• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Sad! Several more students jumped off the building! How many more children is she going to destroy?

Children can make up for their poor studies, but there is no way to make up for their lives! There have been many student suicides across the country since the start of school. On April 13, in Wuxi, Jiangsu, a 12-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping off a building on the first day of school. However, rescue efforts failed and she died. On April 13, in Hefei, Anhui, a 15-year-old student climbed out of the balcony and threatened to jump off the building after an argument with his parents. Fortunately, he was rescued by the police station. On May 12, a third-year junior high school girl in Shangluo, Shaanxi Province jumped from the third floor of the teaching building. Rescue efforts failed and she died. On June 7, in Nantong, Jiangsu, a 15-year-old boy in the second grade of junior high school fell from the 19th floor. Rescue efforts failed and he died. Adolescent children are as young as flowers, but they disappear before they have time to bloom. Are there incidents of children jumping off buildings one after another? I couldn’t help but sigh, what happened to our children? After investigation, it was found that behind these tragedies, it turned out that they were all caused by \”playing with mobile phones.\” Playing with mobile phones is a common topic, but with the recent suicides of many children, I feel it is necessary to talk about it again. While mobile phones have brought convenience to people\’s lives, they have also seriously damaged our children. When children are too young, parents must not give their children mobile phones in any name, because playing with mobile phones is really harmful to children. Got it! The appeal of mobile phones to children is far beyond your imagination. Do you still remember the boy who \”cut off his kidney to buy an iPhone\”? In 2011, Xiao Wang, a 17-year-old high school student, sold one of his kidneys through a rogue intermediary in exchange for 22,000 yuan, and bought the latest model of the year, Phone 4. At that time, he was young, reckless, and extremely eager for mobile phones. However, what awaited him was kidney failure, third-level disability, bedridden for life, and unable to take care of himself. In the news reports at the time, the 1.9-meter-old young man was so thin that he was only 90 pounds. His face was pale and he was lying on the hospital bed. Because of my obsession with playing with mobile phones, I ruined my originally beautiful life. A kidney in his youth = mobile phone. Now, no matter how expensive a mobile phone is, it cannot buy him a healthy body. Playing mobile phones affects children\’s health. A previous news happened in India: a 16-year-old boy died suddenly after playing games for 6 hours continuously. According to family members, the boy was very obsessed with the game. The family once forced him to delete the game, but the boy went on a hunger strike to protest. Many children can play with their mobile phones without eating or drinking, and staying up late is commonplace. You can never imagine the harm that playing with mobile phones can do to your body. A 9-year-old boy suffered a sore neck, numb fingers, and bent cervical vertebrae due to playing with mobile phones. A 10-year-old girl hid in bed secretly playing with mobile phones for a long time and became permanently blind. A 15-year-old boy stayed up late playing with mobile phones and died suddenly in the early morning… one after another. Real cases constantly stimulate people\’s brains, and playing with mobile phones can really kill people. Playing with mobile phones has seriously affected the parent-child relationship. One summer vacation last year, two children had conflicts with their family members because of playing with mobile phones, and died after being sent to the hospital. One was a 14-year-old boy who was sent to the hospital by his father. The boy\’s left wrist was slashed six times and he was bleeding. The doctor thought the boy had met a bad guy, but it turned out to be self-harm. Because the child\’s father doesn\’t want himAfter holding the phone and saying a few more words, the child turned around and walked into the kitchen. He picked up the kitchen knife in his right hand and slashed his left wrist six times, until the knife went to the bone. The other was a ten-year-old boy who committed suicide by jumping off a building. He wanted to play with his mobile phone, but his family stopped him because they were worried that it would be bad for his eyes. As soon as he turned around, he opened the window and jumped from the sixth floor. The parent-child relationship is usually characterized by a loving father and a filial son, but why does the child disown all his relatives when playing with his mobile phone? The parent just said a few words, and the child acted like crazy. Some people will sigh like this: Mobile phones are like spiritual opium, sucking away all the original full and vigorous mental state of a child. It is the biggest killer of children in the information age. In fact, mobile phones are just one type of electronic product, but they are becoming the cause of children\’s accidents in this era. Playing with mobile phones can be seen as damaging to children\’s health, but what about the invisible ones? In the colorful world of the Internet, even adults cannot resist the temptation, let alone children who have not developed their three views. 1 Playing with mobile phones affects children’s view of money. In recent years, news about underage children stealing their parents’ money to reward anchors has become common. · An 11-year-old girl tipped the anchor nearly 2 million to maintain \”friendship\” · A 12-year-old boy in Hangzhou tipped a game anchor and spent more than 50,000 yuan in two days · A son secretly transferred his mother\’s balance of 400,000 to reward a female anchor · 10-year-old The boy tipped more than RMB 30,000 to a game anchor, which cost his parents a year\’s savings. The money given by these children was not a small amount. It was money earned by the parents working hard day and night, but it was squandered by the children. A few words from the anchor can make a child charge countless amounts of money. What you originally thought was a trivial matter can actually \”go bankrupt\” accidentally. 2 Before playing with mobile phones affects children\’s values, some video platforms, in order to attract people\’s attention, will provide traffic support and increase the push for videos such as underage elopement, pregnancy, and the youngest mother on the Internet. Yang Qingning, a minor Internet celebrity, fell in love, got married and had children, attracting a large number of fans and becoming one of the most popular Internet celebrities on the Internet. She gave birth to a child at the age of 18, and together with her father, she has 45 million followers. After Yang Qingning announced her pregnancy, many underage children rushed to announce their pregnancy, treating early pregnancy as a fashion. This is a 16-year-old \”little mother\”. Those who didn\’t know it thought she was an older sister taking care of her younger brother. This is said to be the youngest mother of two on the Internet who fell in love and gave birth to a child at the age of 14. Each of her videos has three to four hundred thousand views. Once upon a time, giving birth to a child out of wedlock was a sign of social progress, and being an early pregnancy mother was an honor? These children, whose views have not yet been formed, play with mobile phones and imitate Internet celebrities, which has really ruined their lives. What should parents do? Games, WeChat, videos, novels, all kinds of functions on mobile phones attract children\’s attention, and they control them tightly like \”drugs\”. Many times, because parents don’t have time to accompany them, mobile phones become “spiritual food to comfort their children.” Therefore, mobile phones become children’s emotional sustenance and psychological support, and children are more eager to use mobile phones to relieve long-term study and mental stress. pressure. When it comes to children playing with mobile phones, it is better to block it than to block it. Because in this era of electronic intelligence, we can’t stop it. We can only make children more curious about playing with mobile phones., leading to irreversible consequences. Guide children to establish good habits and reduce the harm caused by playing with mobile phones. 1. Why should you set the time for playing mobile phones with your children together? Because when we parents directly stipulate the time to play with mobile phones, the children will think that this is an order, which will lead to rebellious psychology and not follow it. And when we make it together with our children, it becomes the child\’s independent behavioral decision, and the child is often willing to comply. 2. Parents should lead by example. If we parents cannot control our own behavior of playing with mobile phones, but ask our children to control themselves, it will not do any good except arouse the child\’s rebellious psychology. A friend of mine, her husband likes to play games very much, and almost always plays games when she is free at home. Now their daughter, who is in second grade, is also very obsessed with playing games, which has seriously affected her academic performance. This friend of mine thought of various ways, but his daughter\’s obsession with playing games has not changed at all. Every time he talks to his daughter about the impact of playing games, his daughter will criticize my friend with just one sentence. I was speechless: \”Dad also plays, why can\’t I play?\” 3. Cultivate children\’s other interests and hobbies. Children often play with mobile phones because they are bored and feel they have nothing to do. If we can develop other interests in children, divert his attention, and allow him to gain a sense of accomplishment in this interest, then the child will be less dependent on mobile phones. 4. Spend more time with your children. Every child actually hopes that his parents can pay attention to him and accompany him. So when we interact more with children, play some games that children like, or read some books that children like together, the appeal of mobile phones to children will naturally decrease. When it comes to children playing with mobile phones, the first thing we parents have to do is to adjust our mentality, and the second thing is to stand with our children, face and solve problems with them. Be your child’s ally, not your opponent.

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