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Say these 9 words of encouragement to your children often, and their self-confidence will grow day by day.


Oct 1, 2023

The power for children to grow often comes from what their parents say. A complete MP4 set of eloquence training and communication skills courses that has influenced 100,000 teenagers. A set of cartoons that have hit the Internet. It is as simple as only 9 sentences, but it tells us how to communicate with children and what to communicate. Very valuable and worthy of collection by all parents. 01 I believe in you Mr. Tao Xingzhi said that the whole secret of educating children lies in believing in them and liberating them. The words \”I believe in you\” from parents will make children full of courage and more confident as they grow up. 02 You are strong, don’t give up. This is how children who are not afraid of difficulties are made. Children will always encounter various difficulties and setbacks as they grow up. What we have to do is to cheer him up and tell him that you are strong enough and don\’t give up. Let the children hone themselves in difficulties and overcome each obstacle. 03How are you doing today? The friend-like parent-child relationship begins with this sentence. Like a friend, ask your child how his day was. Let him open his heart to you, share happiness and face problems together, which can not only enhance the parent-child relationship, but also help the child in time. 04 I am always by your side. Always tell your child that we are his backing. With our support behind us, the child will be fearless no matter what he encounters outside: \”My parents love me and support me.\” He is very at ease in his heart, knowing that he has inexhaustible strength and can face the whole world. . 05 I am proud of you. With the appreciation of parents, children will be self-affirmed. Children\’s mental development is not yet mature, and they often position themselves based on other people\’s evaluations of themselves, especially the evaluations of their parents. If he is praised often, his heart will be full of pride and confidence, and he will feel that he is excellent and special. 06 Everything will be fine. Washington once said, \”All harmony and balance in life, health and fitness, success and happiness are generated and caused by the upward psychology of optimism and hope.\” Everyone wants to raise an optimistic child, so let’s start with this sentence! 07 Thank you for helping me. There is a golden rule in the United States: I need to be treated equally by others as I treat others. Thank you, it is respect for others. When parents say these two words to their children, they can teach them to always be grateful to everyone and to respect everyone around them. Only in this way can they get the respect and love of others. 08 What is your dream? Dreams are the source of future success and the motivation for progress and hard work, and childhood is a season for letting dreams fly. With an ignorant understanding of the world, each child gradually develops his or her own value orientation, visions and expectations for the future, and the purest dreams in life. And we can use this sentence to guide and inspire children. 09 I love you. Love needs to be expressed in words. Many parents will say \”I love you\” to their children when they are very young, but find it difficult to say it after the child is 3 years old. Don\’t do this. Love needs to be expressed in words. One sentence \”I love you\” can replace thousands of words, melt a child\’s heart and give him the warmth to grow. Love is the premise of education and the biggest force to change childrenquantity.

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