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Recommended delicious snacks, the more children eat, the smarter they become!

When it comes to snacks, many parents will immediately wave their hands and shake their heads, treating snacks as poison: \”Eating snacks is not good for children\’s health!\” \”If you eat snacks, your children will not eat well.\” \”Eating snacks will make your children fat.\”… …Dandan’s mom wants to say: In fact, snacks are not that scary, and snacks are good for children’s growth! An unhappy childhood without snacks! When Eggman was a child, she loved eating snacks, such as White Rabbit toffee, sweet biscuits, candied haws, etc. Her favorite place to go was the snack shop, where she enjoyed looking at the colorful candies, biscuits and desserts. I like helping my parents with housework the most because I can get pocket money. Use your saved pocket money to buy chocolate biscuits every weekend, and one biscuit can lead to a happy weekend. During the Chinese New Year, I like to compete with my friends to see who has the most candies and the best-looking ones. Children who have a lot of snacks at home have always been the object of envy. When I grow up, the happy memories of my childhood are always related to snacks. Dandan Mama feels that children cannot live without snacks in their childhood. Parents can use snacks as rewards and only eat snacks after completing tasks. This can not only mobilize children\’s enthusiasm, but also control the amount of snacks they eat. Treat \”snacks\” rationally and eat snacks appropriately, children will be smarter! Parents do not give snacks to their children because many of them feel that \”snacks\” are useless and have no nutritional value. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Snacks are good for children. Let’s take sugar as an example. Parents get a headache when they hear that their children want to eat sweets. Some parents even ban candies at home for fear that their children will suffer from poor health, tooth decay, obesity and other consequences if they eat them. In fact, children who eat sugar are smarter and healthier physically and mentally! Sugar is sweet, and you will feel better after eating it. Children are growing and consume a lot of energy, so sugar can replenish energy. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the three major sources of energy for the human body, and each is indispensable. The absence or deficiency of any one component will affect the growth of the child. If parents strictly prohibit their children from eating sugar, the child\’s body will consume and break down fat and protein for energy, which will affect growth and development and the functions of various organs. In severe cases, hypoglycemia reactions such as syncope may occur. The child is young and has a weak spleen and stomach. Eating sugar is good for the spleen. Eating sugar in moderation is good for your brain. Sugar is almost the only fuel for the brain. The brain can work continuously and stably thanks to the energy it provides. Properly giving children some sugar can improve their attention, reaction ability, memory and understanding. Healthy sugars provide dietary fiber. Although dietary fiber does not provide energy, it plays an important role in laxatives and regulating intestinal function. It can be said to be the guardian of children\’s health. Sugar is necessary for children to grow. No more than 10 grams of sugar per day will not only keep the child in a good mood, but also replenish the energy the body needs. In addition to sugar, snacks also include nuts and dairy products. Eat them in moderation every day to make your children smarter and taller. Here is a snack list that can be used as a reference to help your children choose the right snacks. What happens to the children whose parents forbid them from eating snacks? Some extreme parents strictly prohibit their children from eating snacks, which will either force their children to become thieves, or their children will eat snacks without restraint when they become adults! The most direct way for parents to control their children’s eating of snacks is to controlMake pocket money. There is a child here who steals money to buy snacks because he has no money! Stealing money for snacks. It can be seen how tempting snacks are to children! The more you don\’t let your children eat it, the more interested they will be in it, and they will risk their lives and muster up the courage to become thieves! If you don’t eat enough snacks as a child, it’s easy to eat more as an adult! Here is a more extreme example. One parent strictly prohibited their children from drinking carbonated drinks since they were young. As adults, the children couldn\’t control themselves and drank so much that they lost their teeth! Looking at these extreme examples, Dandan Mama asks everyone to let their children go. As long as the quantity and quality are controlled, snacks are not scary, so feel free to let your children eat them! Eat snacks scientifically, the more your children eat, the smarter they will become! When it comes to snacks for children, as long as they are scientifically matched and diversified in eating methods, children will become smarter and stronger as they eat. Dandanma shares 10 scientifically matched snack lists, you can refer to them! 1. Banana + yogurt: Peel the banana, dip it in yogurt or crushed cereal and freeze it before eating. 2. Beans with peanut butter + low-fat cream cheese + raisins. Spread ripe beans with peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese, and add some raisins would be better (pay attention to whether the baby has a peanut allergy). 3. Whole wheat pocket bread + ricotta cheese. Roll ricotta cheese into whole wheat pocket bread and add some apple slices and cinnamon. 4. Whole wheat cereal + dried fruit + nuts = sandwich. Make a sandwich with whole wheat cereal, dried fruit and nuts. 5. Whole wheat crackers + frozen yogurt. Spread the frozen yogurt on the whole wheat crackers and add some sliced ​​bananas. 6. Vanilla yogurt + oatmeal + blueberries. Add oatmeal to low-fat vanilla yogurt and add some blueberries. 7. Roast potatoes: Roast the potatoes in the microwave, smear them with low-fat cheese and a sauce made from tomatoes, onions, and peppers. 8. Make your own kebabs. Make your own kebabs and add low-fat cheese, crackers, or some fruits and vegetables. 9. Homemade Waffles Bake your own waffles and top with some low-fat yogurt and sliced ​​peaches. 10. Apple + peanut butter Spread peanut butter on the apple. Finally, Dandan Mama would like to remind parents: Whether it is staple food or snacks, overeating will be detrimental to the health of the child. Moderation is the best rule.

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