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Since we lost at the starting line, we can only work harder

It\’s been a long time since I last saw Brother Sanfei. He is a legend in our village because his academic performance was the first in the school every year. He was already a promising candidate who was admitted to the Teachers College by the school. At that time, he could get a job as a teacher after graduating from the Teachers College. For a farm boy, this is a great thing. But in the last year, his father became seriously ill and the family was destitute. In the end, he could not borrow a penny to continue his studies. The school teacher came to work and said that half of the tuition would be waived, but the other half of the tuition and living expenses were still unavailable. The final spot was taken by another classmate. He reluctantly gave up his studies and angrily followed his relatives on a bus heading south to work. Later he returned to the village and everyone said he was the boss. A group of us gathered around him to listen to his story. In fact, we just went out for a few days, saw the world, and dressed decently. Every time he saw us rushing to school early, he would say: \”The outside world is very exciting. Why study and waste your youth?\” \”You poor boys, why should you compete with others? Look at the children in the city. , what kind of life are you living, can you imagine? How good the school is, can your shabby school compare?\” \”You have already lost as soon as you were born, is there any point in trying hard? Don\’t be stupid!\” A group of people at that time My friends were really dumbfounded when they heard this. If you lose at the starting line, is there any point in trying hard? Many people have asked themselves this question. Later someone gave me another answer. It was my uncle who took the college entrance examination three times in a row before getting into college. In that era, an ordinary family wanted to send a college student away. There will be people in the village laughing and sarcastic: Don’t look at the conditions of your own family, have your ancestors had college students in three generations? The gossip behind it is more uncomfortable than the blood and sweat shed in the hard work. But grandpa endured the humiliation and strongly supported it. I tried my best to provide my uncle with the opportunity to repeat his studies. Many years after his death, I compiled a collection of manuscripts and poems for him during his lifetime. I saw the faith and perseverance in it, and the verses in it made me find a new answer: \”I will bear in mind the courage to endure hardships, and flatten the undulating mountains. Climb the blue clouds with determination, and fight again with a horse and a single gun.\” A few short sentences , is the encouragement and responsibility of a father. It gave my son the strength to work hard to change his destiny. And it has a profound impact on our descendants. Later, when I wanted to give up, I would always tell myself to hold on for a while and fight again. Later, I relied on this spirit of never giving up even if I died, and I have been working hard to this day. I will also tell my son: Ordinary people like us should live a happier life and make life more valuable. Just work harder! Of course the little guy couldn\’t understand everything, but he saw what I said so seriously. I nodded seriously every time. Speaking of children, we think they don’t understand, maybe they have already told us the answer with their actions. Every life comes into the world after a lot of hard work. Stand out from hundreds of millions of sperm and become the first few. It’s not too early or too late, it just happens that you and the egg combine to become a life. Maybe, when you start, you are not the first one. But you must be the fastest swimmer. The one who works the hardest. Some time ago, there was a video of a Japanese kindergarten scooter competition.Frequently popular. I feel very excited every time I watch it. A child in white made a mistake and fell behind at the beginning. But the final result was unexpected. Competition video This video has moved many people. A kindergarten child, less than 5 years old, knew not to give up easily, tried his best, and persisted until the end. I believe you will watch the video carefully. You will find that your child is much better than other children in terms of cornering skills and explosive power. He won with his extraordinary physical strength and excellent skills. In the end, she won the game through strength. But it is inseparable from hard training before the game. I still remember that when I was preparing to send my son to kindergarten, I started to do enough exercises with him. Because he entered the middle class directly, he was able to integrate into school life immediately. The teacher felt strange and asked me several times: \”He has really never been to kindergarten?\” \”Yes, he has never been to kindergarten, but he has been working hard to prepare for kindergarten.\” Because his ability has allowed him to integrate well Come in. I often say that you should pamper your children. It is a sense of security and spiritual care. When it comes to study and discipline, I never relax at all. Because I know the rules of survival in this world are cruel. You must have the strength to face it yourself. In early education, the role of parents is even more important than that of teachers. In the movie Dangal Dad, let us see what a father does for his daughter. If you want to grow into a big tree, you must first cultivate it carefully from seeds, cultivate it with your heart, and love it. Parents who have far-reaching plans for their children understand this. Giving children the strength to face the world is the most important thing. Try to provide good company for your children as they grow up. Learn with your children. When my son wants to learn chess, I will try to learn it too. Then communicate with him and play chess. When children grow up, they no longer play with their parents. Often it\’s because the parents are too boring. And if we keep growing with our children attentively. He will never abandon you, someone who has worked hard with him. In fact, in addition to the first place, the child who was destined to be the last one but did not give up was also quite touching. Because enjoying the joy of success is what everyone desires and is good at. But there are very few people who persist under the pressure of falling behind. There are too many stories of giving up halfway around us. One of my classmates joined a real estate agency when he graduated. At that time, we were both still looking for jobs, and he already had a monthly income. He got off to a good start, but he was unwilling to give up and immediately changed jobs. I often heard him say at gatherings that he couldn\’t stand the dullness of this job. Or you may find this job too tiring and all the money you earn belongs to the boss. Later, he started his own business, but due to lack of experience, he worked with a partner for one year and then closed down the business. After that, I continued to look for jobs, changing jobs one after another. He said that he is always on the road and there is always a new arena. That\’s quite right. It’s just that some people enter the new arena after completing the competition. And some people run away as soon as they encounter setbacks, always starting at zero. Life is short, opportunities only come a few times, and they are fleeting, so you have to seize them. In the kindergarten competition video, we also see that the children who fell during the competition did not quit. Instead, get up and continue to finishContest. Isn\’t life just like this sometimes? The child is already on the way. Please tell your children: If you are temporarily behind, you must have the spirit of \”since you have lost at the starting line, you can only work harder\”. And even if you are the last one, you must have the spirit of \”don\’t give up easily and remember to finish the race.\” Why do so many of our children lack these two spirits? It is worth pondering for every parent.

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