3. \”Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes: A Panoramic View of Beauty\” was shot in Japan and is the \”Grand Gallery in the Desert\” of Dunhuang. The documentary reproduces the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty, the construction of the Giant Buddha, and the Silk Road for thousands of years. The Dunhuang murals in 30 caves purely demonstrate the beauty of Dunhuang art. 4. \”Tibet Starry Sky\” has accumulated more than 100,000 photos into a beautiful short film. The photographer Wang Yuanzong is only 23 years old. He participated in the documentary \”Tibet Starry Sky\” through time-lapse photography, showing a Tibet beyond imagination. 5. \”Four Seasons of China·Yunnan\” tells the story of the mysterious richness of the land of Yunnan, with countless unknown species waiting to be discovered. Every life is complex and precious. This is the wisdom contained in the Chinese land and carries the Chinese civilization. Perhaps because of Li Ziqi\’s huge influence abroad, this documentary also includes Li Ziqi\’s overseas trip. 6. \”Chinese Plants That Influence the World\” Every flower, every tree, every plant, has its own unique story. The poem \”Jian Jia is pale and pale and dews like frost\” in \”The Book of Songs\” is far-reaching and romantic, and the orange tree in Qu Yuan\’s \”Ode to Orange\” has a noble character and an independent spirit. According to Buddhist legend, the Western Pure Land world is full of lotus flowers. 7. \”Standing in China\” has no distracting thoughts, it is just a simple spiritual healing and a visual feast. There is no special plot and no great humanistic principles. Most of them are the most primitive sounds of nature, like a hypnotic radio station at night. Follow the path of the wind through the mountains, rivers and lakes, the cicadas hiss in Menyuan, Qinghai, the blue waves ripple in Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, the Midui Glacier is magical, the lavender in Ili, Xinjiang sways quietly in the wind… 8. The strange beginning and mysterious end of \”Reincarnation\” . From three dancing innocent little girls, to a volcano erupting, to a sleeping baby…and finally a wizened old man who may have died. The film begins with the mysterious and mysterious Tibetan Buddhism, and the times have changed dramatically. The changes of nature and the material civilization of urban society are intuitive stimulations that poke your heart. 9. \”Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang\” is a documentary filmed in 1992. Something that is extremely beautiful is divine. This documentary really goes to the heart. The most appropriate Chinese translation of \”Heaven and Earth is black and yellow\” is the first sentence in \”The Thousand Character Classic\”: The world is black and yellow, and the universe is primitive. The universe is vast, and life is just a drop in the ocean. We are all ants, a mayfly in the world. 10. \”Dust and Snow\” Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert has extended his footprints to Ethiopia, Namibia, Tonga and other countries. There, humans and elephants, whales, leopards, eagles, lynx and other wild animals appear in the same picture without any violation. They rely on each other and coexist harmoniously. Every breath they take makes their souls worship life. 11. \”Cosmic Time Journey\” This documentary is an updated and remastered version of \”Carl Sagan\’s Universe\”. It describes the laws of nature and finding our coordinates in the universe and time. These are some unheard stories, traveling across the stars and universe, to a brand new world. From planets and travelers visiting the entire solar system in imaginary spacecraftStarting on the 1st; to simulating the scene of crossing a black hole; to the impact of the greenhouse effect on the earth. 12. \”The Miracle of the Universe\” The story of the universe is our story. The documentary tells the story of the universe and the connection between each of us and the universe from four aspects: destiny, stardust, gravity and light. The vast universe, where did human beings come from? The most noteworthy thing is that the host of this documentary, Brian Cox, is very handsome, and he is even more charming with the blessing of knowledge about the universe and astronomy. 13. \”16 Sunrises\” \”Because of flying, because of falling, and because of embracing the tenderness and cruelty of this universe, we can see the real stars from the chaos.\” The reason why it is called \”16 Sunrises\” is because in the sky You can see 16 sunrises every day. The heroes who can see the sunrise 16 times a day also live a life similar to us – behind the occasional exciting excitement is a long and boring endurance. \”Nothing is easy in space.\” In a boring life, music and literature are everyone\’s way of escaping from the boring life and a spiritual refuge. 14. \”Planet Travel Guide\” is divided into 6 episodes, which introduces Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and other planets in order from closest to the sun. From the nearest to the farthest, from the hottest to the coldest, interstellar travel allows you to experience the extremes and feel what it is like to be in the world of ice and fire. 15. \”Human Planet\” \”Human Planet\” explores the relationship between man and nature, focusing on human activities in the earth\’s oceans, deserts, polar regions, jungles, mountains, grasslands, rivers, and cities. The universe is vast, and the earth is just a drop in it. 16. \”A Bird\’s Eye View on Russia\” Small towns in Europe are reminiscent of fairy tales. Although Russia is known as a fighting nation, it also has dreamy fairy tale scenes. The documentary has five episodes in total, divided into Heart of Europe, Deep South, Treasures of Siberia, Frozen Coast, Kamchatka and the Far East. This is a documentary filmed by Germans, showing Russia through the eyes of a German. 17. \”Under the European Sky\” is a documentary filmed in France, which introduces 18 countries including Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Hungary, Italy, and Denmark, but there is no Russia. 18 countries have their own unique charms. The mountaintop monasteries in Greece, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, the windproof stone walls of the Irish island…and the Swan Castle, the Budapest Thermal Baths, and the Liberty Castle in Copenhagen are all impressive. 18. \”Looking Over Germany\” If you want to appreciate the scenery of Germany, you must watch this one. Looking at Germany from an altitude of 30,000 feet, you can see the Germans\’ protection of nature and humanity everywhere. There are four seasons of documentary, and each season has a score of 9.2 on Douban. Each season has three episodes, and each episode is introduced from three aspects: Stadt (city), Land (scenery), and Fluss (river). 19. \”Seeing Morocco\” \”Seeing Morocco Morocco From the Sky 2017\” by French photographer Yazu Beton, presents Morocco\’s rich and diverse natural and cultural landscapes. 20. \”Green Planet\” is produced by BBC and is in the same line as the previous \”Perfect Planet\” and \”Blue Planet\”Admittedly, they are all well-made works. The director of the documentary, David Attenborough, is over 90 years old, but he still stands in front of the camera with energy and energy, introducing us to the secrets of plants. Either in the lush tropical rain forests of South America, in the extremely cold polar regions, or in the barren deserts, you can see the miracle of green life. Scenery Chapter: Chinese scenery, folk customs and folk art 1. \”Dunhuang Painting School\” This documentary focuses on Dunhuang murals, Zhang Daqian\’s influence on Dunhuang murals, Chang Shuhong\’s excavation of Dunhuang art, and analysis by sculptor Sun Jiyuan The secrets of the Dunhuang murals, Chang Shuhong\’s daughter Chang Shana\’s 60-year pursuit of Dunhuang art… The Dunhuang murals have been covered with dust and have been passed down for thousands of years. They fly to the sky to pursue their dreams. 2. The documentary \”A Moveable Feast\” is an encounter between art and life on the Silk Road. It is an art video reader integrating Xinjiang\’s music, painting, sculpture, dance, clothing, handicrafts, and architectural art. 3. \”Tiangong Su Zuo\” tells the past and present life of 9 crafts from the perspective of 12 representative inheritors. 4. \”China in the Village\” \”China in the Village\” takes the 24 solar terms as points and three farmer families in Gaoyu Village, Zhongzhuang Town, Yiyuan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province as lines, recording every detail of their lives throughout the year. It restores the most ordinary rural life in China. 5. \”Beautiful Xijiang\” and \”Beautiful Xijiang\” are highly recommended for its beautiful mountains and rivers, strange customs, and delicious products. 6. \”South of the Sea\” \”South of the Sea\” tells a poetic and magical Hainan from the aspects of ecology, food, scenery, ethnicity, folk customs, urban civilization and marine spirit. The picture is extremely beautiful. 7. \”Handmade Yunnan\” shows the diverse life in Yunnan from different aspects such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The ethnic minorities have inherited various unique \”unique skills\” in their work. With the acceleration of industrialization, many traditional handicrafts are gradually disappearing. A documentary cannot save endangered crafts, but it can at least prove that they existed. 8. \”Tianjin: Inheritance on Fingertips Clay Figurine Zhang\” Clay Figurine Zhang. Some things can only lead to quantitative changes if they are done to the extreme. This is the case with Clay Figurine Zhang. \”Just like the hands making a clay figurine, they can only be kneaded little by little, and the real appearance can be revealed as the nails move.\” 9. \”Chongqing: Dazu Rock Carvings\” Dazu Rock Carvings is a world cultural heritage located in Chongqing. Grottoes built in the Song Dynasty. The overall scale is large and the sculptures are exquisite. The most distinctive feature is the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. 10. \”Mysterious Grassland Grottoes in Inner Mongolia\” The story of the Arzhai Grottoes in \”Prairie Dunhuang\”. In the early 1980s, a unique grotto was discovered in the grassland, leaving many unsolved mysteries. Who established it? Why disappeared? What does it have to do with Genghis Khan? How is its existence related to Genghis Khan? Across time and space, see the miracles from thousands of years ago. 11. The documentary \”Poems and Paintings of Jiangnan\” has a total of eight episodes: where is Jiangnan, the rise of humanities, gardens, ingenuity, beautiful poems, brilliant lyrics, legends, and drama. There are the winding paths of the garden, the ingenuity of humanities, the romance of poetry, and the splendor of opera. Classical gardens carry the ingenuity of craftsmen and the pursuit of beauty by literati. White walls, DaiRoof tiles, oil-paper umbrellas, and awning boats… are all synonymous with the poetry of Jiangnan.

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