• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Silly mother and silly son

A few days ago, I was invited to participate in a recommendation event organized by the New Zealand Tourism Board, and I took Ogawa along with me. We were having a meeting, and Xiaochuan and other children were playing next to us. At the end of the event, the conference organizer gave Ogawa some local souvenirs, such as a stuffed alpaca and a dryland scooter model. Although they were all small gadgets, he liked them very much, playing with them alone. I was chatting with someone, and Xiaochuan gently pulled my clothes and whispered to me: \”Mom, can I give this scooter (model) to that child? I have two of these, but he doesn\’t.\” Follow this. On his finger, I saw a little boy. He didn\’t know him before, but he was a new partner he met here today. I hesitated for a moment, then leaned over and said to Xiaochuan: \”Of course, if you want.\” I was a little hesitant just because Xiaochuan had a little friction with the child before, but now he took the initiative to give away his favorite toy. Give it to him. Afterwards, when I talked about this matter with Dad Chuan, my tone was filled with relief and a hint of pride: \”Seeing him like this makes me relieved. No matter what happens to him in the future and whether he succeeds or not, at least he will definitely not be bad. Dad Chuan calmly replied to me: \”Don\’t worry, your son will never become bad, he will be as stupid as you.\” I just celebrated my 36th birthday, there was no party, and there was no big meal. Dad Chuan came back after 8 o\’clock in the evening and bought a mini cake that was not a birthday cake from the Wedome store in front of his house. I didn\’t expect my father to come back early, so I only cooked two dishes, grilled cod and cold spinach. After entering the door, Xiaochuan and I secretly hid in the room, chattering for a long time. When Xiaochuan came out, he said \”Mom, we didn\’t prepare a gift for you\” in a serious manner, which almost made us both laugh. They lit candles and turned off the lights, and they danced and sang happy birthday to me. I was so moved that I burst into tears. Xiaochuan silently walked into the room and groped for a long time but didn\’t come out, so he had to shout embarrassedly: \”Dad, where is the gift? I can\’t find it!\” Shengsheng made me laugh again. Dad Chuan sighed, muttered \”pig teammate\” under his breath, went to the room and took out the necklace he gave me (also bought temporarily at night), and helped me put it on. Seeing that the chain was quite thick, I felt a little distressed: \”I\’m already 36, and I\’m already halfway through my life. I don\’t value these things anymore. Don\’t buy them in the future. They\’re quite expensive.\” Dad Chuan joked back: \”If I\’m still halfway through my life, maybe I can\’t It’s more than half past time. While you’re still here, you should buy and take care of yourself. There won’t be many opportunities in the future.” I smiled and hit him: “What do you mean?! You think I’m old!” Fighting comes after fighting, trouble comes after trouble, time is so real He grew up so fast, and suddenly he was middle-aged. Looking back, I was lucky. My studies went very smoothly, I was admitted to a good university, I successfully secured postgraduate qualifications, I was successfully admitted to the Ph.D. program, I graduated successfully, and I became a teacher at the first university I interviewed for. I have known Dad for 20 years, been married for 10 years, and have a 5-year-old son. Although he often strikes me with thunder, he can also warm my heart occasionally. Thinking of this, I said to Dad Chuan with great emotion: \”I just thought about the past 36 years, and I feel very lucky.\” He replied to me very calmly: \”Because you are stupid! I can\’t take your son with me He\’s been having fun all day long.\” I pretended to hit him again, but then I thought about it and decided,Like this principle. My mother often tells me that fools are blessed. Some time ago, an old professor in the same department said that he particularly likes me because I am humble, honest, always work quietly, and never compete or compete. The well-meaning boss gossiped about the company’s personnel relations with me. I was completely shocked: \”It turns out there are so many ways, how come I never knew about it!\” He saw through me at a glance: \”Because you are not a person who knows what to do, so you can\’t see it at all.\” Are they all calling me \”silly\”? ! Forget it, just be stupid. I never felt that I was at a disadvantage. I seemed to get everything I wanted and my life was simple and happy. Just like what his father said, my son really follows me. He is simple-minded, immersed in doing things, passionate about everyone, cannot remember bad things, and is silly and happy every day. This is good, and I feel relieved about him. No matter how things change in the future, I hope he will keep such a simple heart. Regardless of whether God favors kind people, we just need to be comfortable and at ease.

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