• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Self-reflection of a father of two children

While we were chatting about our plans to become a father, a friend suddenly sent me a message: \”Sister-in-law said you don\’t talk!\” followed by a look of contempt and ridicule. My blood suddenly surged up: Hey, my mother-in-law, isn\’t this demolishing my backstage? ! But I still had no choice but to pretend to be calm: \”I\’m still not satisfied after trying so hard, what do you think I should do?\” But my friend didn\’t turn to me: \”Really! I\’ll take care of the children!\” I suddenly woke up as if from a dream, and slowly drifted past a few people. Words: \”Well, I have to take it! It has to hurt!\” I know, I have to reflect on it. In our family, my wife and I have always had a clear division of labor: I am responsible for making money to support the family, and she is responsible for looking after the house and raising the children. Specifically, apart from going to work and working overtime, when I get home, I am only responsible for washing dishes, taking care of the children, making decisions on major issues, holding meetings, and coordinating internal relationships. The rest is reading and coding. Occasionally, if my wife is kind enough, I can go hiking, participate in exchange activities, and do charity. But to be honest, I have been working very hard. In the class, although I am just a small assistant, I am responsible for the duties of team leader, security secretary, and administrative manager. It can be said that there are many tasks, complex tasks, and sensitive matters. Most of the time, I have been busy with one thing after another since the morning. I just run up and down for five kilometers in one day! Because the hooves are basically running away during the day, and big tasks such as writing materials basically have to be done at night or early in the morning to get up and work overtime. When I got home, the eldest son asked me to play with the princess and prince, and the second child had to read picture books with me. The eldest son asked me to take him to the South Park, and the second child had to think about walking on the aisle to poop. My wife and daughter had a cold war, so I had to watch. If the parents-in-law have opinions, they must reconcile them; if they see any good articles on WeChat or in books, they must organize and study them intensively. If the child\’s periodic problems are outstanding, a meeting must be held to discuss them. My wife is irritable and leaves the post, or she can’t help but want to go out to make money, but she still has to beg and persuade her with all her sincerity. When participating in activities, you have to think about how to better accumulate yourself, develop yourself, break through yourself, and enrich your connection with the world. Reading and writing is not a light job. I go to bed at 11 o\’clock every day and wake up at 5 o\’clock. Thanks to shaving my beard every day, I don\’t know how many strands I have to break. I\’m afraid of comparison in everything, I\’ve worked hard enough, but when I compare with my wife, I\’m insignificant! In terms of time, at least I still have some time and six hours at night to sleep well. My wife and I have to respond when my second child cries, and I am always in emergency mode. Sometimes I put Erbao You to sleep, but she couldn\’t sleep herself. When I looked at it in the morning, I saw a blue panda eye, which was really distressing. Sometimes when I’m busy, I don’t have time to take care of myself, and I don’t eat at the right time, or even just eat two meals a day to fool myself. It’s really not easy. When it comes to work, no matter how many jobs I have, I have a scope, and my wife is endless: giving away the baby, buying ingredients, cooking, mopping the floor, doing laundry, cleaning the house, picking up the baby, studying with the baby, taking care of the second baby, and playing with the second baby. , coaxing the second baby to sleep, endless, endless. Also, I really know that the most beautiful thing is the red sunset, and the most tiring thing is housework! I am not willing to mop the floor again if I am asked to take care of the children. How about studying with your children? It is even more of a delicate job. Watching my wife make my daughter’s study plan scientific and reasonable, I know how much effort goes into it. When it comes to difficulty, I mostly speak from a macro perspective. You don’t know how difficult things are if you don’t experience them. My wife isIt is difficult to do something concretely. In particular, Dabao has been in a period of ideological rebelliousness and mental sensitivity in the past two years. What should he say so as not to sting, how to do things so as not to pick on you, how to deal with children\’s repeated challenges and tests of the bottom line, etc. Wait, it’s all a headache just thinking about it. Watching my wife and children stage peak duels again and again, watching my wife being made angry and crying again and again, accusing me again and again that I am a human being with dignity and temper, and repacking my gear and starting again, I really admire her from the bottom of my heart. In terms of results, what I make is money, and what my wife makes is the future. Now, my wife has made great achievements in educating her children. Dabao not only has excellent academic performance, is psychologically mature and confident, and behaves cutely and well-behaved, he has also successfully passed through the dangerous second rebellious period and has become more filial, more conscious, and more capable. Stronger and happier. The development of Erbao in all aspects is also growing steadily, getting better and better every day. Seeing the two children becoming more and more happy makes everyone feel like they have eaten a big peach. The most important thing is that I \”pretend and cheat\” under the banner of Running Dad. In fact, they are the \”sufferers\” of education and the \”experts\” of childcare. I have taken all the fame and fortune, and they are the ones who do the most work. If this doesn\’t vindicate Running Mom, where is the justice? As an older man, I know that there are many, many male compatriots who work hard like me or even harder than me. Behind them, they all have a capable wife who works hard day and night to raise children and take care of the house. If you think about it carefully, their wish is nothing. They just want us to know how tired they are, understand their difficulties, and have a shoulder to lean on and a pair of big hands to help when needed. As for myself, thousands of words finally converge into three sentences: Wife, I love you! Wife, thank you for your hard work! Wife, look at me!

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