• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

She is in a desperate situation but keeps laughing. The baby doesn’t understand that her mother has made a huge mistake.

A \”Mama Bear\” created a \”little internet celebrity\”. Brandon Emery, a 14-month-old child in the UK, recently became a little internet celebrity in the UK because of a set of photos. The child accidentally locked himself in his mother Kirstie Green\’s car, and her mother didn\’t have the key. The child\’s mother panicked and called five firefighters. Surprisingly, during the rescue process, the child neither cried nor fussed. He even played with the steering wheel and happily looked at the firefighters working outside the car. When the child was about to put a coin into his mouth, the firefighters decided to immediately smash the back window and rescue the child. △Children being locked in cars are always happening. How dangerous is it for children to be locked in cars? In this season, if a child is locked in a car, the biggest danger is actually the heat. Imagine that a vehicle is parked outdoors, and sunlight penetrates into the vehicle through the glass. The heat accumulates but cannot be dissipated, causing the temperature inside the vehicle to get higher and higher. At this time, the child is alone in the car. He cannot unbuckle his seat belt or open the door to escape by himself, which is very dangerous in a high temperature environment. A closed high-temperature environment is difficult for adults to endure, let alone young children. Children\’s body surface area is larger than their weight, and they are more likely to lose water in high-temperature environments. Their ability to regulate body temperature is not as good as that of adults, and they are more sensitive to external high temperatures. If not treated in time, children left in the car are prone to dehydration, heat stroke, shock, brain and kidney damage, and even death in severe cases. How to avoid forgetting your children in the car⊙ Develop the habit of checking the back seat after getting off the car. Although this most effective method takes time to develop, it must be done for the safety of your children. Or you can try putting your mobile phone, wallet, backpack, jacket and other personal belongings in the back seat after getting in the car. This will increase the chance that you will remember to check the back seat. ⊙Do not apply too dark window film. Lighter window film will help you and passers-by spot children forgotten in the car. Self-rescue methods for children trapped in a car ➤ Turn on the double flashlights. This is the highest priority method. Because the double flashers of almost all cars can be turned on when the car is locked and turned off. The double flashing lights are hazard warning lights. The hazard warning lights of all models are always powered. As long as there is no malfunction, the double flashing lights can be turned on normally. Therefore, teach your children to recognize this \”panic button.\” ➤Opening the door The driver\’s door of most vehicles can be opened from the inside. If other doors cannot be opened due to child locks, teach your children to climb into the driver\’s seat and open the door. ➤Slap the car window to attract the attention of passersby by slapping the car window (the advantage of light-colored film is reflected). However, this action may consume a lot of energy for the child. ➤Hun the horn. Not all cars can sound the horn when the car is locked and turned off. Therefore, parents still have to judge whether this method is feasible based on the model of their own car. If your child can\’t press the horn, you can use your feet to press the car horn hard. Of course, these operations are mainly for children over 4-5 years old, and parents need to conduct actual exercises with their children. If the child is too young, the above self-help rules are difficult to implement. So parents of little babies, it’s better not to letGet the baby out of your sight! Warm reminder: ▣ Tell your children that when their parents get off the car, they must give a reminder: I am still in the car, don’t forget me. Especially when parents are chatting or making phone calls when they get off the car, they should call in time. ▣Children under 2 years old tend to fall asleep in the car and have poor ability to call for help, so they are most likely to be forgotten. Try to have someone accompany you when taking children under 2 years old out. Remember to look at the back seat of the car every time you get off the car, and try not to hit the car when parking. Phone calls are distracting. Let us work together to prevent tragedies from happening again!

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