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School is about to start. For children who are dawdling at home, please read these 9 sentences from the teacher.

During this long holiday, there will inevitably be many dark horses and many falling stars. Will your child be a dark horse who emerges from the sky, or a star that falls midway? One thing parents must remind their children is that this is an era where strength speaks for itself, and it is also an era where knowledge reigns supreme and top academics reign. Tell your children, stop dawdling around at home, and if you work harder now, you will definitely thank yourself in the future. When you are tired of studying, don’t give up. Read these 9 sentences from the teacher. My child, whatever makes you happy will definitely make you miserable in the future. My child, we all understand that you find studying hard and tiring. Sitting all day listening to online classes and taking notes is definitely not as fun as playing or playing ball outside. Studying hard in front of exercise books every day and doing homework one by one is certainly not as enjoyable as playing games or playing with mobile phones. Assuming no one cares about you anymore, you can play when you want, sleep when you want, and do whatever you want. My child, have you ever thought about what you will become? I still remember that my neighbor had a college student in his 20s who played games on the computer every day. In order to find a way out for him, his family had to spend a lot of money to send him to study abroad. As a result, he learned nothing and lost more than 1 million in savings. He dropped out of school and continued playing games after returning home. You don’t want to become such a person, right? Those things that make you happy and happy are temporary and cannot make you happy for a lifetime. My child, I would rather owe you an indulgent youth than see your humble adulthood. Children, learning cannot be easy, but learning is the closest to success. Children, those idols you admire and the celebrities you envy, actually did not have an \”easy\” childhood. Ke Jie, the world\’s number one Chinese chess player, often cried while learning chess when he was a child. He started learning chess when he was 6 years old. When other children were still acting like spoiled children in their parents\’ arms, he went to Beijing to learn chess alone. Every time he lost, he cried, half the pillow towel was wet with tears. Jay Chou, the most influential musician in the Chinese music scene, was whipped by his mother to learn piano when he was a child. He started learning piano when he was 4 years old. Because he was hyperactive, his mother used a cane to supervise him. Gradually, he finally calmed down and started practicing piano seriously. In an interview, he said that he was very grateful to his mother. His musical foundation was forced by her mother with canes. Dong Qing once said: If you don’t study, you will get a life of humility and low status. Life has different missions at different stages. For children, learning is the most important responsibility now. No matter how hard it is to study, if you don\’t study, you will suffer the price of ignorance. Reading is the biggest opportunity for children from poor families to change their destiny. My child, you should be in awe and be restrained in your actions. There is an old saying: Anyone who is kind and fearful has his mind and body corrected, his words have rules, and corrections have been restrained. Occasionally, he exceeds the rules and cannot go out of his way. My child, you must be in awe, respect your teachers, and always remind yourself to work hard. We must revere the classroom, because the classroom is a place where knowledge is given; we must revere knowledge, because only knowledge can change the future; we must revere the future, because the future is hidden in today\’s efforts. When you grow up, there is no child\’s play, and there is no greenhouse outside the campus! Society will not sympathize with a good-for-nothing child. What is a thousand or ten thousand times more important than grades is awe, stop doing things and be a decent person. Children, a child who does not read is a potential poor student. Some people say that a child who cannot read will become a potential poor student. I think it\’s more than that. Because children who love reading will accumulate rich experience in the process of continuous reading. They will connect the knowledge gained from books with their own life experience to quickly improve their experience. Often possess a far greater amount of knowledge than other peers. And the vision and pattern are much wider. I suggest all parents to take advantage of the holidays to develop the habit of reading in their children. Don’t wait until after the college entrance examination to regret it. If a child develops the habit of reading, he will not be addicted to mobile phones and TV. Because he has a happy time called reading, and there are many ways to obtain knowledge. But a child has never been exposed to reading, but has always been fond of mobile phones and television. If you want to make him give up TV and fall in love with reading, it will be even harder than climbing to the sky. My child, although studying is hard, it is more difficult for parents to study. It is hard and tiring. Your parents actually know that you have been carrying the heavy burden of learning on your own small shoulders. How many nights did you sit at your desk in front of the window; on cold winter mornings, you rode an electric car to school, your little face turned red from the cold. In order to achieve good results, you have paid a lot and endured a lot of pressure. But kid, I want to tell you: In fact, your parents have been silently supporting you behind your back. In order to realize her daughter\’s dream of gymnastics, a sanitation worker insisted on eating only two meals of noodles a day for seven years, just to save an extra two yuan a day. On the street late at night, a delivery boy fainted and fell to the ground. When he woke up, he burst into tears and insisted on continuing to deliver food because there were sick children at home and he could not be complained. My mother makes a living by selling stuffed toys. She has to carry heavy goods through the streets every day, but she is reluctant to buy even a piece of cake. From the moment you were born, your parents began to give without regrets. They work tirelessly and hard just so that you can sit in a quiet and comfortable classroom to study, so that you can have a bright future. So, don’t complain about the hard work of studying. While you are fighting for your youth, your parents have also worked a hundred times harder. My child, the teacher who is strictest with you actually loves you the most. My child, I want to tell you that if the teacher is not strict, you will definitely suffer. As the saying goes: \”A strict teacher will make a good disciple.\” If the online class teacher is strict, the students will definitely benefit; if the teacher is not strict, the students will definitely suffer. Last year, Shenzhen University dismissed 317 graduate students at once. Among them, 218 were unregistered, 89 had overdue study years, and 10 had unsatisfactory grades. It is the wish of many students to be admitted to graduate school. It is sad that these people have such results. Some people think that today\’s students are too undisciplined and will find it difficult to make a difference in the future. Some people think that today\’s students are free and undisciplined because they are spoiled. Jade is not cut, not a device! If teachers are not strict, how can students become talented? By the passion of love? Unintentional compliments? Or is it based on bottomless indulgence and pampering? A teacher who turns a blind eye to students\’ mistakes and ignores students\’ learning is by no means a good teacher. Students in such an environment will never be able to get ahead. Children, you have to understand one thing: the teacher’s teachingsEducation can only be effective if it is strict. Children, far-sighted teachers are very ruthless, and parents who love their children will be ruthless. A senior teacher once said: \”The better the cooperation between parents and schools, the more successful the education will be. I can say very responsibly that any parent who does not cooperate with the school will If you cooperate, the result will be tragedy, and this is without exception in my educational experience.\” No parent is really willing to let their children endure hardship, otherwise there would not be so many tragedies of doting on their children. But we cannot protect our children for a lifetime. If we don\’t force our children to learn the \”Seventy-two Changes\” now, who will help them avoid the \”Eighty-one Difficulties\” in the future? All far-sighted teachers know that only by being ruthless in managing children can they truly become successful. Far-sighted parents understand that if they force their children now, they will have no regrets in the future. Towering trees cannot grow in a greenhouse, and thousands of troops cannot be trained in an alley. If you are reluctant to let your child endure hardship, don\’t blame him for not living up to expectations. Education requires strict and determined strength, the same throughout the ages. On the road of education, teachers and parents should be the best partners. For children, the fear of failure is more terrifying than failure itself. Yang Lan said in an interview that her daughter first studied in a public primary school and then went to middle school at an international school in Beijing. Once she asked her daughter at the dinner table what the difference was between the two schools\’ education methods. My daughter thought for a while and said: \”When we study in public primary schools, the teachers always ask us not to make mistakes; in international schools, the teachers encourage us not to be afraid of making mistakes.\” This sentence is very touching. Why do our teachers, parents, and children Are you so afraid of making mistakes? Because making mistakes means failure. Failure means that you lose and you will not be a respected king. The education we have received since childhood is that \”failure is the mother of success.\” But this sentence seems to be just to make the children who have been temporarily defeated quickly get up and return to the competition queue, hoping for victory next time. But few parents will tell their children how to face this failure and how to overcome it. Many parents are afraid that their children will fall behind others in various \”competitions\” of all sizes, and always want to find shortcuts for their children, paving the way forward for their children, so that their children will fail less once and experience less blows. However, everyone will face failure. Instead of thinking about how to prevent their children from failing once, parents should help their children face failures and setbacks correctly. There are no perfect teachers, and there are no perfect parents. We grow up together. Someone said: \”Teachers and parents are like two oars. Only when both parties work together in the same direction can the children sail in the direction we expect, smoothly. Reach the other side of victory.\” It is the teacher who teaches, and children learn knowledge, discipline, and rules from the teacher. Parents are the ones who educate people. Children gain happiness, security, and character from their parents. There is never perfection in the world, and no matter how good a teacher is, he or she cannot cover everything, but the teacher always does his best with a good heart for the children. No matter how good parents are, they need to keep improving. There is never the best education, only constant exploration and searching for the most suitable education for their children. No matter how good a child is, he still needs to continue to grow. Knowledge is unlimited, but the test content of each test paper isThere is a limit to what you can learn every day, so never be proud. Don\’t overestimate yourself, don\’t underestimate each other, cooperate with each other and work together. Only when teachers and parents join forces to form a beam of light can they illuminate the future of their children. This goes back to what we said at the beginning: teachers should be leaders and parents should be role models.

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